WHAT IT IS AUTHORITY? Authority is the delegated power, or can say that, he is somebody invested of a power that was granted to it. Baby clothes understood the implications. Certain occasion, in the City of Manaus, in Av. 7 of September, vi a guard that had a meter and way extending its hand in the front of a cart that was loaded with a load of 20 tons. At the moment where the guard extended its hand and whistled its whistle? the immense cart stopped immediately. Why that cart stopped ahead of that small guard? Because that guard was invested of authority. It did not have to be able physicist to stop that cart, if the driver did not decide to obey.

However, he was not of its proper force that it used itself to stop that immense cart with a load of 20 tons; it was strong in ' ' autoridade' ' that he was granted to it by the government that it served. That driver recognized this authority and ahead stopped its cart of that small guard. That is authority! Mr. Jesus also in them delegated authority on the Satan and its demons! In Lucas he is written: ' ' Here it is there I gave AUTHORITY to you to step on serpents and scorpions (demons), and on all the POWER of the ENEMY (the Satan), and nothing absolutely it will cause you dano' ' (10: 19). Pablo said the Christian to be strong in Mr. and the force of its power (Ef.1: 9). This means that you can postar yourself before the enemy, extend its hand and say to it in the face: ' ' Dressing gown in withdrawal, on behalf of Jesus! ' ' It uses its authority! To illustrate the authority that we must exert on the devil, I will display history here that I read in the biography of Smith Wiggesworth (extracted of the proper biography): ' ' Certain day, while it waited the bus, saw that a dog followed one lady.

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