For short while I have been coming investigating and it asks about the difference between a bicylindrical motorcycle and a four-cylinder one. I found several explanations, some little professional ones, and totally inentendibles others. Finally I could give with a specialist in the subject, and that in a simple language it has explained to me as it is the operation and which are the pros and cons of each type of motor; I want to share with all this info, since it seems to me very useful, and in addition can help us to decide between the purchase of a motorcycle with one or the other motor; although in the purchase of a motorcycle, this only must weigh a 5%. 95% rest is price and pleasure. Nowadays we can be found mainly with motorcycles whose motorizations are single cylinder, bicylindrical, and four-cylinder.

A single cylinder motor basically is thought for the urban use, with a low or moderate power, whose main objective is to facilitate the handling and maneuverability between the citadino transit and to do it with a low consumption. Also they are motor economic, for the simple reason that has less pieces and smaller wearing down. Soon we have the Bicilndricos motors, and here the comparison with a four-cylinder motor is put interesting. As a summary or simplified comparison, we could start saying that a bicylindrical motor works to many a less returned than four-cylinder one, because it uses the power of one more a more linear form. The bicylindrical ones exert major forces on the crank that a four-cylinder one, because their cylinders are of greater cubical capacity; The surface that exerts pressure is greater, since their cylinders are greater. Usually it has a uniform operation in loss and average RPM in contrast to the four-cylinder ones that usually they show his true face high revolutions.

The Four-cylinder ones own smaller cylinders, but greater capacity to arrive at high RPM. it can turn at more speed than a bicylindrical motor. We suppose motorcycles Four-cylinder of 1000cc, the same will have 4 cylinders of 250cc, in contrast to a bicylindrical one of 1000cc, this last one will have 2 cylinders of 500cc. Also one says that the bicylindrical motorcycles usually are more vibrating than those of 4 cylinders. these last ones usually have a smoother operation, and without abruptness, in the majority of their revolutions. As we mentioned before, a bicylindrical motor tour to smaller amount of returns than a four-cylinder one. Here also it is necessary to consider the amount of valves that own the cylinders. To use more valves increases the capacity to raise more returning. To all the aforesaid one we would have to add many more things, but so far we leave it thus, simple and simple. We cannot say that a motorcycle is better to another one, only by the cylinders that it owns. It would only animate to say to me, that usually they consider to a bicylindrical motorcycle like one better option for the use to low revolutions, we say the urban use, and a four-cylinder motorcycle is enjoyed to returned majors, and that it we can make in a route or freeway.

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