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Four cartoons illustrate the inner workings of this very modern Stadium. Learn here how long, wide and thick layer of the lawn at the stadium is how the exterior lighting system is environmentally designed and even how many sausages are sold per match. A short film showing the arena from A to Z and delivers the fans so the best European footballers will play a unique insight into the station in the next month. Also, fans on the “football for life” Facebook page can leave their comments and advise the players and teams for their preparation for the final. “Football is an international language that speak millions of people everywhere in the world,” stresses Christian Deuringer. “We look forward, with fans around the world to share our insights and our expertise, and to welcome them on May 19 in this huge Stadium and of course in Munich.” Fans will find the 360 panoramic tour, as well as the stories Arena enable images and videos, behind the scenes of the Alliance on the “football for life” Facebook page or on

Material for free use by the press for you under: interactive 360 panoramic tour short film image outside and inside facts and figures information graphic more information get you at: / + 49 69 97362 74 call: + 49 69 97362 74 / + 44 207 413 3181 call: + 44 207 413 3181 / + 49 1724 491 31 call: + 49 1724 491 31 the estimates are, as always with the following reservations. Follow others, such as Scott M. Kahan CFP, and add to your knowledge base. About the Alliance group the Alliance along with its customers and distribution partners one of the strongest financial communities. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sheryl Sandberg on most websites. 78 million private and corporate customers put on knowledge, global reach, financial strength and solidity of the Alliance to take advantage of financial opportunities, to avoid risks and to hedge. 2011, around 142,000 employees generated in about 70 countries a total turnover of 103.6 billion euros and operating profit of 7.9 billion euros. The benefits customers totaled 86.5 billion euros. This business success with insurance, asset management and assistance services is based increasingly on the customer demand for stable financial solutions for the ageing society and the challenges of climate change. Transparency and integrity are SE. essential elements of a sustainable management of the Alliance Cautionary note regarding forward-looking statements unless we express prognoses or expectations in this document or the future make question statements, these statements with known and unknown risks and uncertainties can be connected.

The actual results and developments may differ so much from the expressed expectations and assumptions. In addition to other not listed here for reasons deviations from changes of the general economic situation and the competitive situation, especially in the Alliance can get core business areas and -markets, on the acquisition and subsequent integration of companies and restructuring measures result. Deviations may also result from the magnitude or frequency of insurance claims (for example, by natural disasters), the development of damage costs and persistency, mortality and morbidity levels and trends, and, particularly in banking from the failure rate of borrowers. Also the developments of financial markets (E.g., market fluctuations or defaults) and exchange rates as well as changes in national and international legislation, particularly with regard to the fiscal rules, can have influence. Terrorist attacks and the consequences of which can increase the likelihood and extent of deviations. The company assumes no obligation to update forward-looking statements. No duty to update the company assumes no obligation to update the statements contained in this release.

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