Chronological Story

From February of 2009 to 2011 July, the leader of the PP has reiterated his endorsement to Francisco Camps. " He is a great president and he has all my apoyo" , " vendido&quot is not had; , " I am not created the one of trajes" , " I have much confidence in Camps" , " he is not corrupto". Francisco Camps announces his resignation like president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government. ' Grtel&#039 operation;: chronology of the investigation by presumed corruption. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from baby clothes. In spite of mutismo in the last days of the leader of the Popular Party on the imputation in the cause of the suits of already the ex-president of the Valencian Comunitat, Mariano Rajoy has praised with a relative frequency in the last years to Francisco Camps. In an official notice issued to the few hours of the resignation, Rajoy continues showing its support and describes to Camps like " one of great activos" of the PP and " extraordinary great militant and amigo". This it is a chronological story of the constant endorsement throughout more than two years since, the 19 of February of 2009, came to the light the possible implication Camps in the corrupt plot Grtel: 17 of May of 2011: " Francisco Camps is a great president and has all my support, the one of the Popular Party and my sincere friendship.

The Valencians choose to who they think that he is the best one to dnder his interests. The Valencians have said to it and they will return to say next domingo&quot to it;. Bullring of Valencia, to five days of the municipal elections. Joint meeting between Rajoy and Camps. 6 of March of 2011: The opening of oral judgment to Camps " it does not change anything and it has all my confianza". Press conference in Valencia. 4 of April of 2011: " Camps is candidate because people in Valencia want there and, in which touches capacity to decide, because I create deeply that he is a honest man who has not been sold by three suits as some maldicientemente have gotten to say.

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