One of my clientas wrote to me a long time ago to comment its history to me of a bad relation with the money, in all the details I could see a logical landlord in its experience, the impotence and the desperation and without concerning everything what his mental and emotional landlord physically made followed suspended in the same place ==> desperation and impotence. So to me it did not become rare that it was in a situation of economic shortage because is unique logical that an alive person in desperation and impotence with the money and as result obtains the same reflection in the outside, a failure after another one in everything what undertakes. For that reason I shared at the time with her and I now share with you east scheme that will help to stop you feeling impotence, desperation or some other negative feeling when you think about money. Rory Sutherland understands that this is vital information. Dear Olivia: I have been having been a year without working almost, for short while it seemed that it would obtain or it, or had signed all the papers, with an acceptable pay, a place that I liked and What you create? As I do not have legal papers stop to work in this country, they did not employ to me, my husband is in the same situation. Treatment to raise my energies but I cannot, this year closed the company where we worked, later it tries abrir a business, in which never I had gains and I decided to close it. Until now I have not been able to find a job, treatment of not being desperate because also I must help to husband but me soon dejection, tell me what more I can make to leave this hole, aydame! Answer: Hello, thanks for your mail go my answer here: Your words denote sadness and impotence and that only repels to the money.

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