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Players iPod from Apple-visual embodiment of quality, design and reliability. The word 'iPod' has become, to some extent synonymous with the word 'player' Unfortunately, Apple everywhere seeks to strengthen its influence not only become a trendsetter, but also dictate the world its own terms. For those who do not know: DRM – DIGITAL RIGHT MANAGEMENT All the music from the Apple Store is tied to DRM. This method of protection against piracy and music you can not just pick up and record, play or copy. Of course many users is to put it mildly angry. But the music industry has steadfastly holds his ground: no restrictions on the rights to record any licensing.

The service is iTunes, which tracks purchased the buyer can write for personal Use the disk (without limiting the number of copies) to the player iPod (without limiting the number of copies) and on a Windows PC or Mac (up to five times) When you play songs on another computer you will be required to first enter the password. To get it must send a request to Apple. DRM protection is placed directly through iTunes when you buy the song. Therefore, Apple prohibits the use of other programs to purchase an Apple Store. Remembering the March 2005, we note that Apple may again tighten the rules and allow users to download only the owners of the updated version of iTunes with stricter DRM. Well, just like a Sony PSP turns. If you think all the above described delirium as music you still shaking from the Internet, but do not buy into AppleStore, I would not have greatly enjoyed.

Rumor has it that the new version of iPod Shuffle is a chip DRM, which prohibits the use of non-native accessories (such as headphones). Kopmpanii position on this matter are that the producers of 'gadgets' have to pay tribute to the country Natkusannogo Apple, although officially the existence of limitations does not potverzhdeno. Wait and see what happens next … and I'll still go khalyavnykh music player kin =)

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