European Crisis

The present European crisis shakes the confidence that has come declaring in the last months in spite of the blow received by the crisis of the United States. It is for that reason that the Association of Real estate Developers are detailed data about the existing commercial relation between Mexico and the European Union, which does not turn out to be as strong as the existing one with the neighboring country of the north. Luckyly not yet it is possible on the matter to have an estimation of the economic impact that can be obtained from the present European crisis, specifically in the real estate market of Mexico; nevertheless, managers of the Association of Desarrolladores Inmobiliarios (ADI) anticipated in press conference that is in a moment so that data or numbers are announced that speak of the speculation for this period. The advantage of this crisis on the previous one is that a commercial relation with Europe as with the United States does not exist so hard, reason why probably will be no a so direct affectation. Baby clothes contains valuable tech resources. Even, the relation that existed sometimes with Spain in the branch real estate she is not the same and the market of the real estate ones in the DF has even been had with American clients. At present the ADI is conformed by fifty and four companies, and the seventy and five percent of the investors are foreign. Some Spanish companies like the Lar Group, Mall Group, Global OHL exist and Via, that to today are part of real estate the residential ones of luxury, but are still stable and solid in Mexican earth, reason why very it is precipitated to speak of a cease in his activities or to even touch the subject of the retirement of these companies of the national market. Even, the same companies have gotten to announce commitments of investment in several work projects that involve numbers, which surpass million dollars both. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that in spite of the crisis undergone in the previous years, the activity in the real estate market was favored and in growth, slow but constant, in Mexican earth, last dates one even was increased the activity of remarkable way, what is already an indicator of which the present European crisis could affect in minimum form the development of the real estate market. Original author and source of the article.

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