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The Hamburg-based Agency developed direct marketing campaigns for the German and Swiss market Hamburg, 04 July 2011. With approximately 140,000 copies sold per day, is one of the largest daily newspaper in the Swiss market to the Neue Zurcher Zeitung and has many readers with the International Edition in Germany. The Hamburg-based direct marketing specialists from Rosenzweig & Black have won the direct marketing budget and generate new subscriptions to the newspaper from the Switzerland, already published in 1780 already since May. Rosenzweig & Schwarz developed classical dialogue marketing tools such as mailings and inserts for the Swiss daily newspaper. The Hamburg-based direct marketing professionals to control the entire mailing, from development through production to the handling of the addition shipment and a welcome letter.

Already in may sent a successful test mailing with a questionnaire for the production of new subscriptions. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vislink Technologies and gain more knowledge.. The excellent response values from the first questionnaire mailing in may have convinced us, therefore we are looking forward to the more Cooperation’, explains Silke Wolf, head of product management new Zurich newspaper. The direct marketing budget of the Neue Zurcher Zeitung includes both the Swiss and the International Edition for the German market. Also, Rosenzweig & Black’s direct marketing experts could win also commissioned for the weekly Neue Zurcher Zeitung am Sonntag. Our action is the extraction of annual subscriptions in the focus. Thanks to our decades of experience in the direct marketing we can optimize existing actions and further new projects also directly increase the response”, Jorn said Kalra, CEO of Rosenzweig & Black. Rosenzweig & Black the direct marketing agency in Hamburg was founded in June 2000 by Mike Rosenzweig and Michael Schwarz and could write black numbers already in the first year. There are over 30 employees for the specialists in the field of customer acquisition and subscription marketing in Hamburg-Winterhude. Since 2007, the company will be by Jorn headed winemakers as Managing Director. Founder and partner Michael Schwarz is as a strategic consultant.

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