January Accounts

Rohstoffkonteninhaber go stronger with new account monitoring system in the year 2014; 3 Month test phase successfully completed with almost 40prozent Nettohinzugewinn Auch the were raw material markets in 2013 extreme fluctuations and turbulence subjected to. At the beginning of the year played cocoa price formation in the food crazy, little extreme fluctuations in sugar, followed conditionally by the arson in the world’s largest repository of Brazilian sugar and the announcement that despite this event this year stocks will be the highest for almost a decade. Investors in commodities had to appreciate across similarly drastic losses after the glorious years across provider boundaries on their accounts. Read additional details here: baby clothes. Particularly, auto dealers were affected, which could respond in a timely manner to a sudden volatility. Also in the first quarter when most providers for managed accounts gains were literally within minutes (especially in the context of sugar Depot fire at the 18.10.2013) eaten, as its prices within minutes by 120 points and used stop brand been breached before a decline of 75 points shortly afterwards began. In addition, the nearly bankrupt was the US Government with the closure of all the trade and markets important ministries water to the mill, because neither harvest results could be published even stocks of the main raw materials for weeks and simply setting the stage for a proper pricing the market lacked. The increase in the debt ceiling adopted until January calmed the markets, but not satisfied him, because problems were only postponed and not effectively solved. Presto financial services Ltd. (www.farmersportfolio.com) has accordingly with its partners in the asset management area and those for trading own expanded account monitoring system be completed competent traders as the first promoter & Informationsdienstleiser managed accounts in the commodity day trading and now almost 3 months on heart and kidney check can. Customers who were particularly hard hit in the autumn by the reactions of markets, were given the chance of additional accounts the interim losses to compensate for and profit from the new monitoring system first.

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