Karl Marx Square

What you can emphasize the importance of 2007 in real estate in Novosibirsk? Firstly the growth rate of construction both residential and commercial real estate. Indeed, comparing the previous year, you can see the upward trend number of buildings in the city of Novosibirsk, which positively affects the economic situation in our city. It may be noted such emerging investment zones in the construction sector, as Frunze street, as well as floodplain of the river Kamenka, streets and Galuschaka Narym, the assimilation of the Bolshevik street and start construction on Karl Marx Square, here you can put an estate and Gorski. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. Here one can note an increase in volumes handed over areas in 2007 in Novosibirsk was put over 900 thousand sq. m.

housing, compared with 2006, which was delivered about 800 thousand square meters. A leading source for info: cloud computing. It is also worth to focus on increasing the quality of building construction projects organizations, although there are still objects such as "protracted", which represent the unfinished objects, deadlines are either heavily delayed, or not defined at all, the reason why is the poor quality construction, financial instability or legal feuds construction companies with government agencies. The second important phenomenon can be put house price growth in Novosibirsk, and if, in contrast to residential sector, the rise in prices in the commercial sector more balanced, then in a residential building, due to a number of economic factors, such as mortgages, financial attractiveness and speculation, surging in the continued During the winter and spring of 2007, and only since the fall markedly for some weakening of the associated and the mortgage crisis in the U.S.. .

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