Modern Ethology

In this point, aggressive the human answer does not differ from a great amount of human conducts, like the perception, where they are integrated involuntary and voluntary neurophysiological processes, dominated by conscious I. Modern ethology establishes the positive function of the aggressive impulse for the survival of the gene and rejects the notion of autodestructivo instinct of death. This idea (the one of primary a masochistic impulse) with autodestructiva function has also been criticized by psychoanalytic theoreticians like 5 Reich, Fairbairn and Bowlby, although this last one accepts the notion of an innate autodestructivo impulse and locates the origin of the aggression and the anguish in the objetales relations: Wrath and distresses. The narcisista rage: All frustration can bring about some type of narcisista anguish and aggressiveness like answer or reaction of threatened I in its integrity, that it tries to reconstruct the image of If of the subject elevating it to a superiority plane and force. That narcisista fury is an opposition to the other and its destitution to a plane inferior, trying to put together the balance, the narcisista homeostasis. Kleiniana envy 6 can be thought from that perspective of the narcissism: to displacer narcisista, extreme narcisista frustration when comparing itself the subject in its inferiority with the omnipotence of the other, that owns everything.

This generates one extreme aggressiveness that it tries to invest the subjective relation. The narcisistas upheavals appear like a diffuse malaise that invades everything, a feeling of inner emptiness and absurdity of the life. The neurotic crispation is replaced by the narcisista flotation, and when approaching the therapy, the attitude of these patients is not the one of that is requesting aid, but del that initiates a spectacle in which it is going to exhibit itself. The frustrations, the critic in their surroundings and the desplacientes aspects of the reality, can bring about reactions called of " narcisista&quot rages; , by the violent disproportioned thing and.

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