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Effective website promotion articles is an effective and increasingly popular. Placement of publications on foreign resources with a link back to the source is today an effective method promotion. Now search engines have less trust in all kinds of catalogs and promotional blogs, so affordable website promotion requires new techniques. Placement of articles – this is a mutually beneficial process of cooperation, which partner receives the new content for the site, and the advertiser is traffic counts and there is a good issue of the search engines. If the link is not supplied separately, not in the link unit, it is visible and more attractive for search engines. As a result, when sorting the results on demand, this type of reference always gets more hits. This comprehensive website promotion called "white".

Where to place the articles? Previously, the right promotion sites was reduced, mainly by manual or automatic registration of the resource directories. Today, it would seem, has already proven method of promotion has lost its relevance. This happened due to a change of mechanism search engines and, consequently, the promotion of sites was different. By the way, catalogs, websites, too, were developing in parallel. They came to the evolutionary path of transformation in the article directories.

Moreover, such collections of texts suitable for SEOs: there is an automatic form of adding new material, like in free mode, as well as pay-for "registration" papers. The article, intended for placement in the directory must meet several requirements. It is advisable to follow them on the stage of writing, if you are investing in effective website promotion and want the best results. 1. The paper should be correct in terms of grammar and style of the Russian language. At preparation of material is best to check in Word or a similar online service. 2. The text was originally created for people, not machines. Professional website promotion through articles suggests that they – and meaningful correspond to a particular topic. There is still a requirement to the amount of text at least 1000 characters. 3. Must resist the temptation to advertise your website in the article. Most of the catalogs can "ask" to pay for accommodation similar advertising materials. 4. Rule of three references. The article number should not be large. All three are required to send link to page one and the same source. 5. Article directories accept materials for the placement of if they do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation. In other words, a comprehensive website promotion should be in the legal field. Can not tolerate slander in the text, as well as call for violence, hacking and cracking. 6. Uniqueness! The article should be useful not only for the user, but also relevant and unique to the Internet, virtually untouched for search engines. To place items often represent special databases directories. They can be purchased. There is also the option of a free exchange of feature articles. Such sites require advance knowledge of the authors of the specifics of the seo-tools. Of course, a comprehensive website promotion Articles – time-consuming occupation, but the result is worth it.

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