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new property management with high service level since August 2011 is the resident of the Westerwald company WITEC Grundbesitz Verwaltungs GmbH & co. KG with your new Internet presence online. The family-run company attaches great importance to a technically sound and comprehensive care of its existing customers. Since many years landlords, the Managing Director Tatyana Peter Wirth understand the stumbling blocks to the landlord can make. Years of practical experience shows that most emergencies outside of normal business hours and on Sundays and public holidays occur.

For this reason the company has set up a hotline since August 2011 for landlord and tenant with a 24-hour personal availability. In addition to General administrative services, property management, for example, offers a relief that appeals to real estate owners, the House Administration has collapsed, which have acute problems with tenants, rent nomads or lagging payments. To minimize risks of Mietausfalls as low as possible, Tenants elaborately examined. From my own experience, business leaders know the problem once solvent tenants are suddenly insolvent or unwilling, unless by job loss, personal fortunes or by other reasons. To prevent a loss of rent and the financial losses related the WITEC accesses different models, which the landlord can secure 6-12 months before insolvency/-unwilligkeit by tenants. Who searches on the home page of the WITEC Grundbesitz Verwaltungs GmbH & co. KG for prices, you will find a general price list.

Because each has individual requirements, Peter Wirth takes time for its customers, in a personal interview by a Visual inspection of the property to determine the current situation and jointly defined a quote that is tailored to the needs of its customers. The sphere of property management extends far beyond the Westerwald, from Limburg via Koblenz to Leverkusen. The expertise is by professionals who have completed three years of training as management assistant in the real estate and housing sector or as a real estate Assistant, as well as many years of experience in this area. The times expertise is continuously expanded through internal and external training. and are always up to date.

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