Romanian Gold

Gabriel Resources, the Canadian-based gold company which is supported by billionaire John Paulson, fears for the Rosia Montana project in Romania Konstanz, 30.09.2013. The company is threatening to sue the Romanian State on $4 billion, should be the Parliament against the gold project. Meanwhile, thousands of protesters formed a seven kilometre-long human chain around the Parliament in the Romanian capital Bucharest. The Canadian mining company of Gabriel resources hopes to promote 300 tons of gold and 1600 tons of silver in Rosia Montana. Critics warn of the consequences of this gold mining project for weeks in massively. They fear massive environmental damage because the Canadian operator of the project want to promote toxic cyanide gold. Gabriel shares slumped Meanwhile on 9 September on the home stock market in Toronto to 54% after Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared that the Parliament should vote in timely, to abandon the project because there was so much resistance in the population. CRIN Antonescu, Chief of the smaller coalition partners of the ruling party and opposition leader Vasile Blaga to called to set the development of Rosia Montana.

Enforced the gold mines project, hundreds of families must be resettled, four mountain peaks would be destroyed and the General environmental damage would be many. Although Gabriel Resources promises the planned gold mine will bring “substantial economic, environmental, cultural, and social advantages” to the region, the general public is rightly skeptical. It is also different and strangely in their own country. Because Canada gold trust AG company is exploring several gold-bearing areas in Canada and still respected environmental protection regulations. This relates to the particular form of development. Because Canada gold Trust works after the placer mining effectively obtained procedures which can Gold discoveries on the surface.

The use of chemicals is not necessary. Even large-scale mining activities are not necessary. And the trees to be felled will consult with the environmental protection agency by bark beetle-resistant replaces a measure that makes perfect sense, because the bark beetle is in Canada a great plague. The venture money is financed by German investors. The series of Fund of Canada gold Trust offers an interesting alternative to direct investments in gold. Gold is also in times of inflation by the same value. The increased demand, the Canada gold will satisfy trust with his offer. The current investment Canada gold Trust IV GmbH & co. KG opts for the removal of gold and this attainable profits on the sale of the popular precious metal. Again, the initiator has installed important safety lever. To the development of the Fund management company enters collaboration Pinegrove gold mines Inc., which belongs to Henning gold mines Inc.. The operational on-site reapplies SRK exploration services, one of the world’s leading companies in this segment. A participation is possible in 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. During the short term until end of 2017 to be made starting from 2014 annual dividends by 12 percent per year, which are billed quarterly. There is also an early artist and success bonus.

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