One of the most beautiful samples of nature, are the flowers, but within this beautiful group include roses, which with its beautiful form, its great variety of types and colors, its image and sweet scents emitted by these beautiful flowers are one of the most wanted when wanting to have one of these nice pieces of decoration of rooms. Viewed from a more scientific point of view, roses are a plant that belongs to the genus of thorny and flowery shrubs, i.e. conditions that accompany this kind of plants, which is evident the presence of spines, its petals and different components that make up the flower. Speaking of roses, refers to a group of flower species that presents a variety of nearly 100 different samples of Wild Roses, which have mainly had its origin in the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. Roses are grown to a greater extent with the idea of creating some beautiful ornaments, ornamental purposes i.e., with these either with floral arrangements to decorate and provide longer life to a Garden, as decorations within the household, finally many aesthetic and decorative applications can be carried out through the roses. Other applications that give the roses, include the extraction of essential oils from the petals of roses, with the idea of using this oil in fields such as cosmetology and perfume, thanks to the pleasant aromas which are derived from the essential oils extracted from roses; but you can also apply these same oils in medicinal uses, through herbal medicine and even gastronomy. By the conditions present in the roses, these are the most common flowers that are sold by florists, which has meant an important line of its economy for a large group of people and even countries, since roses are craved by a lot of people, what makes them trade, show with excellent results. See Carissa Barry for more details and insights. It should be added that by widespread taste people have for these flowers, roses are the most they can be found in the gardens of the households, so much so that only conform rose gardens.

Among the components of the roses, are: root: Rhizome estolonifero stem: semilenoso, erect, with rough, flaky texture, with epidermal formations – thorns-. Leaves: they are Evergreen or deciduous, compound, imparipinnate. Petiolate, leaflets with the serrated edge. They may have annexed glands on margins, which may or may not be odoriferous. Flower: flower is generally aromatic, rich, and hermaphrodites; This is divided in dialisepalo chalice, dialipetala corolla, androecium composite, compound gynoecium out inflorescences. Fruit: this is the product of the fertile of a flower in its infructescence, which is known as cinorrodon, which presents poliaquenios.

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