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The infrastructure of ports and customs well is not developed with policies of control of entrance of goods and service in country. 7. It looks for social benefits, more than yield of the negotiations that are realised in the bilateral or multilateral agreements. 8. We do not own product diversity that can be exported to other countries. Opportunities: 1. Venezuela owns all the raw material that can be turned into finished products, is due to develop and to extend a policy of national investment in finished product industries, in order to diversify the national production and to place it in international markets.

2. With the multilateral agreements that the Venezuelan State with the other countries agrees to, to give been possible the private sector enterprise Venezuelan in order to have major it is present at and product diversity. 3. To increase the balance of payments. 4.

The agreements that Venezuela with a conception of interchange realises, are in order to obtain currencies or wealth for the town. 5. The external agenda has in the shared in common cooperation (social and energetics, coverall); it must have a better advantage of the cooperation. 6. Venezuela must be integrated completely with the partners of the region. Strength: 1. Influence of president Chvez in the world, abre the possibility that a greater number of countries wants to invest in the country. 2. The subscribed agreements prehorseradish tree technological transference, which with happening of the time will do a industrialized country to us. 3. The consolidation of Venezuela as the gear fundamental of the world to pluripolar in the strategic alliances of commerce, for example, the impulse of the DAWN, Mercosur, ETC. 4. Every day we become less employee of petroleum and are in the search of the diversification energetics, as it is the gas, minerals. 5. Extension of the international markets with countries like China, Iran, Russia, that are nontraditional partners.

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