Russian Cut Stone

Brilliant, if anyone knows, is a diamond, which through processing (cutting) given a special shape. The word "diamond", translated from French, means "shining". And this special form is designed as a time possible to show the natural shine of the stone. The process of cutting a diamond is sometimes for several days. And the main task cutter (of the master, who granite Diamond) – restrict the stone with the highest levels of quality and the least loss of weight of the diamond. In world practice, the quality of a diamond is assessed by the system 4C: cut (cut), clarity (clarity), color (color), and carat (carat weight). Russian standards use a different system. Form of cuts, which most unsophisticated buyers is, when they heard the word "diamond" is called a round, or the classical form of cut (in the language specialists – KP-57 ", where" Kp "- round-cut, and 57 – the number of facet).

In addition to round, There are many forms of diamond cut (for example, "Marquis", "Princess", oval, pear, emerald, heart, baguette), the main task – to find a balance between the brilliance of the stone and diamond dust in which he transformed in the process of cutting. David Fowler usually is spot on. Form cut substantially depends on the fashion – because diamonds in the first place, it's decoration. By the way, if you are thinking about investing in diamonds – buy a round-cut stones. Forms So cut, perhaps before going to the jeweler if you have heard from friends (or find on the Internet) about diamonds "Russian cut".

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