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Today is mark-up of the Bamberg in Bavaria, Germany. Luxembourg, the 11.02.2012. A whole tennis nation has been waiting for. Because powerful opponents will have the German Davis Cup team, consisting of Cedrik-Marcel Stebe after was nominated for the diseased Philipp Kohlschreiber Tommy Haas, Florian Mayer and Philipp Petschner, Patrick Kuhnen. For this they have with the Luxembourg life insurance ATLANTIXLUX S.A., which is an official sponsor of the German Davis Cup team by Patrik Kuhnen since last year, also a strong partner on the side. The local matadors today starting make in the Bamberg Stechert arena against favored Argentines Florian Mayer and Philipp Petzschner. Just Petschner presented last very much itself during training.

The game on their own sand ground to it motivate and help to pave the way towards the quarter-finals. We know that there are a few serious games in front of us, are nevertheless convinced that our boys will succeed”, says Michael Emmel as managing directors of the ATLANTIXLUX life insurance S.A. as part of the FWU group. ATLANTICLUX operates already since 1987 as a specialized provider of further retirement pension products, but sees itself as a modern insurer with benefits solutions for a broad target group of customers. In addition to his Riester pension ausgezcichneten by the morning & morning once, an annuity-based pension positively evaluated also in the top ranking, such as unit-linked is also offered pension insurance. With our products we enable customized hedging opportunities we have also upgraded with a profit and high assurance, every worker, but also investors and savers generally”, explains the ATLANTICLUX Board of Directors. This profit safeguard cannot exist naturally in tennis.

The success must be fought every time. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Gibbins. But the conditions are good. Tennis veteran Tommy Haas in the doubles alongside doubles specialist Philipp Petschner must on Saturday finally ran. Patrick Kuhnen founded the short-term use of Petschner equal two times in a row with the strong Condition, that draw him out. Today, Petschner will hit in the first singles against Argentina’s top player Juan Monaco. The entire team of ATLANTICLUX followed this match with high voltage and fingers crossed”, commented this Eduardo.

ETF Policies From Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein life insurance companies offer life insurance with investment in ETF and optional portfolio advice on a fee basis as instrument of tax-exempt assets construction, the individual estate planning and retirement interesting design possibilities. Liechtenstein Versicherungsmakler PMS AG solutions specializes on this private insuring, equally consider what insurance and financial aspects. The PMS AG advises policyholders to individual design options of from various providers of unit-linked life insurance in Liechtenstein. Now the PMS AG offers also Liechtenstein ETF policies German investors, where the policyholder the ETF investment either itself or, optionally through a portfolio consultation through an ETF fee consultant can make. The customer uses tax and cost-moderate advantages with this innovative combination of Liechtenstein life insurance, investment in low-cost ETFs and consulting option and has the guarantee of a professional consultation in the insurance the Managing Director of PMS AG, Claus Muller and Johannes Schlattinger explain and, with regard to investment”.

Only a few insurers offer ETFs so far to choose from for a policy to the detriment of the customer. Because often known active funds, in-house funds, rough guarantee funds or Fund of funds loaded with double cost are preferred. ETFs (Exchange traded funds) are index funds with transparent composition, which can be acquired without front-end in trading. Cost-conscious investors appreciate ETFs in particular because of the low cost (from 0.1% to 0.5% per year) when compared to traditional mutual funds. Precisely because of the longer-term investment in life insurance, low cost are an important criterion for the success of the system. In addition, German investors now have the opportunity to optimize the profit opportunities and risk profile of police specialists with the help of an ETF.

Customers of PMS AG can from various XENIX balanced wealth”portfolios of the Berlin ETF specialist XENIX choose. These mixed portfolios contain ten ETF of from different suppliers and provide a stable mix of bond and equity ETFs and other investment classes. The XENIX CEO Dr. Markus Thomas advises German policyholders on a fee basis and uses this strategy portfolios for individual tuning, to review the investment risk and to secure the gains. Another advantage of the police compared to a normal investment account: during the run-time value increases and shifts are tax-free.

About ForestFinance

The annual costs depend upon a forest purchase, however, by several factors. But they are significantly lower in height. Costs for the forestry trade association and A property tax will the buyer after the purchase of a forest. 1 property tax is A property tax of the respective municipality or city collected and accordingly also vary. Because the estate tax depends on the income which is low in forest, it is almost always only between and three euros per hectare per year. 2.

costs for the forestry Professional Association in the legislature has laid down that all forestry companies are subject to the statutory agricultural accident insurance. Insurance exemption is possible only with a Waldfache under 2,500 m2. In Germany, there are eight regional agricultural trade associations with different post heights, which however annually accounts for less than a hundred euros at all. In addition, a levy fee is charged, which is determined by a complex process. Who wants to know the exact amount of contribution before the forest purchase, you should contact his competent agricultural trade associations. You can calculate this just about. 3.

forest to pay additional costs for an external Forester for the Forester by external service providers, if the buyer does not even managed its forest after the forest purchase. Costs depend on from a variety of factors, including the State, the forest size and location. In the cost however only approx. 3 to 10 euro per hectare the rule per year. Additional costs when buying forest in Panama compared to Germany: in Panama, the land transfer tax is higher than in Germany. Also, legal and time expenses for a land acquisition is substantially higher than in Germany, so long a land registry. A forest purchase through ForestFinance the company accepts all appropriate forest closing costs, such as tax, notary and Attorney’s fees, costs for an environmental impact assessment, development costs for a prescribed at least eight metres wide access routes each property forest land. At a forest purchase through ForestFinance the ongoing management costs, taxes, and insurance are included the first 25 years also. In Panama, the maintenance expenses in the early years because of the very fast growth of tropical are significantly higher than in Central Europe. The rotation times are according to only 20 to 25 years. This also significantly higher yields are as possible in Germany. So ForestFinance, depending on the respective investment product, between four and eleven percent yield forecast. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages several thousand hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. In addition to WoodStockInvest interested parties between various products of sustainable tropical forest management can choose: at the BaumSparVertrag, an eco investment is possible already from 33 euro per month. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer CacaoInvest”- an investment in organic cocoa and wood – and GreenAcacia”, which has only seven-year run. WoodStockInvest offers one hectare forest with land registration option. A fire insurance and post-warranty planting for the risky first years of growth, as well as five percent safety areas carry all products in Panama to the Investor protection at.

The Market

The strategy is a speculative System and can be viewed only as an addition to an overall portfolio. We advise prospective buyers, whether this strategy fits their individual risk profile. What is the risk and money management of this system in detail? Titus C. Castles: to reduce risk of Manager diversified his positions continuously on various base prices and expiration dates (times). The risk is monitored on a portfolio basis. Litecoin may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The value development of individual positions plays a minor role in risk management. Most modern software is used to control of the risks and also the experience of the Manager with the options trading by big significance is self-evident. We come to another trading system, which we have recently added to our listing for managed accounts. What special expertise provide investors with PC European markets”available? Titus C. locks: this strategy has demonstrated their continuity and positive performance for many years. What is special is that investors not only at only one individual Tradingansatz are involved, but with only a managed account at the same time a portfolio access, which consists of a selection of 15 sub strategies. The compilation of this selection is dependent on the dominant market and is adjusted regularly.

It is sometimes expedient reinforced momentum strategies to pursue, if markets trenden and at other times as Contrarien or spread strategies to use. In addition, there is a small discretionary component at the PC European market to respond to exceptional events. a very broad diversification is 15 different trading systems in a portfolio. Is it not difficult to keep track of so many systems? Titus C. Castles: it not all systems will be traded at the same time, but only the most promising. The selection is done through a systematic filter and is thus dependent on the various phases of the market. Where is the control of the risk of in particular the drawdowns in the foreground.

Italian Money

Free current accounts in many places offered if they are really free is often not clear free accounts are offered by many banks, but often provided conditions for the free use of an account. Consider all conditions so, before opening an account, to study the fine print. Sometimes there is a minimum which must enter monthly on the account before the account is free, and sometimes the account actually free, but the use of the EC card is not. A comparison of several checking accounts gives you clarity on what fits the best to one and is advisable in any case. Most want to save money, for a checking account is not suitable but that credit brings hardly any interest. So anyone who wants to enrich its financial cushion should choose a checking account, which you can use to open a day money account at the same time. On a day money account to get much better interest rates, with which you can enrich his savings.

Giro is the Italian word for circulation on a checking account to move money. The current account is the account to which salary is paid, from which periodic payments, such as rent or mortgage payments, are made and from which you will cash for your daily needs. You can open current accounts private account, it is but also as business account available. There is also a special current accounts for students. There are various types of savings accounts available for those who want to save money. The traditional form of savings account, as she also still there, is the so-called savings account.

Actually, it is a book which is obtained and in which all the transactions are recorded. It is very ensure you have but all or personally to make withdrawals at the Bank. Usually, you have limited access to the money, usually about 2000 euros monthly. Nowadays, this variant was largely replaced by the day money account. A day money account will be opened in conjunction with a checking account and offers the advantage that it not restricted access to his money has, but every day can have his money. Who can dispense a while a savings contribution is particularly well served by a fixed deposit account. In contrast to other savings accounts, the interest for the entire term remain firmly here, but the money is in the meantime also it does not have access to during the agreed period. But, because you almost borrowed his money at the Bank during this time, interest rates are high. This is especially rewarding when one has saved already a certain sum. But now, how free is a free checking account? As mentioned above, accounting may be free, but any conditions so connected or but additional services or the overdraft interest rates can be even more expensive. You should so compare first of all various banks between them before opening a current account and in any case for a checking account decide from which you regularly transfer money to a day money account can. As means to leave in a while free checking account to give money on the other hand, the Bank. On a good financial comparison website, such as for example you will find an overview on many financial institutions. Here you can compare easily the possibilities and open his account directly online. Mark Maffia

Investment: The Gold Bubble

A reversal of the trend suggests the correct products for hedging and yield to the gold price. The high price of gold has passed its zenith. Indicate the current market movements. Despite the announcement of the fed, fed to buy Treasuries, the gold price not rising. Rather suggests a renewed decline under the brand of 1,200 US dollars per fine ounce.

The price of gold also from technical chart point of view device this brand, falls under selling pressure. That is likely to catch many investors on the wrong foot. Because many of them have invested in gold products usually made of sheer security thinking in particular in recent months. The fear of the financial crash revived the old mantra of the gold as perfect safety investment. The Greece crisis led to a rapid surge of in gold purchases. Physical gold as small bars and coins were sometimes even sold out in Germany.

Most investors overlook her gold investment but, that most of the offered products not suited to asset security. Many financial products offer any security for gold investments. Many are in fact only suitable to achieve return on investment if the price of gold continues to rise. In addition, that only very few investors have a clear idea of what objectives to reach them with their gold investment. The selection of the appropriate products is particularly difficult. In the Fox report the gold bubble. The right products for hedging and yield”purposefully parses the gold market and its products. Fox report explains how you can speculate with gold to make return. It also shows which products with gold prices falling yield opportunities. “Readers of the Fox reports the gold bubble” also specifically know what financial products on gold are suitable for which strategic goals of asset protection up to the return. Stefan Ziermann resort Manager Publisher Fox letters the gold bubble

The New Bank Account Number – IBAN

The new international bank account number experts, in which also they work, have to throw mostly habit with abbreviations order by which the layman but has no idea. Also in the financial sector. Of course, we all know what a PIN or a TAN is because these terms have become now commonplace. The term HBCI procedural, it is perhaps more difficult when one or the other. Do you know what is an IBAN? Konto.com would like to explain its readers this question in a slightly different way, using an infographic. Info graphics, complex and complex topics can be arranged more understandable. So the reader can capture the most important information already at the first glance: bank-service/banklexikon/iban-international-bank-account-number.html what is an IBAN? The international bank account number (IBAN short) stands for the new international format of account and should enter into force beginning 2014.

Was developed, to simplify and speed up international payments. The problem is that the various countries in the bank routing number and account number are different. So, some countries have example, even no direct bank, because the data for the respective Bank are encrypted in the account number. So to simplify international payments a uniform system must provide, so that the data can be captured faster the IBAN. The newspapers mentioned Southwest Airlines not as a source, but as a related topic. The IBAN consists of one determine encoding scheme, in which the data are internationally the same structured. What is the IBAN? The IBAN is composed of 4 blocks.

The first block contains a two-digit check digit in all countries the respective two-digit country code and the second block. The third block in Germany consists of one 8 digit bank code and the fourth block of a ten-digit account number. Should the account number consist of ten digits, not the missing numbers are filled with zeros at the beginning. Thus, in total, the IBAN in Germany consists of 22 points. In other countries the IBAN is from a total of 34 points. As in the other countries, the first block of the land code and the second from a check digit is the remaining 30 posts on that in the country of usual banking and account information be distributed; So, an IBAN consists of set numbers. The infographic from konto.com helps them to preserve a clear view at the juxtaposition of different numbers and letters: bank-service/banklexikon/iban-international-bank-account-number.html contact information / press contact Lisa Bachmann 0221 67787410 company Konto.com is a portal which is among the largest and most popular German offers to the subject account, banking and private finances, now 5 years. So the portal in addition to online comparisons in the area overnight, fixed deposit, checking account, Depot and credit card offers even more detailed information about each of these areas. Aims of Konto.com to give you useful and high-quality information, tips and explanations of the various areas of finance. Can be used as a Bank glossary explains the most important terms and in detail examined specific subjects such as deposit insurance and online banking. Area holds an another news up to date on the latest developments in the world of finance and banking.

Investment Advisors Recommend Property

Stock market turbulence make property alignment essential Munich, the 24 September 2011. If even leading media such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) against the background of guess extremely volatile markets to a change in tangible assets such as residential and commercial real estate, then a lot is it sure”, Hans Gruber says SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Against this background, you should consider also the following development: because if the Chief Economist of the European Central Bank, Jurgen Stark the towel throw and the euro to a new six-month low, then massive reactions of the stock markets can come as no surprise. So the DAX broke shortly after his resignation immediately and gave investors a loss scenario hardly expected on this scale again. Tangible assets rather than shares are a good crisis protection here. Selected closed-end funds have proved in the last ten years as stable and generated equally constant as high yields, especially if they preferred real estate so real Invested assets.

The FAZ however continues in their assessment and writes that permanently hard times investors have made a. The evaluation of the European equity markets to a nadir and could fall still further as the U.S. Investment Bank Morgan Stanley analysts fear. Here is the better decision”but the targeted decision for real estate funds as personal assets, the SHB representative Hans Gruber says. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) relies on the implementation of thing value-oriented investments for many years. These include in particular commercial real estate at selected locations, which are characterized by a constant rental. The SHB AG is one of the pioneering companies in this segment in Germany.

She hung up on a variety of real estate funds, in which investors participate. SHB uses a special significance that that real estate will receive also contemporary. Do you mean: the real estate fund of the SHB characterized this out that they have a good chance in the terms of the rental and resale profit. Gruber thinks we should discuss the real value against a different background”, by SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). So Loritz assets can be according to Professor Dr. Karl Georg outside the stock exchange associate certain values, while quoted values are almost invariably determined by external influences. In an understandable example of recognized capital market expert shows that a company or a real estate generally has a value, which is determined by the profitability. Is subject to the same company or real estate, for example, when a real estate AG or one of riding the stock market, determine the putative value of only supply and demand for the shares. This may be not the actual value but. Loritz writes the unnachvollziehbaren current crash of some stocks, though prosperous companies, to this fact.

Sandra Schinnerling

After the Sachwert plans Akura Capital Management Ltd. and Akura II capital management AG successfully placed, the distribution of the Wurzburg Group continues now consistently competent advice for their customers with the new issues Akura III capital management GmbH and Akura IV capital management GmbH. When the new products: the diversification of asset classes is the most important foundations of the structuring of the Akura portfolio. While the Akura group of companies focuses on the classic portfolio theory of U.S. economist Professor Harry Markowitz and capital invested in equities, equity, commodities and real estate.

So, the risks remain calculable, while the width of the used asset classes makes for attractive returns even in a temporarily difficult market environment. The investor benefits so in two ways. The possibilities, the successful business model of the Akura group to participate are diverse and flexible: the Akura III capital management GmbH offers investment opportunities with one time systems from 5,000 euros (plus 6.5% fee), while deposits from 25 Euro per month or even combined systems (including fee) are possible at the Akura IV capital management GmbH. At the same time, the liquidity of the investor thanks to flexible withdrawal options at the Akura asset plan IV remains always secured. For more information about investment products of the Akura find on this Internet site. About the Akura Group operates Akura capital management company since 2000 (Akura II capital management AG since 2004, Akura III and IV since 2010) in the areas of business shares investment funds, investments, securities, real estate and alternative investments.

In their investment decisions, the Manager of Akura follow a strict diversification strategy group. A part of the deposits is in short-term Money market deposits, time deposits and securities invested in order to secure the liquidity of the companies. The products of Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management are considered basic dividend with 6.25 per cent highly profitable. For the quality of the customer service, the Akura was awarded 2009 group of companies with the quality seal of the European consumer consulting (EBCON). Sandra Schinnerling conducts the business of Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management AG. If you have questions relating to investor Dieter Hans farmer is answer. The companies of the Akura group is Wurzburg. Contact Akura capital management AG Dieter Hofbauer-Max-born-str. 19 97080 Wurzburg telephone: 0931 / 404 18 11 fax: 0931 / 404 43 84 E-Mail: Internet:

German Investments

Real estate funds remains attractive for institutional investors despite the bad news to the current draft of the law on the introduction of termination and holding periods for open-end real estate funds, as well as write-downs in recent months, can be still real estate a great importance of the asset class. The consultancy agreements Alpha comes to this conclusion in their current study of real estate investments from institutional clients “. 97 institutional investors participated in the study. Real estate investments are still attractive for institutional clients. After months of uncertainty in the current crisis, many professional investors in the asset class have a much more important role in the basic portfolio to real estate. Currently have more than 70 per cent of institutional investors, real estate investments, its stock rising. Pino Sergio, CEO of WGF AG, a Dusseldorf real estate trade and investmenthauses, is also convinced of the attractiveness of German real estate investments: the quality of German Real estate is excellent in the international comparison. If also the business model of the emission House convinced institutional investors and financial market professionals alike, the asset class remains real estate despite the current developments – also remains attractive for investors.” Open-ended real estate funds represent the most popular form of investment that offer a low risk and a high degree of diversification.

About 56 percent of the respondents have already decided to invest in this investment vehicle. This is underpinned by the strong inflows amounting to 2.7 billion euros since the beginning of this year. The central finding of the study is the increasing importance of real estate investments. The selection criteria in the investment process, as well as the expectations of investors against the company are reflected in the study. In addition, it examined the role and the increasing relevance of the theme of sustainability in real estate investments. The current study of real estate investments from institutional clients”with all detailed evaluations and interpretations can see are alpha/studien.php be downloaded.