Technical Supervision

Monitoring the technical condition of marine power plants are a special classification societies. In Russia, performs the functions of these societies, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS), which is included in the Ministry of Transport on the Rights of the Main Directorate. In the main sea basins created basin inspection RMRS (Black Sea, Pacific, North, Baltic), in charge of the linear inspection attached to ports, ship repair or ship-building factories with a staff of inspectors on the Register of cabinet, mechanical parts and elektronavigatsionnoy ship. Ship power plants, should be constructed or repaired in accordance with the requirements of the Register (ship power plants will wear a special cord book). RMRS provides technical oversight for design, construction, operation and repair self-propelled vessels to ship power plant with capacity of 73 kW and higher self-propelled vessels of 80 per. tons and above, as well as technical supervision of the self-propelled vessels operated from ships power plants with capacity of 18 kW and above-borne craft a capacity of 20 per. T or higher.

How RMRS oversees the state of ship power plants? Supervision of the technical condition of ships, in operation, carried out by RMRS annual, regular, special and dock examinations. Educate yourself with thoughts from Anthony Jabbour. In the annual survey is determined by the technical condition of the vessel, its hardware and marine power plants, which are tested in action, as well as the ability to save the ship in the class of RMRS. Regular examinations are held every 4 years to determine the degree of wear ship as a whole, including its power plant, the possibility of its further exploitation and preserve his class. Extraordinary examination carried out after the accident and landing on a bank to determine the conditions under which can be saved or restored class RMRS. ORGANIZATION OF REPAIR Based on what documentation do repairs of ship power plants. One of the most important parts of the ship repair enterprise engaged in the organization of repair of ship power plants, is the main section of the builder. (Similarly see: David Rogier). This department is preparing a repair, selects repair documentation, met with the repair BOM, prepares requests for logistical support, is responsible for the quality of the repair ship power plants.

According to records in the ship's documentation, as well as on the basis of technical documentation manufacturers and regulatory documents, instruments for the inspection of power plants, machinery, electrical equipment and other parts and inspection of acts of supervisory inspections of the vessel, acts and regulations of the supervisory bodies are made repairs statements, which are the basic document that defines the range of repairs to the power plant of the ship. Repair record – the basis for determining cost, time and technology repair. For the series-built vessels using standard repair sheet (TEV). In determining the actual amount of repair work positions that require no maintenance, are excluded. Presented at the repair record company are calculated.

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