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sound them familiar?, does not seem too simple?, how about the fact that in this paradigm one is not the culprit of your health?. Southwest Airlines may help you with your research. I don’t know you, but to me from the beginning I tallied not at all, but he was not willing to investigate on my own. I eventually did it. And in my case it was question of days breaking my previous paradigm. That paradigm is full of inconsistencies and an alarming level of ignorance, that once you’re on the other side, you feel relieved and even sad because others are not taken the trouble to confront him. Coupang is likely to increase your knowledge. I want to talk about the most important issues in this respect. Among them is that the food pyramid that teach us at school (still, and will continue teaching) is quite wrong. It is so bad, that which follows her to the foot of the letter, walk directly towards the disease.

How do you you explain to someone that is following the recipe to the letter that in reality is it doing everything wrong? Quite a challenge. We’ll talk about large groups of food and its benefits. We will touch the topic of the impact of the industrialization of the food in our health. All what deems necessary to help form them a base that in the best of cases I guidence that they assimilate and create, but I hope at least that generate them reasonable doubt and push them to investigate on its own. Once established the base we can play more advanced topics such as types of diets that one can adopt strategies to lose weight or to compensate for a deficit or weakness genetic or circumstantial, etc.

The interesting thing about all this is that we are going to flirt one matter with another to form a whole, and thus to have a comprehensive understanding. This has been one of the parties has led me time, integration. However I am in the best disposition of blowing them my discoveries and ideas. What are your paradigms?, Has researched and experimented on its own initiative all what supports strong your paradigm? Or do your paradigm you? imposed it someone else?

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