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“” Training to creative coach by Nina Trobisch under the name creative interventions in training, coaching, presentation “the Berliner lumen GmbH for the second time, personnel and organization developers, trainers, consultants, change managers and coaches offers a qualification to the creative coach” on. The training, which begins on September 23, 2011, consists of nine three-day seminar modules, all of them taking place in Berlin. Wide repertoire of techniques and methods will the participants the theoretical and practical tools as well as the inner attitude and gives encouragement to act as creative coach,”says Education Director Nina Trobisch. In addition, they will develop confidence in their own creative and artistic abilities. Individuals, groups and organizations in their processes with musical interactions and aesthetic interventions particularly effective to be able to accompany, the budding Kreativcoaches learn to know a wide variety of interactive, creative techniques and methods as well as apply. Modular In the individual modules the participants engaged in literacy teaching about bases of perception and awareness, dramaturgy, and theatre work in development processes. The techniques for brainstorming and problem-solving, dramaturgical, acting and stage work, creative writing and narrative, musical and rhythmic procedures and image-artistic and creative expressions are subject to the qualification. For experienced trainers and coaches participants requirements are qualified training as a trainer/coach, at least three years experience, and a willingness, even its own creative artistic and aesthetic processes to engage in.

Training Manager is the graduate Theatre scholar and drama teacher Nina Trobisch. The nationwide unique additional qualification ends with the presentation of the final papers, by February, 8th-10th, 2013. Creative coach certification requires the full participation of the 27 days of the seminar and conducted regional training groups. The participation fee including method box and work materials is 5,200 euros plus value added tax. Growing interest in Kreativcoaches the need for Kreativcoaches is growing according to Nina Trobisch, which operates as trainer and organisational developer, because in society and economy is an enormous pressure for change and increasing the importance of creative action. Facts knowledge alone is not enough”, emphasizes the drama teacher, we need flexible Act people who break up, and a bold step.” Kreativcoaches can help considers essential, to allow creative shapes, to lift the original resources, strengthen empathy and relationship ability and the willingness of people to increase, new and unusual ways to go, and that with joy and confidence.

Creativity evaluates also Nina Trobisch as the decisive competitive factor of the 21st century”. More information on the Web see: is certified innovative consulting and Coachingansatze Nina Trobisch Theatre scholar and drama teacher and worked for the Berlin lumen GmbH as a systemic coach and trainer of competence. Their topics are communication, creativity, social and emotional competence. Nina Trobisch developed the so-called hero principle, an innovative change management approach. The agile trainer directs also the research project of the Federal Ministry for education and research innovation dramaturgy after the hero principle”at the Central Institute for advanced training of the Berlin University of the arts in which artistic and aesthetic learning cultures in the context of the company are developed. Information and contact Nina Tan lumen GmbH Weydinger str. 14-16 10178 Berlin Tel: 030 2400 9314 mobile: 0178-39 66-472 press contact: Dr. Gestmann & partner Colmantstr.

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