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Let's make the plan a shopping tour, according to your guided tour. Well, for starters, like any any tourist will visit the capital of Norway – Oslo. Wandering through the streets, from one to the other attractions, of course, you will bypass souvenir shops. There you can find gifts for all family members. The most common souvenir are the figures of trolls. All Norwegian "trolls" have a strong personality: someone looks at you askance stern look, and someone touches his good-natured smile. Adjacent to these figures, "live" and a variety of tyulenyata Other Norwegian poultry.

When you get tired to roam the streets of many of Oslo, and you want a snack, check your nearest butcher's shop: it is possible not only to replenish their food stocks, but also to get wonderful "edible gifts. Of course, these are different kinds of sausages of venison. Next door you will find a wine cellar, where you can buy a Norwegian national drink – akevit. The taste is quite Strong Substance, amber color with a spicy scent. Men's half of your friends and family to truly appreciate this "souvenir". You should not sidestep the numerous fish shops. Norway is a country where You can try the best saltwater fish.

A perfect complement, of course, as you may have guessed, will zaboristoe Norwegian beer. Bought salted fish and delicious venison, go ahead. Bright sights Norwegian fjords are – Gulf, bordered by high rocky cliffs. You can grab a piece of Norway in the form of beautiful waves peeled small stone, which will be on the shelf and remind unusual adventures. You can also go diving, trying to find an interesting gift at the bottom of the bay. Norway is famous worldwide for its ski tournaments, national festivals and music festivals. Winter in ski competitions can be replenished arsenal of various sports logos, as in the summer, to rally popular music ensembles, we can easily find all kinds of fur and knitwear, hand made Well, you're ready in his hotel pack suitcases. Check whether your gift list known Norwegian porcelain and pottery? A pewter and silver gizmos? If not, do not despair: it is one of the most popular souvenirs. In the short souvenir shop you can easily find various cooking utensils and ornaments. The time has come farewell to this mysterious country. In Norway There is a legend: if you leave on the shore of the fjord figure man gathered the stones, then you be back in this beautiful land harsh nature.

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