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General information about the protection of the crankcase compartment of the vehicle motor is desirable to protect against water and dirt, and hit the barriers. Many foreign car engine from the bottom closed regular plastic anther. Some of them adapted to Russian conditions and equipped with a solid steel casing protection. Motor also set them as optional equipment. The original protection are not for all models and are very expensive, so the Russian manufacturers produce similar products, along with protections for domestic cars. If the machine is easily damaged by regular duster, durable crankcase can be installed on top of him. On vehicles with a longitudinal engine layout (usually) only protect his pallet. Change gear box (gearbox) is behind in relative safety.

Sump engine (Oil sump) is a thin-walled reservoir for engine oil, located under the engine. At the very bottom of the intake is at the bottom of the oil pump. When hit by obstacles in the place of impact formed a dent or even a leak. Crushed tray may block or damage the maslozabornik and oil supply to the engine stops. The same thing will happen in case of leakage through the hole. If you do not notice that the motor, and gearbox housing.

Housing Gearbox cars cast alloy having a low resistance to chipping and cracking upon impact. If, after hitting bottom disrupted oil system engine or leaked oil from the gearbox, then further movement of the vehicle may only be towed or evacuator. The basic requirements to protect the crankcase during the collision with the obstacle of the impact energy is extinguished itself and its protection mount, and some passed the body.

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