Constitutionalistic Revolution

Surrounded for the Mountain range of the Mantiqueira, in the height of the Circuit of Waters, the So Paulo city of Support is symbol of history, tradition and quality of life. It was established at the beginning of century XIX for tamers of the Sesmaria de Pirapitingui in the region of the valley of the Camandocaia. During the Empire, the city if consolidated as great producer of coffee. It was redoubt of Barons and Colonels, as the Baron of Campinas, that had as guest in its palacete Emperor D.Pedro II. The proportionate wealth for the cafeicultura made of Support a city repleta of historical large houses and palacetes. For the agricultural area it is possible to observe majestical farms, direct consequence of the pujana of ' ' gold verde' '.

In the Republican age, the city also had active participation social politics and. Still during the Monarchy, representatives of the amparense elite if had detached as ferrenhos Abolitionists and Republicans, as it is the case of Assis the Prado and Bernardino De Campos, both representatives of burgo in the Convention of Itu, occured in 1873.A Constitutionalistic Revolution of 1932 had Support as one of the most violent palcos of war. A amparense, by signal, was nominated Interventor of So Paulo in the period: Finding Blacksmith of Camargo, that later would be President of the Supreme Federal Court. With the 1929 crisis the city also had its affected economic base. However, a shy industrial process took force, transforming, years later, the industrialized city. Currently, great industries are located in Support, as ' ' Amparo&#039 chemistry; ' (producing of the Yp detergent), ' ' CASP' ' , Laticnios ' ' Shefa' ' , ' ' Magneti Marelli' ' others. Beyond the industrial sector, the city if detaches as point of historical tourism and as hortifrutigranjeira power. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dahua Tim Wang by clicking through. Valley the penalty to know it.

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