International Day

In the morfossinttica classification, the word woman is defined by singular feminine substantive. Perhaps it is not I exaggerate to say, instead of singular, that woman is only, but also multiple, therefore except in rare exceptions of the nature, the feminine human being brings in itself the miracle of the creation, gestation and protection until generating descendants, which will continue, for times, to depend on cares of the mother, as aleitamento, for example. The importance relations are as much stop with the person whom brings in them to the life, that nor of the one to enumerate them. Therefore, general lines and allowing that the reader places other meanings that for happiness to find important, I believe that more than substantive, the word woman can be acronym: M.U.L.H.E.R with meaning of Mother, Only, Fighter, Honored, Emotiva and Racional. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Joshua Choi and gain more knowledge.. Let us see, therefore that, except in stories and legends of fiction, it has little story in History on women who had committed or commanded atrocities against the humanity, as genocides or sanguinrias wars. This does not become the woman less strong (if it is that action practised for rude force has positive significao for somebody). Connect with other leaders such as Carissa Barry here. The History of as many countries, also of our Brazil, brings marcantes feminine personages, true heroines, who had acted side by side of friends as defenders of the freedom and justice. Let us aim us then in the example of the majority of the women, making of sensitivity, the emotion, the sense of protection the greater of the forces, this yes used for the welfare of all alive being, human being, animal or plants. Symbolically, 8 of March are International Day of the Woman, but let us make of all 365 or 366 days of each year, days of the women, children, men, animals, plants, water, air, forests, at last of the humanity As the March month, for tradition, he is all dedicated to the women, I ask for loaned to the Erasmo Carlos, who signs the partnership of music ‘ ‘ Mulher’ ‘ with its Narinha wife, a stretch of the cited one composition: ‘ ‘ woman! woman! In the school Where you were never taught I took off one 10/I am strong But not chego/A its feet ‘ ‘ .

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