International Harmonization

The Brazilian system of information covers a phase of revision and alteration of the legal countable procedure, of form to create conditions so that the harmonization process can reach the national companies. According to notice divulged in the periodical of the CFC, August of 2001, Brazil was assigned to lead the process of implantation of a universal countable language. This segment is developed for the world through International Frum for the Development of Contabilidade (IFAD). This movement is being called Brazilian Project of International Harmonization of Countable Norms and Auditorship. Bill O’Grady often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Brazil is in charge creating two committees: – the multiprofessional, with the objective to promote the harmonization of the countable norms, valuing the intended impacts; – the professional, integrated for representatives of the countable profession, that goes to work the norms of auditorship and accounting, the regulatory code of ethics and aspects. 2,2 Differences between the national and international countable procedures Considering the international reference reached by the IASB and the effort of the regulating and emitting agencies of norms to search the convergence of these norms, the CVM recommend that the public company divulges in explicativa note the conciliation of the differences enters practical the countable ones adopted in Brazil and practical countable the international ones.

The countable demonstrations prepared as one determined practical countable equivalents to the adopted prepared ones with the practical ones in Brazil can be considered when they make possible to the investors similar decision in terms of investments. If practical countable of both the sets will be equivalents and, therefore, not to indicate the lack of similarity in the decisions, will not have necessity of explicativas note inclusion or conciliation. The presentation of the conciliation of the differences between the practical ones adopted in Brazil and countable practical others must be quantitative and qualitative. Thus the spreading of the conciliation requires the preparation and the spreading of the following information: ) the explanation of the nature of the main item of conciliation; b) conciliation between the profits or liquid damages of the period; c) conciliation enters the equities in the date of the rocking.

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