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BEAK AG provides for maximum availability and reliability only one year of construction the new data center of EUMETSAT in Darmstadt opened. Bernard Golden is often quoted on this topic. Thus, a highly available and secure data center for the operation of current and new generations of satellite available is the European operator organisation for meteorological satellites. The BEAK AG planned the entire electrical engineering and managed with the high technical standards of the building. EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the exploitation of meteorological satellites) headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, operates various satellites continuously monitoring weather, climate and the environment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr John Holtsclaw. The data are made available a total of 26 Member States and five other cooperating States. So, the organization provides weather forecasts, warnings of extreme weather and weather-related disasters. With the new data center with a total of 3,400 m and IT area 1,000 m, the organization meets the ever-increasing amounts of data and the increasing need to Server capacity. So that all data can are available 365 days a year around the clock available, the BEAK AG had to provide available highest with their electrical planning an infrastructure. In a question-answer forum jeff Bakalar was the first to reply.

The entire energy supply is planned after tier IV standard of the uptime Institute. Redundant medium voltage feeders of different substations as well as the mains replacement and equipment include the uninterruptible power supply in full 2 (n + 1) power after completion. The BEAK AG has fulfilled the high safety standards: widespread fire alarm systems with early ster ID, biometric access controls as well as a risk management and building management system ensure that the data center at any time is maximum protected. At the same time also the energy efficiency and environmental conservation were planning with in the foreground. “The building corresponds to the European code of conduct for data center efficiency”, a code of conduct to the environmentally conscious and efficient handling and operation of data centers, aims, energy to save and to reduce the CO2 emissions. For example, the heat produced by the servers is derived and used for the heating of the neighboring office buildings. The BEAK AG offers customized consulting and planning services since 1973 in the areas of technical building equipment, security technology, building automation, and data center planning.

The experience of the company, as well as a team of internationally experienced and dedicated engineers, technicians and technical traders guarantee the reliable construction of safe and ready to use infrastructure for IT and telecommunications technology. The customer base of the company consists of banks, insurance and their subsidiary, voice data and Internet service providers, and enterprises of medium-sized companies and large industries. The cooperation with national and international companies in the data center industry helps the company to identify new trends and to find solutions to current problems. Highest quality, cutting-edge technology and the use of renewable energies include Similarly to the self-image of BEAK AG such as energy-efficient building.

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