Life Forced

Before the age of 23. In a life where the way in which you interact with your siblings and parents is cordiality, friendship and love, it makes you grow up with the idea that thus has to be always, being that never end, that will be eternal. Baby clothes may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Fate plays you unexpected situations that can change your way of thinking or living, thats what happened to my family and in specific to me, that was 15 years and the relationship with my father was magnificent, of friendship, of complicity and lots of love. I have 5 brothers and I am 2nd., life with my brothers was very funny, full of games and love, my parents always instilled us union and respect, this was a nodal part during my accident, rehabilitation and successful disability. The death of a parent is not exclusive to someone, I believe that I am not the first nor the last that will happen something like this, what makes it different is how you sobrellevas the loss and how you manage to get out in front of such an event, there are people who get ahead quickly, personally I could not quit with success in this situationI did not know how, evadi and in the recesses of my being, it hid, making me to the idea that my father had not died for, if that wasn’t as always travel as towards, is amazing how pain can be so strong to the degree of creating stories in mind in order to avoid suffering.

I lived 8 years after the death of my father in a unconsciousness total, in search of something that would take me to be on the verge of death, always looking for the problem, self-destruction, scorning the opportunities that life always gives you, evading my responsibilities, looking for the easy way, forgetting the teachings and advice that my father had given me and causing him great pain and anguish to my family especially my mother; that it not only had to endure the unexpected death of his partner, if not that she also had to leave forward without money and six children of nursery age mostly. Fun, alcohol and women were an important part of my life, many people go through thousands of problems every day, I started to make a lifestyle very comfortable and fun, situation that I end up giving me shame to the passage of the years. The success in it. Original author and source of the article..

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