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IBS specialist forum at Viega GmbH & Co.KG in Attendorn Hohr Grenzhausen, March 10, 2009 – Viega puts characters! Made in Germany\”is the highest bid! Viega GmbH & Co.KG, the business location Germany still holds an enormous development potential and the good infrastructure, the company of Germany from can operate effortlessly global markets. One of the six sites located in the United States, from here the supplied with special products for the North American market. Since its founding in 1899, the company has developed into a global provider and has 2,800 employees, one of the leading manufacturers in the field installation technology. The family business is now run by Heinz-Bernd Viegener and Walter Viegener in the fourth generation. Viega invested just in the difficult economic environment.

In the tradition of previous generations is how proven since company founding continued to invest counter-cyclically and innovation, cutting-edge technology and latest techniques in the enterprise to implement. \”On February 11, 2009 took place in Attendorn the IBS: trade forum best practice for modern quality management\” instead. Over 100 participants from manufacturing companies from the Sauerland and the other district had reported to the IBS event. The proprietary Viega seminar Centre was filled to the last seat. In his welcoming speech, Walter Viegener paid tribute to the 15-year partnership with the IBS AG, resolving nationwide used by over 500 users as a tool to ensure the high quality of the innovative Viega products. Volker Schwickert, CEO of IBS AG, pointed out in his speech on the start times of the relationship between Viega and IBS which already started at a time when computer manufacturing did not yet take. Heinz-Georg Hemmert, head of central quality management at Viega, represented the range of products and the production process of the company participants and in particular the explained successfully implemented lean manufacturing strategies. Katrin presented in the connection Triebel, solution consultant at IBS AG, such as through the use of the CAQ system throughout the product life cycle even in medium-sized companies process improvements are.

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