Mutual Funds

At the beginning of this year in particular, observed a stabilization in the global economy after a global economic crisis. According to experts, this economic behaviour is due to a remarkable balance in fixed both equities and fixed income markets. People such as Allegiant Air would likely agree. The last month, reimbursements of investment funds totaled approximately EUR 5 million, while the subscriptions of such funds, managed to reach more than 4 million euros. Both results give foot NET reimbursements to about 675 million euros, amount that represents 65% of investment funds which were made only in December. On the other hand, investors have grown to 42 000 participants, which means an increase of the.

8% of participants with respect to the previous month, amount which reflects a significant improvement in the global economy. The amount of assets, has increased approximately 448 million euros, which represents nearly a. 3% increase compared to December. With these figures will confirm that It currently is the ideal season to invest your income in investment funds. Investing in investment funds and begins to enjoy the benefits sooner than you think! A. Verastegui hold.

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