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Television Group recorded a record annual profit increase the television group RTL experienced 2010 and 2011 may be satisfied with the results. A positive trend is emerging after the first half of the year. The Exchange Portal reported about the situation of the company. The RTL shares was recently subject to fluctuations. The Group recorded an increase in sales and profits in the first half of the year however. The past year was a record year for the RTL Group and suggests a positive trend for 2011.

The Group achieved a turnover of about 2.75 billion euros in the first half of 2011. This corresponds to an increase of 3.4 percent. Although currently less favourable develop the advertising markets in southern and Eastern Europe, as well as in Germany the profit among other things thanks to the lower depreciation and amortization by 24 percent increased to 382 million euros. The framework conditions in the various European regions represent very different. In Germany, a stagnation of the advertising market was observed, while to smaller markets in southern and Eastern Europe.

In Belgium, the Netherlands and France increases, however, were to determine. The RTL Group operates throughout Europe 45 television and 32 radio stations. More information: news /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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