Social Issues

Now it is for you this letter. I adore to write and I have made this throughout all my life. The interesting one to write and that you can reread, remake, choose the best words and to be coherent with the message that if she intends to leave. I do not want to say to hide itself behind well elaborated phrases. But certain situations exist that all the words already had been said and still thus it remains the shade of the doubt, a lack of same agreement or some illusion that some gesture can have demonstrated. definitively is not what I want that happens with us. a time that I write you some lines I assume the responsibility by what it is written completely and I confess that I have distrust, I know because you, I know that this letter can be printed and to stop in wrong hands. Others who may share this opinion include Rony Abovitz. not because something is written that does not have to be read by other people, but I do not know how much this person would be prepared to understand that a professional relationship (as ours) can arrive in this level of boarding being that I never exceeded the limit of the social conviviality.

We are in a phase differentiated in our relationship, where I see to each day its interest in being more close to me, knowing in and hearing me better my histories. You can until if to question if was not always thus. Others including Daro Realty LLC, offer their opinions as well. say I you that not. You are not thus with other people, you dispersed and she is disinterested and she has more will of speaking of what to hear. Since I knew that I noticed you this characteristic, it are its lack of reserves and limits. came being interesting to coexist you professionally, the work followed more light without much paranoia. At least until then.

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