Vidal Isabel

Tone perceiving the constaint that expra to the maiden, opened a smile soon to descontrair the young woman, and, it is clearly, to gain a simple smile of it, that the principle, was what it mattered to it for the time being. Tone beyond being made an impression with the beauty of the young inquired I obtain exactly. – How can a so pretty young live in this hole? It would have to be studying in the city. But, Tone nor the least imagined who was the parents of the young woman, much less what it could happen to it if had an approach between both. The father of Isabel, also lived, already knew who was the Retail dealers, and what they costumavam to make with the young women of families who of port in port found. Manuel Vidal, deprived, forbade Isabel simply to look in the window of its house, but, that in that day, the young was only exactly in the port taking its bath, and the meeting of the two was inevitable, or better, a simple ones to change of looking at was the sufficient, so that its Manuel perceived and escorraasse the young woman of the port: Isabel, fast, goes up soon with this pot, its mother must be needing you! Disse its Manuel. Ashamed Isabel, cabisbaixa and with the shouts of its father, did not dare in disobeying it, went up the abrupt declivity and were. But, this, never forgets young it that it had seen in the boat, for its investigations later its mother, perceived itself later the interest in the traveller. As they had other boats that made the trips and mercandeavam for this region, and each racket of machine heard well distant for Isabel, the look brought it to it to the souvenir of that man who almost devorara, and whenever could, it looked at for gretas of the windows, to know if RIVALS it was it, but, many of the times were the other boats, and the ansiosidade of Isabel continued, therefore already it made one two months that Rivaliza did not appear for the Region, and this delay made with that Isabel thought about a strategy for if approaching to the owner of that one boat, did not think about if offering as they made the others that liveed next to its port, but, with its beauty and simplicity to get some signal of interest of the traveller.

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