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‘ Forum inland waterways ‘ aging ships, missing or blocked investment brings banks, policy and shipping at a table of Mainz, 07.10.2010: inland waterway transport suffers particularly currently, and this is due to not only the economic crisis, but the behavior of many banks, investors and politicians. On October 28, 2010, inland waterway transport held on this topic in the Forum of Mainz, on which brought all parties to the table and discuss solutions, to ensure the safe transport of goods across the waterway in the future. Patron of the event is Kurt Beck, Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate. In the discussion about new resources and transportation routes often occur the inland navigation operators not in appearance, while much of the cargo is transported by them environmentally friendly on the European waterways. First approaches for financial support are given with the tax relief for investment in inland waterway transport. But many banks refuse to comply, the Forward loan applications from shipowners to KfW. And the EUR 6 million, which the State has already spent, are a drop in the ocean compared to the EUR 2 billion, which at least are needed in the next few years, to ensure the survival of the shipping industry.

“Three aspects of an inland waterway transport with a future Forum inland” brings together the parties on October 28, 2010 in Mainz. While solutions should be identified and developed, what the economic future of the transport sector and specifically ensure the shipping industry can. After the introduction and welcome by the organizer and the patron of Kurt Beck, the participants throughout the day in three panels discuss the various aspects of inland waterway transport: the first Panel revolves around the market. First discuss participants under the motto that prices fall and no one fall back on”the reasons for the prices for transportation via water Street, and from the perspective of the ship-owners, the Partikuliere and the Policy.

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