10 Tips To The Coordination And Cooperation With United States

So is the cooperation with Americans succeed Johanna Marius advises as intercultural communication expert German businessmen in establishing successful business relationships with Americans. In your 10 tips, she reveals what necessarily should look at Americans, to work competently and build trust. Tip be 1: open for spontaneity and flexibility! Americans plan less as opposed to Germans. A project is not successful if a few mistakes happen, but effectively will be umgegangen with the errors! Tip Let’s 2: down by the attention to detail! In the United States, 80% is usually good enough. It is important to be faster than the competition! Tip follow and deadlines 3:! Pay attention to the time pressure of many American companies. Let Verzogerungen be sure, otherwise it may happen that you are sued by their clients.

Tip you give all the necessary information 4:! In the United States, an obligation exists as regards information. You should without asking as much information as possible deliver to your business partners, customers or colleagues. Tip 5: be careful in dealing with problems. You speak to problem situations, you’re not talking but problems but by issues or challenges. Describe the situation and propose solutions.

In any case, you should look for the culprits. Tip to use the variety of international teams 6:! Each culture has different approaches in an international team. Get to know her and pull your benefits! Tip 7: get to know your team members personally and discuss your Erwartungen! In an international team, it is important to align expectation haltunGen in a kick-off meeting. As each Member of the team understands the project goal? There are different ideas of project management? Clarify rules and manners! Tip check 8: on your team, how the time will be handled! Select the German version with a lot of advance planning and error prevention or the American, the on Spontaneity and flexibility to build? When will what steps taken? What time limits be set? Tip find out 9: how your partners deal with recognition! Team members can be motivated by recognition. Find out whether your partner accustomed to be rewarded for your achievements or that recognition is the gesamten team and behave accordingly! Tip 10: make sure that also in the virtual team members personally get know each other! Just in virtual teams, it can quickly get to misunderstandings and frustration. Check kick-off-meeting communication rules and common guidelines therefore prior to the project in one! It costs more initially, ultimately save costs through a smooth course of the project however. Caroline Mulert, languages + intercultural training E.k.. index.php? id = usa index.php? id = 157

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