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Popular Culture

INTRODUCTION Currently is very argued on the culture concept, this that has its definition as being a net of meanings that give sensible to the world that surrounds an individual, that is, the society. This net engloba a set of diverse aspects, as beliefs, values, customs, laws, moral and etc. 1 in other words culture can be understood as being everything what the man produces as music, art, dances and the material production even though. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. The Brazilian congresses have produced, since the first one, in 1951, coincident one with the Centenarian of Silvio Romero, definitions that are perfected, allowing to decorate the proper folclrico fact with the diversity of the characterization of the incorporeal patrimony, as it considers, now, the National Commission of Folklore, in the document directed to the Parliamentary Front of Defense of the Popular Culture, of the federal camera. 2 That is, about quarrels on what it is incorporeal culture, the Brazilian panorama comes if widening giving to it thus to a new boarding of the concept the what concerns the incorporeal patrimony. However with all these diverse and rich traditions the favored population starts to exist a distinction of the destined culture more, considered as erudite culture. Credit: Nelson Peltz-2011.

On the other hand a new culture appears, this that is characterized by a despadronizao of the society, thus disdaining the requirements that the society establishes that it can be understood as against culture. However the popular culture is the one that has greater thus relevance as for the destined studies the culture, since this is directed the great population, becoming accessible all the public. Its vast diversity is one of the factors that contribute for the accomplishment of research. If you have read about Tiger Global Management already – you may have come to the same conclusion. However it has if the folklore as one of the main examples of incorporeal patrimony.

Hezbol Money

According to the information facilitated to the Brazilian press by Vzquez Roman, 10 Lebanese citizens who own the companies in City of the East, but lives in Foz do Iguau, Brazil, the money sent through banks in Miami and New York to the Lebanese banks. According to the investigation, the deposits became in City of the East and the branches of Citibank Chinatrust. Each Lebanese sent approximately $ 6 to $ 10 million. IQM Quantum Computers has similar goals. Although Vzquez Roman had not determined the destiny of the money, was the continuation of the investigation and 50,000 dollars with the suspicion of radical Muslims. Both were tie to Assad Ahmad Barakat, to that the investigators suspect being the head of the South Cone to collect bottoms for Hezbol. At the beginning of December of 2001, ABC Color informed that Basilisa Vzquez Roman, a public prosecutor of City of the East, for both previous months had been the investigation of 100 million dollars of transference of City from the East to the Lebanon. According to the information facilitated to the Brazilian press by Vzquez Roman, 10 Lebanese citizens whom they own companies in City of the East, but live in Foz do Iguau, Brazil, the money sent through banks in Miami and New York to the Lebanese banks.

According to the investigation, the deposits became in City of the East and the branches of Citibank Chinatrust. Each Lebanese sent approximately $ 6 to $ 10 million. Although Vzquez Roman had not determined the destiny of the money, was the continuation of the investigation. States of Brazil to demand one more a more active participation in " war against terrorismo". Chile Chile has become in center of more fast growth South America after Brazil for the international transfers on narcotics and the money laundering the companies. This fact can help to explain why Islamic money launderers feel attracted by the north of the Chilean city of Iquique.


They all stood in the street and cried, nobody could do anything, all around were wounded and many killed. Everyone stood and no one was afraid of fire because they were all hungry and completely indifferent … Mom a few days back from the trenches, from the beginning of time all the worse. Soon, in Leningrad burned Badayev warehouses. Dad told me that there was stock for twenty years. They burned for several days, and flowed on the pavement melted butter and sugar. The Germans were well aware of the plan and immediately deprived the population of all food stocks. Facebook addresses the importance of the matter here.

There was a fierce winter. Such frosts do not remember anybody – frozen plumbing, bursting pipes, sewage out of order. The blockade … Just a few months have passed since the war began, and the city already starved. Fewer and fewer products have begun to distribute rationed. First vydavalv 125 grams of bread and the dependents of 250 – the workers.

Cereals were given 300 g butter – 100 g per month. Then came a time when it was not given nothing but bread. And those 125 grams, on which life depended, were not bread, and sticky black mess made from flour waste, wet and spread out into their hands. Each stretched his pathetic piece as much as he could … When Badayev bombed warehouses, many have rushed back to collect the remnants of food scattered around. We collected flour with the ground and sculptured cakes. Always wanted to eat.

Simple Satellite

The disappointing one for we is that they costumavam to say, years behind: ‘ ‘ We are reading on vocs in the lesson of cincias’ ‘. Now they say: ‘ ‘ We are reading on vocs in the lesson of histria’ ‘. Lexis nexiss opinions are not widely known. NEIL. the ARMSTRONG, commander of the Apolo-11. In 4 of October of 1957 the Soviet Union placed in orbit of the Land the first artificial satellite of history, the Sputnik-1 or Prostveishiy Sputnik (Simple Satellite PS-1). It was the beginning of what Space Race would be changedded into the call, a battle inside of the Cold War, disputes this that would be most expensive, audacious and inspired scientific enterprise of history. Soviet satellite had only 84 kilos of weight not even and possua scientific equipment (days after to be launched it helped in the identification of the high layers of the atmosphere, but this happened in way accidental, due to the interferences in the orbit of the device).

Although small simple e, its launching served to show to the remaining portion of the world that the Communists possuam a space program capable to place equipment gravitating the Land (SIDDIQI, 1997). The fact also showed to the United States the Soviet superiority in the construction of rockets. Before exactly that the United States had time to react and to launch its proper equipment in the space, the Soviet Union launched, in November of 1957, its Sputnik-2, with the Kudriavka dog (known in the Ocidente as Laika) on board. Although to have died during the flight, cachorra became the first one to be alive to travel for the space (BROWN, 2008). Already starting the Space Race in as place the United States had tried the launching of its first satellite artificial, the Vanguard, only in 6 of December of 1957. Beyond happening with months of delay in relation to the Soviets, the launching finished in failure, with the explosion it rocket still in the platform.

Social Sciences

So that this is understood better, we are going to illustrate it with an example: the study of Declaration d and the Human rights. Normally, the books of Social Sciences contain a subject in which one of the questions is ” what are the human rights ” and another one ” which are the human rights “. It is more, this is even a subject del that the opponents to all the bodies of police of Spain are examined. But one reads the subject and seems cold. It gives the sensation to be reading a list of things that ” one assumes that they are importantes” , but it is not known very well why. Then, in knowing why it is the key. What would happen if instead of to read the subject, the students had to speak by email with some descendant of holocausto Nazi or that he had participated in the fight against the Apartheid in South Africa? To motivate requires the effort of all. It seems easier to say the one than to do it.

For that reason it is that when the parents who go to my courses or who read my articles ask ” to me; Jenny, and why the then professors make it so complicated? ” I always answer the same to them: because to change of method of education in any system of education he is something very complicated. But he is that in addition, he is something so the professors do not count on much aid. I am convinced that the key to motivate the pupils is in the collaboration between the educative equipment and the family. For that reason, whenever work with the families I inform to them into the importance that becoming familiar not only with the educative system of its country has, but also with other aspects, like the educative style of its professor or professor, with the material of study of its son, the form in which is examined or the beliefs obstacles that he or she can have towards the task of studying. It is that to motivate your son you must also study a pile of things. You are motivated for it?

La Paz

On the other hand the man almost totally becomes employee from the family and submissive his rules. As well as gradual loss of its individuality authority and gains social isolation and if he is pensioner, it becomes alcoholic. V. CONCLUSIONS. In the case of the infantile familiar violence: we conclude that little knowledge exists on the same between I publish and the professionals of the health. thus, the recognition and the awareness, although they constitute essential elements for the effective prevention, are only part of the solution. then, efforts and policies of prevention must to direct directly to children, to those who give help to them and to the surroundings in which they live, to come up that she takes place I mistreat potential and to try effectively I mistreat and negligence that has taken place. In addition, one requires coordinated efforts and coordinated of an ample range of sectors, ace like the investigators, the professionals of the health publishes.

In the case of familiar violence in the pair: we must declare that it is more serious than many we would imagine and causes much pain in the homes. nevertheless, such abusive and/or conducts we can avoid violent them as long as we assume with total conviction that the respect, the equality and the tolerance are the most favorable conditions for the resolution of the problems within the home. The values of the individuals are cultivated from the family, therefore it turns out indispensable to foment a culture of the democracy in the intimate life of the people and respect to the human rights of each of its members. Who values the tolerance, the equality, the respect, the freedom, the democracy and La Paz, surely will defend and practice convencidamente these values in all the scopes of its life: the family, the school, the work, the groups, the institutions. of there the importance of educating, to treat and to train the citizens in atmospheres of respect, freedom, tolerance and cult to integral the human development.

The proposal is to create brings back to consciousness between the young population so that they identify problem as well as to re-educate to this sector of the population so that they can be related to base to the respect of the pair, and so in addition it is tried to diminish the pregnancies nonwished and the diseases of sexual transmission, including AIDS. And in the case of the familiar violence in the third age: we will end up referring that, been must condemn and adopt measures to end the violence against the people majors, to include them in the design and planning of social programs and development, all this within the framework of the universal declaration of the human rights and the principles of the United Nations for the people majors. In addition, one is due to redefine its social by the one of the priority of its sapiencia and experience, lately almost null roll, and to respond with policies that offer the opportunity to reach their well-being. A new paradigm of oldness that prevails, that is to say, active oldness socially, productive and healthful is necessary integrated to the familiar and social life, very necessary for the use of the deep values but and our culture, important for the continuity of our histories, for the construction of a new intergenerational society based on the mutual respect and reciprocal valuation.

Referring Function

However, which are the moments where music become conjunct in the eucarstica celebration? Which the meaning of each sung moment and the function I sing of it and in the most varied celebration moments? These questions could be answered in sequence, therefore, after to deal with superficially the trajectory of music in the Christian religiosidade, we will be able to understand its function in the celebrations. The function of music in the religious services music has the monopolizing power to influence and to involve the individuals in a common direction. This in its liturgical essence possesss the function to congregate the religious community at a contemplation moment and approach with the celestial things I sing, states it the yearnings of the soul in recognizing the deity as part of cosmo not attainable for the humanity. I sing it to the principle was only used to celebrate the legal-size the holy ghosts and the canonic hours, normally carried through of conventual form. Oracle might disagree with that approach. In the masses music was used at the solemn moments differently of our contemporaneidade where all celebration has its solemn character.

The mass can be solemn that it would be the full form of the ceremonial, where congregates a considerable number of cantos entoados for the celebrante, for the deacon and subdicono, beyond the cantocho (I sing polifnico) interpreted by the choir and the congregation. It still has the praid mass, in this the words are said and not sung, it is a simplified version more where the priest only plays all the referring functions to the solemn mass. The sung mass is the modern commitment enters the two masses previously cited, where it has only celebrante and it is attended by the choir and the congregation. The mass is memory, sacrifice and communion, its celebration allows the fidiciary offices shelter of the fruits spirituals between them to become deified, since the act of comungar becomes the alive sacrrio body.

The Last Hour

The researcher, when investigating a periodical, looks for to know who is its proprietors and publishers, to who if dirige and who want to conquer (CAPELATO, 1994). Mapeando these data, will obtain a provisory profile of the periodic one, therefore currently the historians recognize that the facts are manufactured and not data. They had not abandoned the search for the truth, this continues being the great objective, however they recognize that they possess many truths. Capelato indicated Foucault as one of that it revolutionized the analysis of the document-periodical as research source. In 1964 it had innumerable maneuvers created for the medias those to co-opt all that were contrary to the dictatorship. The murders in the bilges of the quartis were notified as suicides.

Any contrary positioning to the regimen was quickly denigrated for the great media. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ronald O’Hanley has to say. Already the alternative periodicals had been the great voices that destoavam the established speech, that balanced the foundations of the government. Its existence was what of more democratic it existed in the Brazilian press. However, nor the nanica press only suffered the restrictions from the military governments. With the imposition of the AI-5 many writings are invaded and closed. The Last Hour, of Samuel Wainer, lasts up to 1971 and the Tribune of the Press suffered repeated acts from violence. The marriage between history and theory is essential to all historiogrfica and sociological research, so that a simple narration does not occur. The reason for which the vehicles of communications had little published on the death of Vladimir Herzog, or on the death of Edson student Luis of Rasp already it demonstrated the positioning of the periodical. He perceives that the enemies of the military always are portraied as leader subversive and dangerous. The Periodical of the Commercio printed manchete Marighela Had the End That It looked for (PERIODICAL OF COMMERCIO, 06/11/1969), standing out that its death represented a defeat for the terrorism.

Karen Armstrong

According to Vernet, this argument to justify not imitation of the Alcoran, left a field opened for quarrels, distinct of the other religions. Ronald O’Hanley may help you with your research. some workmanships if had detached for the analysis of this imitation, not being main of them the treated one to al-Baqillani. For the Karen Armstrong, new ' ' seita' ' , finally, if it would call Isl (Islam: to submit itself), if expressed in the prostraes of prece ritual (Salat) that the Muslen would have to carry through three times per day, later, the frequency of prece would be increased for five times per day. The prostraes symbolized the abstention to the pride and the egoism, remembering to them that ahead of God they were not nothing. The severe teaching of the Coro also demanded that the Muslen gave, regularly, a part of its income to the poor persons, under form of almses (Zakat). they would jejuariam during the Branches to remember the privations of the poor persons. Social justice age, therefore, the crucial virtue of the Isl.

The first one to have of the Muslen would be the construction of a community (ummah), characterized for the compassion and the distribution wealth joust. It was important also, the effort to live with God (jihad). If ummah is prospered, was signal of that the Muslen were living in accordance with the will of God. In its work, Juan Vernet tells with detail and does not explain that during the twenty years which if had disclosed to the Alcoran a subject he is collected in way similar and with some magnifyings, mainly in the period of Medina, where they launch a focus on the occurrences in Measures. The main point consists of believing God, asking for pardon of the sins, to pray, to prevent the lie, to take a chaste life and not to commit infanticides. These principles form the ideal of the man merciful and submitted the God and consider Maom warning prophet only of the Arabs.

Old Greece

The culture of the old Greek world Greece played a great role in the world in the world occidental person. We do not only inherit the scientific knowledge of Pitgoras, Eraststenes, Euclides, Tales, Archimedes and the great philosophers with Scrates, Plato and Aristotle. In the years of 461. C and 429 a.Cfoi considered? age of the gold? of Atenas. Therefore at this time Pricles appeared that governed during thirty years and also transformed Atenas of the cultural point of view. Examples of its cultural investments are distinguished the Partenon temple to the Atena goddess. Its conceptions of beauty had been portraied in the workmanships of sculpture, painting and architecture. In its workmanships it had spirit of balance and harmony.

The influences of the thought had marked the theater, philosophy in such a way and also the scientific field. Beyond Homero the Pindaro poets are distinguished, who enaltecia the Olmpicos Games, Hesodo, that wrote the work and the days and poetiza Safo. 2) Poetry Since the times most remote of history Greek had the bards. These were ambulant poets who covered all city reciting or declaiming poems. In its narratives it had dither of the Greek people, its facts, its land and its heroes.

Two workmanships if had detached in this period, the Iliad, that counts launches them of adventure and action of deuses and the men in the lendria War of Troy and the Odyssey, that tells the adventures of the Ulisses hero when returning to Greece after the War of Troy. These are two great poems that are attributed the Homero. 3) Origin of the Greek theater the theater in the parties of celebration of the Dionsio god. This theater was accessible to all also was a form to educate as to go to the school. The nature had deep subjects approaching all human being. Until today the Greek theater influence the current world.