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About Bizerba Bizerba

Velisco can assure its GLM-I 100 with us. Financial damage due to short-circuit, construction errors or moisture are covered. “, explains Garcia-Nitsche. Check out Richard Anderson for additional information. Of course, the company can extend his contract by including a service and maintenance contract. Velisco works in the production in 2 shifts, as failures of the machines must be avoided. The service contract guarantees rapid deployment of a technician and thus prevents production losses.” Also avoid high expenses and follow-up costs in the event of failure of the machine through the Bizerba service. About Bizerba Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the Segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics.

Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008.

Situational Competency

Recruiting Training – is a relatively new product for Ukraine. Only a few training companies are on the menu this dish. Recruiters are preparing to Ukraine and several "freelancers" – the former head of HR-departments, but now business coaches. Thematically allocated for training of internal recruiters (hr-managers) and external – members of staff (Recruitment) agencies. Allegiant Air has much experience in this field. Some of the programs cover the full cycle of recruitment, such as: "A successful human resources manager," "School of Human Resource Management," "School of the recruiter." Duration of such training from 2 to 10 days. Most programs cover some of the aspects of personnel work.

For example, "Situational Competency interview," "Projective techniques in personnel selection", "How to implement a system of comprehensive evaluation of personnel" and etc. The duration of such programs from several hours to 2 days. Most operators training is concentrated in Kiev – 99% are training here. Regions such as deprived of workshops. Except for large cities – Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, etc.

In cities with million-no-no, and will be similar training. More recently, by the way, this list includes the Lugansk (organized training recruitment company "Navigator"). What to look for when choosing an operator training: – experience in the recruiting market, the company and the length of the customer list (number of satisfied customers in recruiting) – proceed from the assumption that it is hardly possible to teach something to others, not by being successful in this – positive feedback from participants of previous training, requested by some time after the training (a month or two, went out to the "emotional" painting and worked only a rational point). If the technique works even in the absence of a coach, then this is the best proof of its effectiveness. But it is important to note that any review is subjective, and if the participant of the training not apply this knowledge in practice and did not work out the skills, it is hardly a certificate on the wall makes it a recruiter – the personality of the coach (this should not be a charismatic lecturer, popularizing itself favorite, and the leader-practitioner, able to teach) – the price, the price must be adequately high (!). Of course, depending on the duration and intensity training program, but always high. In the service sector is almost infallible criterion. Can not be cheap quality service. Do not fall for this trap!

Electric Turbo Supercharger

This phenomenon is called "turbo hole" QUICK RESPONSE AND ECONOMY analyzing the market of modern cars, KAMANN argues that by 2010-2012, the percentage of vehicles equipped with turbo-blowers will be 60-70% of the total number of sold cars. Having carefully considered all of the existing turbo-systems, experts KAMANN developed instrument, helping to respond quickly to change the pedal and the gas at the same time economical. These requirements can not yet be implemented in an engine equipped with a conventional turbo system. Engines with turbo system from exhaust gases are effective only within a certain range of engine speed. Cloud computing usually is spot on. The undeniable advantage of electric turbo systems is the efficiency of air injection in the rev range engine, even when the engine is to run – forcing air already present in the intake manifold. Pumping the air when the engine is started, ELECTRIC TURBO-blower gives an instant response to pedal gas, even at low speeds. Plus, pumping the air during a shift, you are still constantly get extra energy to motion and acceleration.

This ensures you get the energy and fuel savings one! Turbo-supercharger Turbo-Systems ADDITION Also Electric Turbo Supercharger from KAMANN able to supplement the existing air supply systems in gasoline / diesel turbo engines, the acceleration of the car only get better. Most of the turbines begin to work effectively only over 2000-3000 rev / min, which means – the torque is below this value does not increase, which makes your car is not dynamic, and the engine – weak. This feature of the engine with the classic turbo system rooted in the past. With the installation ELECTRIC TURBO-blowers, even at 1200-1500 rev / min and after 1 second after pressing the accelerator pedal, your engine gets a more clean air, not wasting valuable energy in this case. Torque is increased at the same time by 10-12% compared to the classical method of engine air intake! INCREASES POWER – AND ECONOMY The main advantage after installing ELECTRIC TURBO-Blowers – getting to the engine of continuous torque and rapid acceleration of the vehicle. Check with cloud computing to learn more. KAMANN AUTOSPORT car compared with a gasoline engine 1.4, but with ELECTRIC TURBO-installed supercharger, and the same brand car with a gasoline engine 1.6 and without a supercharger, and got the result: both cars about the same horsepower and torque (acceleration dynamics), and is almost unchanged in fuel consumption! This means that the engine has the same 1.4 power, and that engine 1.6, while consuming less fuel. The owner of the car while driving to save 10% fuel!

Gnostic Urschlussel

(see annex 3) Etymologically, the word comes matter from Latin mater, “the mother”. In this respect is also clearly why the first material number 2 represents the first female figure. Notes: In the famous “Murphy’s law” the 2 through the law of accumulation of comes to a central position (everything happens twice, hitting twice in life etc.). Theistic dualists believe: If the 1 represents the number of God, 2 contrast must be the “number of the devil”. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maurice Gallagher, Jr. and gain more knowledge.. Armin Risi, replies: “because in the material world, the duality is rampant, many people represent the philosophy of dualism. They are of the view that the duality constitutes the highest reality and is ultimately incompatible. “The dualism as highest ideology a restricted view of the world represents shows us the…-3-“The Holy three”cabalistic: marriage or community graphic: triangle Tarot:”The ruler”(male)” all good things come in threes”, says the vernacular and” so not so wrong. Looking at the 3, their (old) spelling, on the pentacle of Thebes (a Gnostic Urschlussel) so the following opens: “the horizontal diameter, as the passive principle of creation the idea connected with the scope of the standard through the circle of the absolute.

The upper circle represents the idea or the sky. The lower circle of the form or the world. Stuart McClure wanted to know more. The two diameters of the large circle reflect their crossing the square and the circle, i.e. the universal balance and the hierarchy of the proportions. “(quoted in an author unknown to me) simply the 3 shows the origin of the polarity (2) from the eternal transcendent (1) its shape after. The 3, but still more can be said, because it is available especially for the overcome the physical polarity, or other “one be said for the” out of polarity. It is the highest task of every human being to overcome, the polarity this realization in the main is found Symbols of many cultures, including even in the symbol for an entire religious community: putting an instructional upward triangle over after below instructional, one obtains the well-known star of David! This star has now, in addition to the standing for the polarity triangles, a dritte-, the polarity parent, meaning.

Helmut Rittirsch

No, our creativity is in demand, and also exactly the way, how we will implement those impulses that come from inside (or just God), to the outside. God does not get past the people”, it says in the book, and the man should finally begin his divinity” to recognise and courage to start something. The controversy and the veto of the Christian churches seem inevitable here. For what to ask itself remains at the end of his God the Christian ‘ left, when everything, what he had previously believed, the own desires, human performances or even fear formations rises? Helmut Rittirsch not this question eludes. He reported honestly and completely unadorned by his own fears, especially those existential angst that had tormented him already as a young child and almost driven to despair. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Yet he knew that doing something happened and still happens, that fit into no human frame can be ‘. “” Exactly at this threshold are not to stay, but his fears, his desires to his dark side, seems to be the essential task and a must for all those here the dealing with superficialities “and human limitations” not more longer satisfied want, so Rittirsch. To do this, he continues to write: my goal is to show the reader how we much make us often in imaginary dead ends ‘ beta, without understanding the consequence or even the contradictions of this narrow points of view.

The dogma fails on its own cons and claims, which can get neither seen through, nor even maintain it yourself. because the Christian conservative thinking has always been the question dodging, who it anyway “is that the decisions here in us and makes a choice”. In the book the soul of God”you can read also, how does a Western thinker with Eastern wisdom in combination. In which direction it moves as a result, is rousing and exciting. Search for the desired context”, runs like a red thread through the whole book. “Keep the burgeoning insight, developed itself that the divine” approaches to the people in a completely different way and must be completely different. Helmut Rittirsch the soul of God by the immensity in the seeking of God ISBN 3-937568-73-5, 244 pages, 16.80, spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen. Author website:


A partnership is similar to an ecosystem in all its facets, in which individual components individually affect the overall system. ‘7 Days sex’ shows even parts of the ecosystem of the couples involved, does not explain the viewers, that an unsatisfactory sexual relationship represents an almost inevitable developmental step of couple relationships in General and the individual “pollution” cause that the displayed pair in its relationship to an impasse is reached. Instead of the participants assistance in dealing with their individual development tasks forces to give you two people in a bed, which perhaps at all want and glad are, when the TV crew a week is finally over. A lack of sexual desire or a deadened couple sexuality is not to cure “7 days of sex”, because it has causes that do not simply be remedied, it imprisons a pair with a camcorder in his bedroom. For lack of sexual interest are known as causes: sexual desire is part of the interpersonal communication system. Oracle: the source for more info.

Sexually to covet the partner not to covet, an important message in itself can apply, which actually has nothing to do with sexuality. The rejection of what your partner says or does can be so expressed by sexual rejection under circumstances that it is hidden and is thus acceptable. If my partner like an idiot behaves, not, dare I maybe directly criticize him, but the criticism in the form of a can with sexual denial Pack, which can be much harder to grab and is even socially accepted. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . Sexual desire is expression of our desire for binding. If a person has repeatedly violated his partner, it maybe still does and can not see or want to admit that he puts the partnership to a severe test with his behavior, then an inner process that begins in the partner of often in Affairs, Affairs or plain sexual denial is.

Sexual desire is not nurtured by bad sex, but erotic. Erotic but lives by the new, exciting and intimate. If what my partner do to me in the bed, is unimaginative, dispassionate, or even offensive, I will go such sexual encounters as possible out of the way. Many sexual encounters in German bedroom proceeding according to a destructive pattern that is not suitable to bind the partners together. Good sex is good for you. Bad sex is bad for you and can cause severe mental illness at its worst. What remains after “7 days of sex”? The viewer the unanswered question, he should draw what conclusions for its own relationship from this experiment and what is actually behind this. The columnist it before to have known the good feeling, the ratings should continue to lag behind expectations. The station an additional insight which programmes place in whatever form with which advertising can be. And on the participating couples certainly the interesting experience of this self-experiment participated to have the realization that 7 days the problems of their relationship assets not lasting solution to sexual intercourse and the realization that true life is perhaps even more complicated, as it provides the script. The 7 fatalsten misconceptions about human sexuality: Tobias N. Ruland, Munich

Mr Haider

drank alcohol that night? Why should the (to date) only known witness of the accident leaving the country? (the investigations were not set at this time!) Why are there conflicting statements in the media concerning the evenings by Jorg H. (Antenne Karnten”, Kronenzeitung”, etc.)? Why is the autopsy report not published, to start the attempt, the already heated conspiracy theories”to rebut? Why were the investigation discontinued already after two days? Why was an incontrovertible speedometer booth replaced 3 days later against a new, another unquestionable mileage? Why are there no more (independent) investigation of the Accident vehicle, in particular. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gary Kelly . for example the circular opening of the roof over the handlebar, the electronics – and why should the vehicle may promptly destroyed/scrapped be? Why is there a stop on investigation/reporting of the media? What was the secured site on the scene really? Why is lot of paper on the street, but not a Briefcase a? How many witnesses there really? -1 or 3 (according to NEWS “magazine)? What time was the chauffeur of Dr. Haider went now home? There is already proof that Haider has written whom an SMS while driving at 160 km/h? When was the exact time of death of Jorg Haider? Why was announced shortly after the accident, that alcohol as the cause of the accident can be ruled out? Where are the various small holes in the body, especially in the hood? Why know VW after more than a week still always, what material did not cause the hole in the roof, although the investigations have been completed and according to state law, everything should be clarified? (VW:) Concrete pillar’ or steel pipe”) why the firm to these facts in the further development of safety no interest what could so easily punctured the roof of their absolute pass to let VW shows? So why is she claiming osterr. Public Prosecutor’s Office, that there was no reason to publish the investigation report? Why could the witness left the country at a time, when the investigations were not completed? Why made further investigation without the consent of the family with regard to the blood alcohol content? So seems the police no report concerning the use in the city of Chandler”(three suspicious men at night at the door), the obvious spot was there? Was Jorg Haider shot and killed? On all these issues, one sees that very much is a public interest in the investigation of the accident Mr Dr. Jorg Haider. Because the people will no longer be lied to.

It expected answers. Namely, the whole truth and not Lies! And now to the criminalization of trials against those who objectively do deal with this accident. “” Most are outraged, that you as a Nazi “or as extremist” insulted when one asks questions. This insulting statements in the press are a clear violation against human rights and political practice. Every citizen has the right to ask questions and to receive honest and consistent responses, without right to be vilified! “Because otherwise it could happen someday, that these trashy leaves” no longer be bought, because you, not more seriously came in his right to freedom of information will only criminalized when it asks uncomfortable questions. Where are freedom of expression and press freedom, which is guaranteed in the Constitution there? Even if the media now argue that the questions to be pietatos is, the media have shone surely shortly after the death of Mr Haider with impious insults.

Puerto de la Cruz

Before our destination of Puerto de la Cruz, we leave the highway for a stop to look around in the beautiful village of Orotava. This “village” mountain a mountain village is not really due to its size. It has can keep itself but a charm in the old town, which necessarily should look at. There are many small cafes, narrow streets that rise partly very steep. Several churches invite you for a moment to find the inner peace. It is not only the city that is beautiful. It is also the views of the TEDE (volcano) and the coast, which became something special this place not only for the Explorer Humboldt a long time ago.

We left the place Orotava coast and drive on the motorway direction Puerto de la Cruz, to achieve this departure after 3 minutes drive away. The town of Puerto de la Cruz represents the completion of this tour description. He is the tourist centre par excellence on the North West coast of Tenerife. Most tourists who are not accommodated in the surfers will be your hotel here have. The location is ideal for tourists! A small port, a long promenade, directly on the coast, a manageable old town, many cafes, spacious pedestrian areas and much more. Puerto de la Cruz is an ideal place to have his holiday base in Tenerife. Important note: in the side streets, many small restaurants invite tourists to Spanish specialities as tapas.

Important to know: the further you get to the port, the restaurants are more favourable. We advise you therefore to the town’s central square to eat, because they eat can get significantly better prices as further from this place. Here ends our tour description about the North of Tenerife. We hope he enjoyed and could help in dealing with this island. Your Combipix team

Rice Recipes

Sticky rice is the food for on the road, because you can form it cooked like sandwiches and fill. Sticky rice is also suitable for cooking rice. Before cooking, letting the rice cool down then Saute it with the other ingredients. There are various sticky rice varieties. Most best you try different varieties, to find out which one tastes the best. Especially the round grain glutinous rice, which comes mostly from Viet Nam, is suitable for sweet sticky rice with coconut milk.

You can tell him clearly more grain the. Original recipe: sticky rice is washed thoroughly before cooking and soaked overnight in cold water. Then pour off the soaking water and the rice in a steam Cap made of bamboo or metal. Water is boiled up in a high frying pan or wok (the ground is cm with water about 2-3). Then it’s the steam attachment. In the bottom of the steam set must not touch the water.

The rice is steamed 15-20 minutes with the lid closed. Alternative preparation: 500 g glutinous rice in a pot and deliver it in the sink. Then water the rice 10 minutes, i.e. it will run permanent water in the pot to wash the starch from the rice. The water jet may have very little pressure so that only the water and not the rice from the pot is rinsed. Then the rice pour through a strainer and into a pot water Cook 15 minutes with 600 ml. Then the rice should have included completely the water. Now 15 minutes the rice leave, finished! Basmati rice basmati rice belongs to the category of “Fragrant rice”. This is because this is a very aromatic rice which gives off a delicious fragrance. In the name of this property is integrated, because basmati means fragrance. The basmati is a loose, long-grained rice from India, which is grown in the higher regions of the Himalayas.