Electric Turbo Supercharger

This phenomenon is called "turbo hole" QUICK RESPONSE AND ECONOMY analyzing the market of modern cars, KAMANN argues that by 2010-2012, the percentage of vehicles equipped with turbo-blowers will be 60-70% of the total number of sold cars. Having carefully considered all of the existing turbo-systems, experts KAMANN developed instrument, helping to respond quickly to change the pedal and the gas at the same time economical. These requirements can not yet be implemented in an engine equipped with a conventional turbo system. Engines with turbo system from exhaust gases are effective only within a certain range of engine speed. Cloud computing usually is spot on. The undeniable advantage of electric turbo systems is the efficiency of air injection in the rev range engine, even when the engine is to run – forcing air already present in the intake manifold. Pumping the air when the engine is started, ELECTRIC TURBO-blower gives an instant response to pedal gas, even at low speeds. Plus, pumping the air during a shift, you are still constantly get extra energy to motion and acceleration.

This ensures you get the energy and fuel savings one! Turbo-supercharger Turbo-Systems ADDITION Also Electric Turbo Supercharger from KAMANN able to supplement the existing air supply systems in gasoline / diesel turbo engines, the acceleration of the car only get better. Most of the turbines begin to work effectively only over 2000-3000 rev / min, which means – the torque is below this value does not increase, which makes your car is not dynamic, and the engine – weak. This feature of the engine with the classic turbo system rooted in the past. With the installation ELECTRIC TURBO-blowers, even at 1200-1500 rev / min and after 1 second after pressing the accelerator pedal, your engine gets a more clean air, not wasting valuable energy in this case. Torque is increased at the same time by 10-12% compared to the classical method of engine air intake! INCREASES POWER – AND ECONOMY The main advantage after installing ELECTRIC TURBO-Blowers – getting to the engine of continuous torque and rapid acceleration of the vehicle. Check with cloud computing to learn more. KAMANN AUTOSPORT car compared with a gasoline engine 1.4, but with ELECTRIC TURBO-installed supercharger, and the same brand car with a gasoline engine 1.6 and without a supercharger, and got the result: both cars about the same horsepower and torque (acceleration dynamics), and is almost unchanged in fuel consumption! This means that the engine has the same 1.4 power, and that engine 1.6, while consuming less fuel. The owner of the car while driving to save 10% fuel!

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