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Next Level Announces Exclusive Germany Cooperation With Swiss DJ Hero

With the turntable Queen DJ Acee is the next high-profile Act, under the umbrella of next level entertainment. In future, the Berlin artist agency supervised the internationally successful artist of exception now exclusively in Germany. The 29 played clubs all over the world and is regarded as one of the greats of their profession, for the likeable Swiss impresses not only with its appearance, but also extremely impressive Club mixing skills on the turntables. DJ Acee is exceptional and has the whole package as they say. She has the nose for trends, finds the wire to her audience in the Club, mastered their craft at the highest level, looks damn good and has charm without end. We look forward, to have a strong and innovative booking agency on board in Germany with next level entertainment.”so your manager of the CEO of nation music ( Marc Brandtner.

Also, the DJ, who is resident in the six most popular clubs of Switzerland on the collaboration is pleased: in Germany there are many clubs excellent reputation in which play many international superstars. For this reason, it is important for me to have a strong local partner. I found that’s the next level. Convince you long for her good work around their artists. In addition I will certainly also benefit from their large network. In any case I look forward to the next few months and the upcoming shows in Germany.” Anton Fassler, the Managing Director of next level entertainment, justified his decision to cooperate with the DJ as follows: I was lucky enough to see them live in the Switzerland and was extremely impressed with their exceptional show. Acee has music in the blood and how it conducted the audience knows. To get their savvy mixing skillz that she many male DJs simply pale look.

For me, it was clear: you must be well-known in Germany. You should keep so open the eyes and ears, for what comes in the future.” That DJ Acee in next time, for attention make, is now out of the question, because it is the new advertising face of Quiksilver women in Germany and will be so in a wide variety of campaigns of the originally from Australia, fashion labels. “We are pleased to welcome Astrid Meier alias DJ Acee as new Ambassador for Quiksilver women in Germany. Astrid fits perfectly into the philosophy of the collection and the brand Quiksilver. With their exceptional skills on the turntables and the natural passion of Thoroughbred artists she represents the spirit of the collection. 100% “says Quiksilver Marketing Manager Armin Weber ( DJ Acee stood in her career with DJs such as DJ scratch (EPMD), DJ revolution (wake up show), DJ Premier (Gangstarr), DJ Babu & Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), DJ Rob Swift, DJ total Eclipse and DJ cash money to the turntables and when Busta Rhymes, Fatman Scoop, Cali agents, THA Alkaholiks, or Samy Deluxe they threw the after-party. The DMC Swiss championships in 2007 and 2008, she was sitting in the Jury.Ihre of own sets consist of commercial HipHop, classic hip hop, r’n ‘ B, crunk, Funk and Raggaeton and are seasoned with a heavy dose of “Mixingskills”. She is co-founder and teacher of “DJ University” in Pfaffikon.

Microlearning: Smarter Learning Trend Makes For Better Grades

Case study: Student developed knowledge collaboratively with digital flashcards collaboration instead of elbow – learning in the Web 2.0 era of Aachen, August 16, 2010 Thomas M. (name changed by the editor) studied Business Informatics in the fourth semester at the University of Leipzig. You may find Stuart McClure to be a useful source of information. His life is currently learning, and once again learning”. About the digital flashcards learning platform for students and apprentices of CoboCards (, he learned that electronic flashcards for learning-intensive subjects are suitable and have led some to top marks. Intelligent learning with the Leitner algorithm of electronic flashcards? What exactly it is and they are as suitable for the exam? “wondered Thomas M. and then enrolled on CoboCards.

Before his final exam of winter term, he formulated gross question and answer cards. Despite low preparation time up to the upcoming exam, the student scored with the digital index card by CoboCards the good note 2.3. Learning with micro content on flashcards (also Microlearning called) had convinced him. In the following summer semester, he wrote his index card parallel to the lectures. At the same time he learned with the Leitner algorithm available in the platform.

This is according to the CoboCards CEO Ali Yildirim due to its intelligent focus very much in demand. As to internalize the cards, the algorithm of Thomas M. the cards put again in front of the nose. At five exams in the semester that was pretty exhausting”, he remembers. Also the writing of this time detailed maps was very costly, so that he, looked around in within the platform for a learning strategy and has been looking for. One for all, all for one”: to minimise top marks thanks to collaborative learning to time took advantage of the budding Wirtschaftsinformatiker the practical collaboration function of the platform and invited 13 fellow students together to make his already advanced sets of maps lerntauglich and to reap the benefits for their own exams. For the last finishing touches which were then Cross-checking with mutual query. Entirely in keeping with the examination and irrespective of the location corrected, supplemented, and commented the students all created maps. The result: Thomas M. has passed even the first two tests with flying colors. The one with 1.0, the other with 1.3 “, the student would be. And he expected a similar result for the next three tests. At least the Leitner algorithm when the current exam confirms this him. About CoboCards CoboCards was launched in January 2009 by Tamim Swaid, Jamil Soufan and Ali Yildirim headquartered in Aachen in life. CoboCards will highlight the advantages of micro learning (Microlearning) and pushes it in the age of collaboration. United as first, Internet-based and collaboratively usable learning platform for microcontent CoboCards learning with the advantages of Web of 2.0 primary objective is providing an intuitive platform, on which can be learned alone or in a team and taught. All learning processes take place online, there is no local installation required. Users can create virtual flashcards, correct, comment and online each query. In addition, there is the mobile addition for the Apple iPhone and all Google Android devices.