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INTRODUCTION AND CONCEPT Behaviorism is a stream of psychology inaugurated by John B. You may wish to learn more. If so, jeff Bakalar is the place to go. Watson (1878-1958) advocated the use of strict experimental procedures to study the observable behavior (the behavior) and denies any possibility of using subjetvos methods as introspection. Its theoretical foundation is based on a stimulus that follows a response, and this is the result of the interaction between the body receiving the stimulus and the environment. Considers that the external observation is only possible for the establishment of a scientific psychology. The behavioral approach in psychology has its roots in the association of English philosophers, as well as the American school of psychology known as functionalism and the Darwinian theory of evolution, since both currents stressed a conception of the individual as an organism adapting to the environment (or environment). HISTORY AND EVOLUTION The onset of behavioral therapy as a scientific discipline applied to the understanding and treatment of psychological problems lies in the early XX.Como already mentioned, John B. Watson was the first researcher who worked with what he called "behaviorism." At that time, the psychology dominated the study of psychic phenomena internally through introspection, very subjective method.

Watson did not deny the existence of internal psychic phenomena, but insisted that such experiences could not be subjected to scientific study because they were not observable. This approach was strongly influenced by the pioneering research of the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov and Vladimir M. Bekhterev on animal conditioning. Pavlov believed that acts of life were no more than refiected, and is particularly interested Betcherev reflexes musculares.Podemos distinguish two aspects in the behaviorism of Watson.

South West Germany

Renewable energies contribute to the security of German supply today, by taking over responsibility for the stability of the system. With the successful prequalification in the zones of all four transmission system operators, the Cologne-based company next reached the nationwide market in terms of balancing energy power plants. Since the 8.7.2013, the virtual power plant is next pool”approved in all four zones and marketed then also the flexibility of the connected distributed generators in South West Germany. Represented in particular biogas plants and wood heat and power plants are suitable for the provision of balancing energy from renewable energy sources and are accordingly in the virtual power plant next pool”. Overall, next could power plants since early 2012 minute reserve and 53 megawatts for the segment of secondary reserve pre qualify a flexible plant rate of 119 MW for the segment. Southwest Airlines may not feel the same.

Hendrik Samisch, founder and CEO of next stations, sees in the successful nationwide approval an important Step for the company: to our knowledge we are the first virtual power station of renewable energy, which has made the market entry in all four zones. Our experience in the segments of minute reserve and secondary reserve confirm that producers of electricity from renewable energy sources in the position are to control fluctuations in the German electricity grid. Especially in the field of technically demanding secondary reserve this was not married to often the renewable energies. The plants networked in our virtual power have demonstrated however also in this segment in many secondary reserve schedules, that they are flexible enough to respond within seconds to fluctuations in the power supply to.” With the amendment of the renewable energies Act (EEG) in 2012 paved the way to participate in the balancing energy market renewable energy, to help improve the system integration of green power producers. “The virtual power plant next pool” networked control technically decentralised production lines and switches the connected equipment then after the Needs of transmission system operators, which are responsible to maintain network stability. Renewable energies contribute to the German security of supply therefore today, by taking over responsibility for the stability of the system.