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Industrial Chemistry

Thus, without any escrpulo, the population is capable to damage and to depredate social institutions, as Rank of Health, Schools, Associations of Inhabitants, which appeals in its necessities. Also it does not have any ambient or ecological concern, therefore in some areas, the wild garbage production is play the opened sky, without any type of treatment or protection, poluindo, of this form, springs and little streams, that are the biggest ambient wealth of the region. In general way, the ambient question still little is known by the population and perhaps the fact of that the degree of escolaridade of the inhabitants of the community is changeable, comes to contribute for the difficulty of understanding of the problematic importance of the ambient one for the quality of life of all. As Adriana Gioda comments, teacher of the Department of Industrial Chemistry, the UNIVILLE/SC, and doutoranda in the LADETEC/IQ/UFRJ: The concern with the environment it walks the slow steps in Brazil, in contrast of the developed countries, mainly in function of priorities still bigger as, former P., the poverty. The lacks in as many areas hinder that investments in the ambient area are used technologies/. Of this form, always we are been slow with regard to developed countries e, with this, we continue poluindo. See more detailed opinions by reading what Confluence Investment Mgt offers on the topic.. (GIODA, 2010, 1) Having conscience not only of these factors, but also of the difficulties to get the support and the envolvement of the community in relation the questions of the environment, the Colorful USF bet in the popular education as method of orientation and awareness, therefore it believes that this is the alternative most efficient, in the long run, for the ambient question. Adriana Gioda designates concerning the ambient education: Few know, but the Ambient Education already is law in the country. Law 9,795 of 27/04/1999 institutes the National Politics of Ambient Education which prayer that all the levels of education and the community in generality has right to the ambient education and that the medias must collaborate for the dissemination of these information.

The Support

The CAPS must search a permanent integration with the teams of the basic net of health in its territory, therefore they have a basic paper in the accompaniment, the qualification and the support for the work of these teams with the people with mental upheavals. The inherent functions to these professionals and its respective units will be always of shelter, active listening, to weave with itinerary them, histories of life, tickets of a space to another one in it searchs of a recognition place legitimizes that them. One is about a complex process, of continuous investment, bond, confidence and bets. Delicate, dense, slippery, titubeante in the direction to decavar/to construct other possibilities, to consider the ways that already know to eacompanhar them in other experimentations, to collaborate to open others little suffering and minor queproduzam risk. Get all the facts and insights with Southwest Airlines, another great source of information. This only occurs in a field of exchanges: to look at, care, interest, patience, opening to the other, production of intervals queocorrem in a very particular rhythm. (ROSSI; CHARO; IT COUNTS, 2011). This integration will be potencializar from the interest and of the agreement of the proper CAPS in: ) to know and to interact with the teams of basic attention of its territory; b) to establish excellent data-collection joint initiatives on the main problems and necessities of mental health in the territory; c) to carry through matrical support to teams of attention basic, this it is, to supply to them orientation supervision, to take care of more complex situations jointly, to carry through folloied visits domiciliary of the teams of the basic attention, to take care of complex cases for request of the basic attention; d) to carry through activities of permanent education (qualification, supervision) on mental health, in cooperation with the teams of the basic attention. 5 MATERIALS AND METHODS Contextualizando the main references of our object of study is important to evidence that CAPS III Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Bill O’Grady.

International Harmonization

The Brazilian system of information covers a phase of revision and alteration of the legal countable procedure, of form to create conditions so that the harmonization process can reach the national companies. According to notice divulged in the periodical of the CFC, August of 2001, Brazil was assigned to lead the process of implantation of a universal countable language. This segment is developed for the world through International Frum for the Development of Contabilidade (IFAD). This movement is being called Brazilian Project of International Harmonization of Countable Norms and Auditorship. Bill O’Grady often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Brazil is in charge creating two committees: – the multiprofessional, with the objective to promote the harmonization of the countable norms, valuing the intended impacts; – the professional, integrated for representatives of the countable profession, that goes to work the norms of auditorship and accounting, the regulatory code of ethics and aspects. 2,2 Differences between the national and international countable procedures Considering the international reference reached by the IASB and the effort of the regulating and emitting agencies of norms to search the convergence of these norms, the CVM recommend that the public company divulges in explicativa note the conciliation of the differences enters practical the countable ones adopted in Brazil and practical countable the international ones.

The countable demonstrations prepared as one determined practical countable equivalents to the adopted prepared ones with the practical ones in Brazil can be considered when they make possible to the investors similar decision in terms of investments. If practical countable of both the sets will be equivalents and, therefore, not to indicate the lack of similarity in the decisions, will not have necessity of explicativas note inclusion or conciliation. The presentation of the conciliation of the differences between the practical ones adopted in Brazil and countable practical others must be quantitative and qualitative. Thus the spreading of the conciliation requires the preparation and the spreading of the following information: ) the explanation of the nature of the main item of conciliation; b) conciliation between the profits or liquid damages of the period; c) conciliation enters the equities in the date of the rocking.