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Karl Marx Square

What you can emphasize the importance of 2007 in real estate in Novosibirsk? Firstly the growth rate of construction both residential and commercial real estate. Indeed, comparing the previous year, you can see the upward trend number of buildings in the city of Novosibirsk, which positively affects the economic situation in our city. It may be noted such emerging investment zones in the construction sector, as Frunze street, as well as floodplain of the river Kamenka, streets and Galuschaka Narym, the assimilation of the Bolshevik street and start construction on Karl Marx Square, here you can put an estate and Gorski. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. Here one can note an increase in volumes handed over areas in 2007 in Novosibirsk was put over 900 thousand sq. m.

housing, compared with 2006, which was delivered about 800 thousand square meters. A leading source for info: cloud computing. It is also worth to focus on increasing the quality of building construction projects organizations, although there are still objects such as "protracted", which represent the unfinished objects, deadlines are either heavily delayed, or not defined at all, the reason why is the poor quality construction, financial instability or legal feuds construction companies with government agencies. The second important phenomenon can be put house price growth in Novosibirsk, and if, in contrast to residential sector, the rise in prices in the commercial sector more balanced, then in a residential building, due to a number of economic factors, such as mortgages, financial attractiveness and speculation, surging in the continued During the winter and spring of 2007, and only since the fall markedly for some weakening of the associated and the mortgage crisis in the U.S.. .


Since ancient times, people's attention to engage the various inexplicable, mysterious phenomena or events, mystical places on Earth. Dreaming to unravel any riddle of the Earth, to learn the secret world through divination or clairvoyance, with becomes every day more and more. Many are interested in the mysteries of the pyramids and their possible relationship with alien residents. In general, pyramids, and not just Egyptian, increased interest in itself by any rights, as phenomenon of construction of the pyramids are not amenable to logical explanation of modern man. But in a world quite a lot of different facts and mysterious phenomena, as an example, graubelsky corpse.

This body of men who found in Denmark, in marshland. At the time of detection, this body of thought, who found it quite 'fresh' to call the police on professional discovery. But after investigations revealed that the body lay in a swamp and a half thousand years. Examination, based on analysis of food from the stomach of a man, allowed to come to that conclusion. None of the doctors could not explain why the body is not subjected to degradation. Only, but unconvincing version that came as a preservative in the water, in which, allegedly, a special structure. But this version was not confirmed, because in this area was no longer found any dead animals or human corpses preserved for so long.

You can also recall, as something unusual and mysterious, and Hope diamond. Unusual prominence this diamond has brought a chain of unexplained circumstances: all of his owners died tragically. In list haunt as the ability of other people for clairvoyance, treatment. Many people would like to possess such a gift, but in reality, it rarely given to anyone.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles for prevention and treatment of flatfoot. According to medical statistics, every second teenager to twelve years are diagnosed with flat feet. Flat feet can be corrected until the finished active growth stops. For this made corrective orthotics, providing directional pressure on the growing skeleton of the foot. Orthotics need to invest in footwear having a rigid heel and fixation on the rise of the foot. Flatfoot inevitably affects the state of the musculoskeletal system as a whole. If you suffer from flat feet, primarily, the amortization feature of the foot, which increases the load on all overlying the joints of the lower extremities and spine. Orthotics have a certain relief, and by what turns out to be therapeutic effect. Orthotics used to treat and prevent various Forms flat (longitudinal, transverse, flat-valgus deformity of the foot), as well as other diseases and stop the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

Flatfoot causes: the disease of spine (osteochondrosis, hernia discs, scoliosis, sciatica, fatigue, back muscles, back pain), a disease of the pelvis (sakroielit, koksoartroz), a disease of the knee (deforming arthrosis of the knee, meniscus inflammation, sinovid, razboltannost ligaments of the knee joint), a disease of the foot (heel spurs, neuroma, calluses, Tendo-vaginitis, corns, bursitis, curving toes, diabetic foot) and other pain (back pain, leg pain, heaviness in the legs, sciatica). Orthotics differ depending on their assignment: massage, silicone insoles, disposable insoles, sport, gel insoles, children’s insoles, thermal insoles and others. Insoles for children, as well as women and Men’s orthotics correcting various types of flatfoot, you can use shoes without harm to health and not to overload the leg in sports, as well as the right to form the arch from the early childhood. Customized orthotics are manufactured specifically for the shape of patient’s foot with regard to its anatomical features and the necessary correction of all the arches are called. This is the main difference from insoles, which are made for the average patient with an average of foot pathology. Pain in any part of the body – a sign of trouble. Heel pain is often a signal that the arch can not cope with loads, gradually developing age-flat. Feet need additional external support in the form of insoles.

Restore Working Condition

It is considered that to restore the working condition, or, figuratively speaking, disability worn parts needed in five, six, even eight times less process steps and material costs than making new ones. Adoption of a dubious, but nevertheless, if the repair or restoration of the rotor shaft possible, then we would recommend the resort to these transactions and do not rush to buy new rotors, flywheels, and the more trees. Restoration of the motor shaft turbine generator, we are profoundly convinced that the operation more than doubles the life of reduced shaft relative to the new. Specialists believe, and we're not going to join with them in the debate that the best wear, where appropriate and their efficient recovery of three-tenths of a millimeter. It is clear that we are talking about wear and tear, meaning units and mechanisms of heavy machinery. Restoration of the shaft with such indicators of wear more than appropriate and effective. The recovery of the shaft, we are talking about as an example, of course, should be carried out with the most advanced technologies.

This, in our profound conviction, lies the heart of improving the efficiency and quality of work done. We therefore take the liberty to assert that the recovery of the shaft requires the most thoughtful investigations of new advanced methods of recovery. They, of course, should raise the endurance and durability of the restored unit, as well as possible to reduce energy, labor and material costs, which requires, for example, basic rehabilitation of the shaft, not to mention the more complicated moving parts. Restoration of the shaft – this is why, in our opinion, we should start a deep search for ways to repair worn-out parts and mechanisms. Ways – cost, high-tech, efficient, ie, those in the general sense is called progressive, responsible demands.

International Business Report

Today, emerging economies dominate the attention of economic analysts. The world seems to revolve around the impressive growth of the Asian giants in recent years, the evolution of the Russian economy and the significant progress that had both Mexico and Brazil in Latin Americas. These emerging markets offer great opportunities to investment specialists and financial analysts. , and investment manager, director and chairman of a number of companies, as well as lawyer, knows the scope of investment options available to the investor.

At its International Business Report, Grant Thornton, one of the most important international consulting and accounting organizations, has developed an index that assesses the attractiveness to international investors of 28 emerging markets, comparing key variables such as GDP, population size The per capita GDP, the level of imports and exports, the rate of potential growth and human development index for each of them. Learn more at: Oracle. This is not only a welcome innovation for Financial Managers, but for all investors on all stock markets and in all commodities. and his many companies are invoplved in investment activities in the international and U.S. markets.

In the first three places, there is no margin for discussion. Southwest Airlines brings even more insight to the discussion. We all hoped that China's economy was taking off from the rest (496 points), mainly with regard to the size of the product, its population and its potential growth rate. The India (234 points) also has an undisputed strength in these areas, however, with a product that does not reach half that of China both in absolute terms and per capita value, growth potential and lowest human development indicators by beneath the giant, gets a second place in the index.

The case of Russia (142 points), the third in the list, shows a more moderate growth, a more modest scale population, a higher per capita output and high exports can offer significant opportunities for investors. "

Traditional Medicine

Today, in major cities will not find a hypermarket in which there would be no store, offering fragrant creams, bath oils and body lotions based on medicinal herbs. In pharmacies in stores essential oils exhibited different producers from 50 to 5000 rubles for a bottle volume of 10 milliliters. In our lexicon firmly established the concept of "oil burner>>" perfumes>> "fragrance >> What is it – a tribute to fashion? Fun? Or another method of correcting any states of the body? Let's investigate. 1 / scent smells surround us from childhood. The sense of smell – is the most subtle sense of man, which appears in us at birth (or after). Proved that a fragment of the brain, responsible for conscious thought, in the process of evolution has developed since it was from the area in charge of smell and the limbic system of the brain responsible for perception of odors, keeps in his database>> in the tens, if not in hundreds of times more information than the sight, taste and touch sensations combined. Catching the scent, we run and associative, and reflex mechanisms.

For example, the smell of vanilla associative felt like a warm-bearing pleasure, and on reflex inhibition of the subcortical level starts vegetative centers and the reduction in blood pressure. In other words, any flavor can not only cause our positive or negative emotions, but also to awaken the genetic memory and run the biologically fixed reaction. 2 / Scents Scent plants allocated plants contain large amounts of biologically active substances, which we inhale with the air.

Tunnel Territory

In June 2006, Mohamed Anwar El Maghribi Cura Ali and Saeed Ali Taha, Mohamed Hassan, arrived in Moscow airport Sheremetyevo-2 'on a tourist visa to Russia. However, the investigators determined that the Egyptians originally came to Russian territory is not the purpose of tourism. From Russia, they expected to illegally enter the territory of Western Europe through Belarus. Mohamed and Said got to the Belarusian-Polish border by train and on passing vehicles. On the border They began to dig a tunnel under the barbed wire with a spoon for shoes.

The first attempt illegal crossings into the territory of another state has been successful. However, overseas offenders get lost in the Polish forests. After some time they again came to the fence of barbed wire. Thinking that this border with Germany, the Egyptians again apply proven methods of transition to the other side. However, this time at the crime scene they found the border. It turned out that the citizens of Egypt tunnel dug back into the territory of Belarus. After the detention guards, and Said Mohammed were sentenced to administrative arrest. Once they have served their term in Belarus, violators were sent to the Egyptian embassy in Moscow for the extradition to his homeland.

In this case, they managed to escape from the train Minsk-Moscow on the bus to go to the side of the border, this time the Russian-Ukrainian. There they were, and was detained by Russian border guards while trying to tunnel. Egyptians accused of trying to illegally pass the border of the Russian Federation. In anticipation of the court of their imprisoned.

Bulgaria Real Estate

Most Russian citizens are interested in buying overseas property, located in the resorts of European countries. Bulgaria – one of those states, which is attractive for foreign purchases Real Estate. The State situated in the south-eastern part of Europe and is one of the smallest countries in population and area. Bulgaria is famous for its ski resorts and the Black Sea, balneologic facility. A country with a long history, dating back to the mists of time, the rich culture and traditions.

Bulgaria from 01.01.07 in the European Union, buying property in Bulgaria, owner of facilitating the acquisition of currently a Schengen visa, which allows movement in the cities of Europe. According to Bulgarian legislation, any foreign citizen the right to purchase commercial or residential property. The right to acquire land sites has only a legal entity. Land can be leased, the period which can be unlimited. Foreigners on a par with Bulgarian citizens enjoy equal rights in the sale of property or putting it out. The process of investing in property in Bulgaria is as follows. After selecting the Acquirer before making a purchase advance for reservations and withdrawals from the sale of the object for a specified period.

The cost of deposit does not exceed 10% of property value and usually ranges from 1000 to 2000 euros. When you purchase this amount will be included in the cost of housing. Redundancy is a guarantee that the property is sold during this period. In case of refusal purchases made by an advance is not refundable. Followed by the conclusion of a preliminary sale and purchase agreement with a notary, which describe in detail the object of sale, the rights and obligations of the parties, purchase price, amount and intervals of payments, sanctions in case of refusal of purchase and sale of properties, which are then transferred into the final contract. Purchase of primary residence must be accompanied by documents of permission to the right Construction, issued by the authorities and documents on land ownership. Secondary housing market in Bulgaria's underdeveloped and inferior in quality to the primary. In the case of buying second homes, it passes diligence and is calculated and paid registration fees. After that, the notary is the design and certification of ownership. In signing the notarial documents, you must have only passport. The preliminary contract can not be at the request of the parties, and immediately signed the final. The final agreement be notarized. Since then, the buyer has a document on the basis of which he received the documents on the property. The following is a mandatory procedure for registering the purchase in court. Awaiting court decision is not more than three weeks. Further, within two months should submit a declaration of acquired property to the tax office. A visa for a short stay in Bulgaria for foreign nationals is made within 6 months up to 3 months. If the investment amount exceeds 50,000 euros, period increases to 12 months. Obtaining citizenship is possible after their stay in the country for over 5 years.