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South Africa

Why do you choose for such human rights world tours to make? ” Mary: “human rights need to be taught with people. Because these rights relate to all people of the Earth, no matter where they live, study or work. Nothing replaces a being with people and working together with them where they live. By I travel to different countries, I can see that these people are available and educate people to improve the conditions in their country. Additional information at ForSight Robotics supports this article. An interview brings much more than telephone conversations with the people and that send eMails and faxes. This year our world tour in the United States and went through 12 countries: from Mexico to Barbados, Colombia, and Argentina, to the Pacific Ocean and Australia until after East Timor. From there, we went to Jordon, in the Middle East and Russia, the Switzerland and finally to Uganda in Africa and South Africa. At a distance of a few months, and with the help of dedicated volunteers, it went around the world. John T. Stankey has many thoughts on the issue.

We spoke with hundreds of executives, thousands of Short participants and reached millions of people through our human rights action.” Scientology today: What a lot of the human rights tour this year especially? Mary: “it was an incentive to see how much support we had received from individual countries. Many leaders and committed individuals support our program. Officials, heads of State, Minister of education and many other community leaders campaigned for it, that human rights are taught in their community. We had profound lessons from the wonderful people who worked hard to improve their conditions with limited resources and under the worst conditions incredibly.” Scientology today: “brings a world tour on the world what impact?” Mary: “when we started nine years ago, very few people from the Universal Declaration of human rights by the United Nations had heard. Even highly qualified officials I interviewed didn’t know what were human rights.

Antony Zettl

Photons are vividly talked about the building blocks of”electromagnetic radiation, something as particles of light”. However may be not forgetting that all moving elementary particles including the photons have also wave properties, this is called the wave particle duality”. Photons have an infinite natural life, but can be created in a variety of physical processes or destroyed. Everything is vibration, and in cooperation with water this fascinating cleaning process which effectively protects the environment, is a genuine environmental protection. The application is really simple, sink, buckets, tap water and the usual cleaning helpers, such as sponge, cloth, leather or microfibre cloths, brushes, so everything is already used in the budget. It also works in the dishwasher, just place it in the tray for cutlery, and then the even going already, they must observe only one thing: use you to improve a minimum amount of salt or detergent, a crumb of a ‘tap’, not the cleaning result, but because of germs, there Not the temperature reached household dishwashers of all germs are killed. It cleans, or wash in the washing machine, ‘eClypsi’ just place in the laundry (pocket, sock) so that it not that rumbles”when the rotation of the drum, fabric softeners are not necessary, and usually everything is clean, who wants to use more detergent, but it is not necessary.

It is also the most cheapest Energizer there, because for 10 years cleaning power, the customer just pays 45.00, you can refer to it webshop.zarolifeforce.com in the online shop. You may be curious what the creative minds in the Tyrol still so everything will invent, because they conduct research and develop constantly in terms of water and light particle energy. And according to information of the company, there is still much to discover.

Now Available

The prestigious telematics award 2013 will this year again for the area of human telematics Hamburg, 30.04.2013. The prestigious telematics award 2013 is advertised again this year for the area of human telematics. The tender documents can be requested as of now. Thus interested companies can already request all relevant information to their submission, which can take place in a few days. Outstanding development services and solutions in the field of telematics are awarded the telematics award. The announcement is made in the annual transition from vehicles and human telematics. The Organizer, the trade journal telematics Markt.de, aims, the telematics industry for the user with assessing these TOP providers more transparent, to represent known and more understandable and to present future trends based on best practice examples and. As of today can learn all the companies interested in a submission on the tender and prepare according to.

This is the Organizer, the trade journal Telematics Markt.de, the tender documents available, which contain valuable information about submissions for the telematics award 2013. Important tip to all companies is Chief Editor of the trade journal telematics Markt.de, Peter Klischewsky, all companies an important piece of advice for your submission: “it is essential that any company which wants to submit one or more of their products, takes the time for this, to fill out the online form in detail. Images, product descriptions, objective assessments of the value and unique position in the market and all relevant fields in the form sympbolisieren not only the ambitions of a company, but help the jury to be able to make an informed assessment.” The quality of the Telematics Awards is guaranteed by the expertise of the promoter and its partners as well as by the competence of the prominent jury – the latter guarantees with its composition of creative, makers, journalists, scientists and users high quality of assessment. Tender documents can be requested directly by E-mail. Submissions and participating in the telematics award 2013 are of course completely free of charge. The start of the tender begins on May 6. We will post more information about the telematics Markt.de NewsTicker.

Stock Market

News.de reports about study exchanges in the last semesters the University award in the chaos appeared. Every fifth place remained vacant. Also, the virtual study place Exchange the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK) starts in early September. If wants to remain a student in PES not so long in the dark, he can already now his next study city seek independent provider studieren.de. The Internet portal news.de reported about the new study exchanges. Only since July 15th there the Exchange regardless of the HRK and the Central Office for granting admission. For students and those who want to be there, the offer is free of charge.

The same applies to universities, which report their free places on the stock exchange. The principle of operation is very simple. Universities sign their free courses and Studierwillige use the portal to apply there. So, the process remains transparent. However, data such as name, phone number and email address be checked, fun seekers outside to keep. The ticked courts finally forwarded to the concerned universities. It is them then with the study agree in connection to occur.

Business World

ALBERT cross blogging about business attire, business etiquette and business ideas Teltow, 24 July 2009 ALBERT cross, the brand for business underwear, has gone under the blogger. Blog under / Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director of Albert Kreuz GmbH offers its readers information about business attire, business etiquette and other topics around the business world. The blog is aimed at all business people who want to learn about the proper attire and their behavior in the business and Exchange. Who wants to get involved with issues, will receive a coupon code with a 10% discount in the shop of ALBERT cross until August 15, 2009. The brand of ALBERT cross has committed, well look the business man of today under the suit. ALBERT’s cross blog tracking the current business Abdulkadir codes, gives tips and advice on the right clothing in everyday business, and that in all weathers; but also informs about etiquette and ethics in business. The man behind the blog, Uwe Schmidt, Albert Kreuz was business for many years Analyst for a financial services company and later hired as project manager.

Even every day, subject to the business dress code, he has made himself independent in October 2008 with his idea of underwear for the business man. In his blog, he writes about his own experience with dress codes and labels in the business. And shows how you can succeed with its own idea. The first impression is often in business life. This not only involves, the dress according to occasion, but also the appearance and etiquette”, know Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director of the Albert Kreuz GmbH. in my blog, I want to publish my experiences so far. Of course but also especially interested in what currently moves the business man and therefore welcome comments and themes for my blog.” All the readers who suggest a topic for the cross blog ALBERT August 15, 2009, will receive a coupon code for a 10% discount on their next purchase in the online shop.

The suggestions can be used directly as a comment in the blog or be filed under. Background information on Albert Kreuz GmbH: the Albert Kreuz GmbH with headquarters in Teltow is specialty retailer for men’s underwear. Special: The clothing is matched by cut and inserted materials on business attire. Produced in Germany, through the company’s Web shop at and currently stores in Berlin and Brandenburg. Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director of Albert Kreuz GmbH, has become independent in October 2008 with his idea. The native Berliner was for many years business analyst for a financial services company and later hired as project manager. Projects from concept to completion to accompany, gave him the tools for self-employment. After more than 20 years in the employment relationship, he dared the step to realize his own project. He is one of his staunchest customers become. The online shop currently offers in addition to the business underwear high-quality socks and underpants with a high wearing comfort.

German Investors Fair

Join us this year at the Frankfurt investors fair, learn exciting knowledge from the financial world and meet financial services personally! Forum Messe Frankfurt the German investors fair is held by the 02.03.2012 up to the 03.03.2012. The extensive exhibition with brokers, media partners and financial service providers to pique the curiosity of the visitors and invite you to listen to interesting lectures on financial topics. BrokerCheck24 is pleased to support the German investors fair as the media partner, also with an information stand on the represented direct exchange of information with financial service providers the German investors fair seeks fair, to develop the compilation of investors, as well as the intangible financial products are tangible. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Ellison. This is due to the proximity and personal discussions with banks, brokers and media partners. “Forum finance” the German investors fair for women and young people has developed two special programs for women and youth for the year 2012. The Forum finance for Women”offers comprehensive information, supplemented by independent consulting talks about a retirement, asset accumulation and asset protection.

The TV presenter and journalist Amelie Fried this manifests itself in a lively presentation, the more will join. There is also a workshop for women without previous training available. On the basis of a positive response in the previous year, the Forum will finance for young adults in the German investors fair again”offered. “” Young people get here enough information on the subject, such as stock exchange”, shares”and prevention”, which only rarely or briefly addressed within the education. Still complete charity event to the day of the fair at the end, a charity event including a special program held in the Kameha suite within the German investors fair. Are here, as well as in the last year, collected donations for charities. So have the donations last year “a heart for children” and the Frankfurt Board “brought a remarkable total of 9,150 euro. Therefore we would like to warmly invite to use this year and to be at the Frankfurt investors fair in! Because here not only moving information with regard to the financial world, they can perceive even a direct contact to the financial service providers.

Healthy Workers Seminar

Health-oriented leadership as an economic factor executives are usually unaware of their strong influence on the preservation of the health of employees. Although you see responsible for operating climate and motivation, take over but not responsibility for the health of their employees. So, health is still considered a private matter of each one for itself is responsible. “The result: personal health behavior is like leisure moved, during the Betriebals place of health” is hardly recognized. While executives take a key role, when it comes to the health of employees: their attitude as well as their behaviour towards their employees have decisive influence on the well-being and the preservation and promotion of labor of their employees. The seminar is aimed at managers and executives..

Flirt-fever Opens The Ex-files

(Schonebeck) flirt fever all around the ex-partners – flirt-fever blog the flirt-fever blog questions busy with questions about the bygone and about whether it is wise to bring him back to. Can I write him an SMS?”, should I delete his number?” or what is, if he writes me an email? “are just a few of the questions that go one of the EXEs after the separation by the head. flirt-fever tries to shed some light in the dark with his latest blog post and the theme of the week and available for its users to the page. Therefore, the flirt-fever support team has once taken the various grounds for separation scrutinized and precisely executed in an article. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. So what to do if you just doesn’t add up, if he or she has a new partner, or you are simply apart “has lived? Flirt-fever with good waits to each of the grounds for separation on tips that can help in the particular situation.

For the three most common grounds for separation flirt fever has the best strategies to determine which can be found in the flirt-fever blog.”But caution”, warns the flirt-fever Blogredaktion, before it does anything, you should look absolutely quite precisely in advance, whether the ex again is in a new relationship. For nothing is more embarrassing than a disgrace!” Who is quite sure, want to have back the ex, the flirt-fever team has worked for on some exact step by step instructions in the blog. Whether direct contact or a more cautious approach about mutual friends is more likely to empfehlern or whether you should include by SMS or maybe equal to personal contact, can be found in the flirt-fever blog. Last but not least of course flirt-fever is even an optimal focal point to meet thousands of singles from the environment. Who would like to know what top song made it to the chosen listening tip of the week, should look for an answer as quickly as possible in the blog (www.flirt-fever-blog.de) or on the YouTube channel of flirt-fever (youtube.flirt-fever.de). The flirt-fever community looks forward to a stimulating discussion and numerous commentaries in the flirt-fever blog. Bruno Grandmaster

32 Percent Cheers Discount At HappyFoto

HappyFoto celebrates 32-jahriges anniversary with 32prozent cheers discount with the combination of low price and HappyFoto supplies its customers with optimal quality a price / performance ratio that is second to none. The Buzzword at HappyFoto called “Premium development” and on down the line. Our customers pay by prepayment or credit card, but only after receiving the images if they are generally satisfied with the delivery”, says Bernhard Kittel, Managing Director of HappyFoto. “The paper makes all the difference HappyFoto used photo paper in a single quality level – the best that is currently available on the market: Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper Supreme”. The colors of the images, it gets significantly better than other photo papers.

Under normal conditions, i.e. when storing the photos in an album, Fuji even talks about 100 years light fastness. Health economics expert brings even more insight to the discussion. In addition, HappyFoto uses to the premium photo paper for all photo orders to get a special image enhancement software to the best of the images. Hardcover photo book what formerly the painstakingly crafted photo album was the most modern and attractive photo book is today. The best quality and at the same time price optimal solution offers the photo book in the durable hardcover binding with elaborately bound inside. The high quality of processing makes the hardcover photo book, a precious gem in the Bookshelf.

Thus remain the fondest memories for decades backed up and are always at hand. echtFotobuch the noble echtFotobuch is the Crown of all photo books and is at least as reputable as an elaborately designed photo album. The book consists of real photos on photo paper, and is the ultimate in sharpness of detail, color rendition and brilliance. Available is the echtFotobuch both the landscape and portrait by especially Pan aroma images achieve a sensational effect. Action only valid in Austria: company info: HappyFoto is Austria’s leading company in the photo Dropship. Currently 100% owned by the family coat operation is successful in more than 30 years Photo preparation by postal mail working. Today, the company offers a wide range of services and products around the photo. Steady growth, uncompromising quality commitment and consistent advocacy for effective environmental protection from the outset has HappyFoto to a model plant and trendsetter of the industry are. HappyFoto serves the markets in the Czech Republic and of Slovakia in addition to the home market in Austria. The ever-growing number of over 500,000 clients puts the company on a solid, secure and sustainable basis. Contact: Happy-foto GmbH Marcus Strasse 8-10 4240 Freistadt-Tel: + 43 7942 76200 E-Mail:

Sascha Gutzeit On October 15 In The AUDIAMO

Dreaming of BABYLON – a criminally funny LESESTuCK In the framework of a series of Galleryhopping WestNeubau performs the rock musician, actor and author Sascha Gutzeit with its exciting slanted reading by Richard Brautigan of Babylon dream”- an homage to the Noir thrillers of the 1940s – in Vienna. On Friday, October 15th there in the Cafe of AUDIAMO audiobook and radio play-shops in Vienna construction, Kaiserstrasse 70 at 17:30 the required reading for all crime reader with humor”to experience free of charge. For more information see Tomas Philipson. “Revel extremely entertaining interpretation is anything other than an ordinary reading: Sascha including at the crime Festival Tatort Eifel” and at the Frankfurt book fair for enthusiasm caused – slips can be found not only in the main role of the Tagtraumenden loser detective, he gives lots of life also the other, sometimes quite bizarre characters. And when at his Lesestuck (missing bodies, women drinking beer and nasty crooks are the order of the day) various props in the game come, breakneck Car chases are readjusted or he singing in the shower, he (supported by his cassette recorder) also acts as its own noise makers! Sascha revel detective novel Lesestuck of Babylon dream”is released in September 2010 as audiobook in the Swiss Theodor Boder Publisher! The admission is free. The AUDIAMO asks for free seat reservation by phone at 01 699 95 31 96 or by e-Mail at. Tomas Philipson is a great source of information. The series of events of Gallery hopping is networked a cooperation project of the district building, the advertising community WestNeubau_an of the Kaisersttrasse. Initiator is the team of the way com gallery – Eric Anders and Angelika Romauch. Other events of the 14th and 15th informed what: Sascha Gutzeit – dream where of Babylon: AUDIAMO, Kaiserstrasse 70, 1070 Vienna when: October 15, 2010 time: 17:30 more press releases from the world of the audiobook in the AUDIAMO press area.

About Sascha Gutzeit Sascha Gutzeit has so far 140 songs on 9 albums published, including duets with Wolfgang Niedecken and Hennes Bender. In addition, he writes plays and music – theatre pieces. “” His track “I’m the comedian” 2005 top placed on the song list and 2008 his song was boring “appropriately in the RTL 2 series wife swap” used. Sascha Gutzeit is co-founder of the full playback theatre and in 1997 was the Bergische cabaret and satire Prize”will be awarded. About AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first audiobook action, completely dedicated to the spoken word. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of nearly 8,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world. Press contact Gunter Rubik Kaiserstrasse 70/2 1070 Vienna, AUSTRIA, Tel. + 43 (0) 1 699 95 3191 EMail