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Before we talk about all the delights of rss people unfamiliar with it, let me say a few words about the birth of the idea of a holiday in RuNet. In May last year in the Russian segment of the web was a study whose aim was to find out: how close users are familiar with rss. The results were disappointing – only about 300 people from 3,500 respondents were active users of rss. A little over 700 people heard about the technology, but do not use it. All the rest – not sleep, nor spirit. Russian-speaking users of rss have decided to rectify this unfortunate misunderstanding and conduct educational program for the uneducated. And there, staring, and afford the use of the system. Attention active users to rss! Skip the next paragraph, he – for beginners. Abbreviation rss is translated to English means "a very simple information dissemination." Looking ahead, we dare to assure that it is indeed a "very simple". After all, information from resources that are signed by the user, automatically gathers and organizes a special program. The use of which, incidentally, is carried out almost intuitively – this offers a convenient and practical interface. One click – Subscribe to the rss, the second – run the program. Voila! Now you know all the updates you are interested in blogs, forums and news resources. In the rss as a rule, a brief description of the text and a link to the full version. Thus, one of the major advantages of rss – the ability to choose the necessary information and does not depend on the will of Internet advertisers. Agree, banners and all kinds of animation – perhaps the main irritant Factor website. So, thanks to rss, you will get rid of melteshaschey advertising and save time. Most of the browsers, email clients, programs for mobile devices and instant messengers used in the present currently supports rss. The most convenient way to read information sent out via rss – to use sections of sites that support this newsletter. Such as Bloglines (), (), Google Reader () and Yandeks.Lenta (). On each of them, incidentally, there are manuals for the rss, written in simple and accessible language!

World Wide Web

The most desired should be placed so that when reading view user's nothing extraneous is not distracted and worried. People will appreciate that the creation of the site took place with concern for their comfort. Then the information will be available to customers, and your team have to work with already someone who is knowledgeable about the most important aspects of the company and has already pleased with how it works. That the site is not wild site of your company – is its facade on the Internet, a tool to help maintain a good reputation among Internet users. (As opposed to VMWare Integrations). Of course, such an important element of your image should not be ignored. News, articles, prices, information on stocks – a timely manner updating all of this should be taken care of. Even if you have a modern, dynamic and reliable company, people who can become your customers will not understand, seeing the news a year ago and the old price tags. Must say that the development of the site actually does not end at its premiere in the network. (Similarly see: MasterClass UK).

Site without the support is gradually becoming a neglected and ineffective, because using it in this form it was like coming to the business meeting in the old and tattered costume winning move will publish detailed information about the cost of your goods and services and to keep the updates. Although many for various reasons, shun such a policy, genuine openness always like the client, are able to quickly sort out the issues of your range and your rates. If prices are not available, may give the impression of the company as an unreliable partner with the "floating" rates, but if the price is in the public domain, you have nothing to fear – the customer saves time and you will receive is aimed at acquiring your customer's product. Briefly summarize above, the best site to site with regulated mechanisms of information transfer, an intuitive, full of useful information and has an attractive design. Most likely, there will be no room Heavy design "delicacies." You got the idea to be submitted to the World Wide Web – so all the efforts of your company should be directed to the creation of just such a site. And it is such a site, a beautiful and thoughtful, you can create a good reputation and open up new horizons for your business.

Archi Rossi Hostel

It is located in one old factory that has been recovered and has elevators, the corridors are very ample and is an adapted bath totally for exclusive use of disabled people. Next to the Kronobergsparken park, in Stockholm, is located the STF/HI Fridhemsplan. Totally it is equipped and it has three rooms adapted in the first plant (the building has elevator). There is also a bath adapted for disabled people and it is possible to be acceded to the inn by means of an incline in the entrance (the incline is not permanent). For more information see this site: Confluence Investment Management LLC. Finally, the last inn that emphasizes HostelBookers finds in Florence and Archi Rossi Hostel is called. One is an inn with a decorated artistic touch with fresh tuna painted by students and local artists.

He is centric and she is to only 3 minutes of the station Santa Maria Novella. The building has inclines and elevators, the shared rooms are accessible for people in wheelchair and in each plant there is a bath adapted for disabled people. Click Blackberry to learn more. Some of the private rooms also are adapted. This selection has been made specifically to celebrate the Day the International of the People with Incapacity, but HostelBookers has many other properties in different destinies from world-wide level with adapted facilities for disabled people. – AIM – About HostelBookers HostelBookers.com founded on March of 2004 with soothes in the United Kingdom, is one of the companies online leaders in lodging of low cost. It offers an ample range of lodging including youthful shelters, inns, hotels, you see & breakfast and apartments in more than 3,500 destinies at world-wide level..


Blog – a convenient way to convey to his readers useful and interesting information to share thoughts, find like-minded, and perhaps even friends. People such as David Fowler would likely agree. Now blogging is a very fashionable and as the audience becomes a powerful tool used for advertising and promotion of anything. * As a rule people who decide to create a blog, are divided into two categories: 1st – those who want to earn money; * 2n – those who want to share some information, experience, etc. * If you belong to the first category, then you should consider the following: To earn a living at it will have to pay quite a lot of blog attention. a>. * Serious blog will require investment. You needed funds for audience analysis, buying links, articles, search engine optimization. At the initial stage it may engage a third-party company or yourself, but as they grow will need to create their own team. * First profit blog can be given only after 6-12 months, and even more.

So if you thought that by posting a few posts per week and paying blog for an hour, twice a day, you can earn decent money, then it is not. * If you are the second category, we consider such nuances: You really have to love to write. * Your office should be interesting, if only a narrow circle of people. * You also need to promote a blog to read it not just you. 🙂 This is perhaps the main points on which attention should be paid when you create a blog. So think, and whether you want it to you. And then your blog will become the next litter, which so many now online. Success in endeavors.

Exchanging PayPals

The popularity of PayPal payment system in post-Soviet space is growing steadily. In particular, its growth accelerated when Russia came in a major international auction site eBay, the official payment system PayPal, which is. However, as the most popular system among its users are beginning to raise questions about how to update your account, exchange, and what you can exchange PayPal. In order to illuminate the answers to these and other questions, we decided to write this article. So, to start, briefly tell you about what it represents PayPal.

PayPal – is one of the oldest and most popular payment systems in the world. She founded in 1998 in America. In 2002, the payment system PayPal was bought by eBay, and today operates more than 190 countries, serving over 160 million of its users. In the cis countries, PayPal came in 1998. Learn more about this with Adam Portnoy. Positioned by PayPal, a secure debit payment system that, in speaking in plain language, means: 'you pay the regular plastic card, but the numbers do not show it to anyone. " The main advantage of PayPal, is, of course, is that with its help, you can easily pay almost any online shop in the world. Likewise, it is worth noting the high level of system security, as well as the internal converter of national currencies, which virtually eliminates national barriers when using it.

And of course same with PayPal, you can make purchases on eBay. In an exchange of PayPal from countries of the former Soviet Union, remember the following: 1) If you open an account with PayPal, and as the country you have indicated one of the cis countries, the only way Replenishment of this account is a classic or a virtual card Visa / MasterCard. Replenish your account by other means (by means of another e-currency exchange, for example: Yandex on PayPal, or transfer from another account to yours) you can hardly succeed, because your account is blocked for receiving payments. 2) Exclusively for reasons of your safety, we recommend to carry out exchange operations, in particular the exchange PayPal to other e-currency, use the proven bureaux de change, rather than private money changers. If you do not know where these can be found, look at the automatic monitoring of heat exchangers – they can help you find a reliable and exchange. 3) Be prepared to the fact that the exchange of PayPal – it's not instant. That is, as a rule, exchange offices, and private money changers make deferred payment (HOLD) on transactions with PayPal, which lasts from 1 to 7 business days. This measure is aimed at ensuring the safety changing. 4) Also, be prepared and to the fact that for the first time, a large amount (more than $ 300) you are unlikely someone will swap. So if you find exchange, which by all parameters you're comfortable, try to work only with him. For as this work, your limits will increase. So, in order to make an exchange PayPal, well, for example, in the direction of PayPal to Liberty Reserve, simply go to the website monitoring Magnetic-Money.ru, indicate the currency you want to exchange as well same currency in which you want to discard, and then click on 'Find the best rate!'. The system almost instantly generate a list of trusted exchangers working in this direction. If your account registered outside the cis, the input of money by PayPal in absolutely the same scheme, which is why in detail to paint it will not. Successful and reliable exchanges of you!

Security Office

Online shopping continues its upward path and become the preferred way for consumers to meet needs and interests. However you should bear in mind that it is our responsibility as consumers know those essential aspects that will make our online purchase a satisfying experience. Some of them may be very obvious, but experience shows that it is in the simplest, where the dissatisfaction occurs. Pay attention! Learn and act with responsibility are the obligations of the consumer online, see to make secure purchases online. Time is essential to compare brands and products, benefits, pricing, warranties, after-sales customer service. Today’s consumer has the responsibility to be informed. Internet common sense makes more efficient our resources but it is not an NGO, no one gives nothing, keep that mind when purchasing any product or service whose price is far below the market average.

It investigates the brand, the website, wary! Virtual stores care abroad, the laws in force in relation to commercial transactions, or privacy, may be totally different. If you are interacting within the European Union, you can find out in the Embassy or CEC (European consumer centre) security uses always based e-commerce on your purchases by Internet services. Virtual stores as electronic commerce platforms must ensure the safety of navigation for the user. To access the section where you enter personal data to a virtual store check the website’s URL begins with https (secure server) evaluates the opinion of other users a very good technique to meet the store before making a purchase over the Internet, is in observing the testimonies and opinions of other users, in independent platforms to any store as the efficiency of the recommendation today specifically on e-commerce sites is total. Interaction with other users we can get new concerns that share with the store.

Conditions of the product, good or service companies have an obligation to inform about all the conditions arising from the hiring of a service or the purchase of a product. Delivery payment invoice warranty know them, understand them and ensure that they are reasonable, is a responsibility of today’s consumer. Passwords protect the digital world requires high levels of responsibility. There are many virtual stores that have established a registration system to make a purchase. For even more details, read what Adam Portnoy says on the issue. If you have to do it, follow the rules of choice of passwords for social networks or emails. Use complex passwords of at least 8 characters containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols, also make sure exit completely from the site by closing the session if you encounter from a terminal or device not safe. Measure the reputation of the brand in the present time analyze the career and influence of a virtual store is as simple as making a couple of clicks. Before submitting any personal information or banking, make sure that the Web site where is the virtual store is really brand. Interact with store confidence that stems from social interaction between brands and customers, is not an exclusive advantage of social networks. It uses the area of questions and queries, to contact the store. If a store does not respond to a potential customer making a prior consultation to a purchase, what can we expect in the after-sales service shop? Other recommendations. If questions you or problems contact the surfer Security Office, it is a free service that will help you in your first steps. your shopping experience can be very useful for other people, either positive or negative, share it on common sense, responsibility and training the keys to a safe purchase by Internet

Create Clients

Since we have already commented in some occasion, the name of your company is one of the most important elements of your business. He is directly tie to your mark and must become your better business card. If you want that your name is excellent and that produces the effect that you look for in your clients, you must know what there is to consider so that the final result is the wished one. Next you can see a simple process of 4 steps that can ayudarte at the time of creating the name of the business of your dreams: 1. – It defines the Premises: first of all, you must remember very all the things that can influence when you decide to create your name. It aims in a paper which is really important: 1.a. – Ten in account the people to whom you go and that forms your market: who are, how they are, what looks for, what type of language uses, etc.

1.b. – It remembers at any moment what is what beams and what products or services you sell your clients. 1.c. – It thinks about your style, in how beams the things and as you position yourself against the competition (because you are different). Your personality is a factor that must be present in the relation with your clients. 2.

– A Brainstorming Realises: ponte hands to the work and you do brainstorming (storm of ideas) with a group of employees or friendly. You do not put any restriction. Simply, lnzate and points so many names as your imagination is able to generate. It deepens in less pretends, explores any route that leaves the conventional thing. For more information see Phil Vasan. You are not scared, of the strangest contributions usually they leave the best results. 3. – It evaluates the results: now, it is the moment for taking all the names that you have been able to suggest and to pass them through a series of filters with the purpose of to go quedndote with which they fit better in your objectives.

Best Ready Websites

Tiger protects resolute and courageous, those who act without thinking, and so this year is to do new business, or "resuscitation" already exists. In the New Year should not be afraid of difficulties and problems as the expected gradual ending of the crisis and the possibility of dramatic changes, both in politics and in business. New Year's holidays do not forget about your business! On the contrary, should hurry to overtake competitors during the Christmas and New Year's active sales of goods and services. Year of the Tiger – a year of active online sales! Companies that offer such services as website development, in the New Year holidays provide a variety of events and services. Click Verizon to learn more. Hurry to take advantage of them to get ready site, ready online shop for very little money. What is the advantage of ready sites to a site made from scratch? In First of all ready-made sites of ready-made templates that change according to customer requirements.

This is very little money that can afford to pay any firm, company and private person. More ready sites load quickly, which will positively evaluated by network users, especially those who do not have . In addition, the order ready-made sites for professionals, you can literally just get the finished product and do promote the site on the internet, actively promoting goods and services. Manage turnkey website can absolutely anyone, even if it is not familiar with web design. Hurry to order ready-made website, ready e-shop, while you ahead of your competitors! In any business, the main thing – it's a step forward find themselves ahead of the competition, and hence the speed of this site will be a significant advantage for any business.

By just finished sites are very simple to use. To add additional information to the site, news, and also to change the text on the pages – you do not even need to know web design and html. You can order a ready-made site today and tomorrow are actively selling their products and services, promoting his new project, and ahead of the competition. Everything else, Christmas and New Year – a great way to sell their products and services, when people start actively buy, do not spare their money and are interested in new proposals. Take advantage of a ready site and ready online store! You save time, which is worth more than money, and their funds.

Website Promotion

Given the insane speed of the Internet, we can see how the involvement of more people in the use of Internet technologies and resources. Now it is not surprising that using the site for you learn more potential customers than from newspapers. Another weighty argument in favor of creating the site is that site – it is modern, and therefore the actual means of providing information and statements about itself. Having your own website today is a common practice and success in your business development. Features of information on the Internet: – the speed of data acquisition – obtaining a large amount of for a short time and capacity – easy to use. Check with Verizon to learn more.

The faster the customer receives the information, the sooner he decides that he needs to contact you, which means that site – it's a really good way to tell itself. Advertising – this is known to be 'the engine of trade', a site might be called the engine of your company, responsible for its promotion. Promotion – a complex of measures aimed at attracting people's attention to a site that leads to an increase in its attendance and increase the position taken by the site in different ratings. To promote the site can be used several ways: all types of conventional advertising; e-mail mailing list, banner advertising, placement Information on other websites, exchange links, buttons, banners, and more. How to promote website in search engines such as Yandex and Google? Today, the Internet there is huge competition between the sites. Unfortunately, currently visited site without the movement can only be a website devoted only to those who in itself is an interesting person or is a brand, firm or party. However, even the most popular people are not always so as popular on the web.

Promote the site to make it accessible target audience. Even a very interesting resource will not attend, so far as not to know of its existence. Of course, the site should be respectively presented in the search engine to a person who is looking for information on the relevant subject, it came to your site. Promotion in search engines to find the site should help the seekers in search system. How can I promote my web resource on the Internet? Before you actually are two ways: an appeal to professional offices and self-promotion. The first option is the most effective and resource. Naturally, the professional knows how to move the search engine web site. With the help of a specialist to promote the site very quickly come to the first page of search results for your query, and then to become leader. You can try to itself into the world of promotion. But it takes a lot of time, and this method can be called the method of "trial and error." Therefore, to propel yourself through the site and your site, you can either learn from a professional advance, or turn to the professionals.

Increasing Web Traffic

How to attract more people to your site? This question is of interest to all owners. Because the site is not necessary in itself, but as a fact, it is necessary only when he visits. Both the first and most important tip: 1.Postoyannoe updating and maintenance of information. Write to much to write interesting and on close your industry. Contents – this is very important. If there are no recent texts, the site quickly surrender their positions.

Need to write at least 2-3 articles per week. Or add every few days for 200-500 words on the site. Never copy someone else's text. Unique, interesting content to attract users who would later come back to you again in search of interesting information. 2. Distribution of press releases. 3.

RSS-feed RSS (Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) – quite a powerful tool of Internet marketing. With it you can quickly and easily add new content to the site. RSS is also used in the promotion of new content: New articles, blogs, press releases, etc. 4. Registration in catalogs. Need to check the presence of links in the directories. After 3 – 4 months to check your links in Dmoz.org and any other directories in which registered. If there is no link to the site, then you need to register again, or write to the administrator directory and ask him why he did so. Need to constantly look for new catalogs and register them. 5. Learn the quality of traffic after 1-3 months of the site, will have enough material to study the statistics of visits.