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Online shopping continues its upward path and become the preferred way for consumers to meet needs and interests. However you should bear in mind that it is our responsibility as consumers know those essential aspects that will make our online purchase a satisfying experience. Some of them may be very obvious, but experience shows that it is in the simplest, where the dissatisfaction occurs. Pay attention! Learn and act with responsibility are the obligations of the consumer online, see to make secure purchases online. Time is essential to compare brands and products, benefits, pricing, warranties, after-sales customer service. Today’s consumer has the responsibility to be informed. Internet common sense makes more efficient our resources but it is not an NGO, no one gives nothing, keep that mind when purchasing any product or service whose price is far below the market average.

It investigates the brand, the website, wary! Virtual stores care abroad, the laws in force in relation to commercial transactions, or privacy, may be totally different. If you are interacting within the European Union, you can find out in the Embassy or CEC (European consumer centre) security uses always based e-commerce on your purchases by Internet services. Virtual stores as electronic commerce platforms must ensure the safety of navigation for the user. To access the section where you enter personal data to a virtual store check the website’s URL begins with https (secure server) evaluates the opinion of other users a very good technique to meet the store before making a purchase over the Internet, is in observing the testimonies and opinions of other users, in independent platforms to any store as the efficiency of the recommendation today specifically on e-commerce sites is total. Interaction with other users we can get new concerns that share with the store.

Conditions of the product, good or service companies have an obligation to inform about all the conditions arising from the hiring of a service or the purchase of a product. Delivery payment invoice warranty know them, understand them and ensure that they are reasonable, is a responsibility of today’s consumer. Passwords protect the digital world requires high levels of responsibility. There are many virtual stores that have established a registration system to make a purchase. For even more details, read what Adam Portnoy says on the issue. If you have to do it, follow the rules of choice of passwords for social networks or emails. Use complex passwords of at least 8 characters containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols, also make sure exit completely from the site by closing the session if you encounter from a terminal or device not safe. Measure the reputation of the brand in the present time analyze the career and influence of a virtual store is as simple as making a couple of clicks. Before submitting any personal information or banking, make sure that the Web site where is the virtual store is really brand. Interact with store confidence that stems from social interaction between brands and customers, is not an exclusive advantage of social networks. It uses the area of questions and queries, to contact the store. If a store does not respond to a potential customer making a prior consultation to a purchase, what can we expect in the after-sales service shop? Other recommendations. If questions you or problems contact the surfer Security Office, it is a free service that will help you in your first steps. your shopping experience can be very useful for other people, either positive or negative, share it on common sense, responsibility and training the keys to a safe purchase by Internet

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