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Ergometer Treadmill

Treadmills and other fitness equipment by brand manufacturers company CORPUSCOACHING in Hamburg presented on its Internet site a large number of fitness equipment for both private and commercial customers. The offered fitness devices in addition to the rowing machines, vibrating platforms, Krafstationen and wheel trainer / Ergometer especially crosstrainers and treadmills. The high standard of quality that shows fitness equipment by the following major manufacturers vision stand fitness, Horizon Fitness, life fitness as well as Reebok, WaterRower, and UNOFitness for a high quality of the offered fitness equipment. Horizon Fitness is a brand and subsidiary company Johnson founded in 1975 health TEC., which manufactures fitness equipment for more than three decades, that are sold successfully in more than 60 countries. In the segment of treadmills, Horizon Fitness worldwide among the leading manufacturers.

Each treadmill is equipped with extensive Herstellergrantien, so that the customer is always on a nationwide customer service can access. All products by Horizon Fitness are CE certified and produced fundamentally according to European safety standards EN 957 in ISO 9001 certified plant in compliance with high quality standards. Treadmills are the classic among the home gyms. Today is the running or jogging far ver Pap test sports activities and while running on the treadmill, it is independent of the weather. In addition, that running on the treadmill the risk to hurt is significantly lower, because uneven ground and the like do not exist and the danger of cold cold and/or wet weather is not given. One suitable training on a treadmill almost for everyone, because that pace themselves can determine. On the treadmill, you can operate also walking, Nordic walking or training for a marathon.

The modern treadmills have computerized consoles, which offer many different training options. The modern carousels today are on highest technical standard and almost silent during operation so that nobody has to fear that neighbors or roommates are disturbed by the noise during training. Before purchasing a treadmill, it’s advisable consult professionally.

Intemyo Product

Learn to sell in presentations themselves! Did you know that 80 percent of people in preparing a presentation worry about the content, but only 20 percent about the manner in which the screening? The graphic representation of facts and issues in the context of a presentation is the be-all and end-all. The way in which something is presented is for the present just as important as the actual content. A presentation is similar to a specific product of a brand. The advertising industry knows this and promotes not only the product itself, but also the manufacturer, the label, the brand. In the context of a presentation, you are the brand and the content of the presentation is the product. It is thus not only a successful presentation to introduce the product, but also the brand to advertise and sell. Learn to sell yourself! The good news at this point: everyone can learn appealing and entertaining presentations.

With the support of Prasentationscoaches is optimized for example, your own body awareness at a lecture or presentation, so that you can stream security, peace and sovereignty. A positive sense of self and broadcasting which will affect positively on the entire lecture. Through a Prasentationscoaching, thus learn how you can sell is yourself. This is the key to a successful presentation. What is the purpose of a Prasentationscoachings? The individual methods of the individual is in the focus of the Prasentationscoachings.

Target of a successful Prasentationscoachings is a maturing and optimizing their individual appearance. Their uniqueness in the interaction with people always serves as basis of a Prasentationscoachings. A Prasentationscoaching will highlight your strengths in the interaction with people and shape and fashion your individuality to your advantage. What are a Prasentationscoaching the objectives of? Your body language is common in the context of a Prasentationscoachings check with you for optimization opportunities. “The sound makes the music”: more truth in this saying as some people might think. Actually, your tone of voice is a part of the body language during a presentation and a decisive influence what is said during a presentation. Learn how you sent can use your tone of voice, the content of your presentation to give more emphasis to and to be able to reach your audience with words and gestures with a presentation coach. With a Prasentationscoaching learn to captivate your audience until you have given what you wanted to say. Prasentationscoachings belong to the special areas of the company Intemyo, which is under the leadership of Attila Reti. Reti itself has many years of experience as a coach and in the management area. He is an expert, to make presentations at a higher level and one to the other time manages to evoke the appropriate emotion in presentations at the decisive moment. Further information under


Outside, many exercises can be performed. Tree trunks or small walls, the located to the Balancing or skipping are suitable, can be found on each walk. As well, search games on the daily dog-walking round increase the attention of our dogs. A treat or favorite toys in the grass hiding, are a nice change of pace and demand all the senses of the dog. Kong, feed ball & biscuit roll of Kong is made of robust hard rubber and can be filled are. Since the Kong is well to clean, can fill him with many goodies such as dog food, small dog biscuits, spread or Pate. The Eiskong was the summer hit (Kong is filled with frozen soup or yogurt). The dogs try to lick the toys with her tongue.

Due to its shape, the Kong remains constantly on the move and the dog must change its position again and again. There is the Kong appropriately matched to the size of the dog in different sizes. You should have his own Kong in several dogs for every four-legged friends, in order to avoid disputes. Also, the Kong should be not too small, so he can not be swallowed. Also, it is not as Chewing bones and the dog should be taken to the back after complete emptying. The feeding ball is similar to principle. He has one or more openings, which treats fall, if the dog shoves the ball through the apartment. Also here, cleverness and flexibility are promoted.

To promote mobility, you can also build a slalom (gardening) chairs. Gradually to increase the pace and very clever dogs eventually run the slalom on command even without people. Who knows him, still, the beam from the physical education? This exercise is a beautiful balance exercise for dogs: to take a broad, stable Board and turn it on two (not too high) stable boxes: the balance beam for dogs is already finished. This exercise requires much relaxation and concentration but very much fun, as soon as the dog has to understand, what is at stake. You can garden in accordance with these games to a course again combine an ideal game for child and dog (please not unattended with small children!). Dogs that like to fetch, wonderfully in the budget can be incorporated. They can help the container empty PET bottles or bring the laundry to the washing machine. Some dogs must put carefully the Sunday newspaper at the breakfast table, and they are not too greedy, take even the bag of rolls from the Baker home. These things are just a few examples of how dog and owner can have fun in everyday life. Enjoyment of the game and a little creativity sweeten the everyday life and promote the physical and mental load. Because not only motion, but also intellectual work can keep the dog. The trainers of the top dog school wish lots of fun you and your dog! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

Service Provider For Professional Press Work

Date of birth: 30 years editorial office Mare Lake 2010 can the editorial office in Stutensee, Germany the 30th birthday party companies and successful press work in the service of the customers look back on three decades. In the last 16 years alone, about 20,000 publications speak for themselves. At the same time succeeded again and again the author team, to develop new business ideas that were formative for the trade press landscape. Small and medium-sized enterprises are often difficult access to the press. While not lacking most promising products or solutions. It difficult but, also to convey this to the public. The sales or marketing department usually not at the same time can professional PR”do and its own press centre is worth in the rarest of cases. Outsourcing of public relations is here to the problem solver.

Writing engineers by the editorial office in Stutensee (RBS) have it made up since 1980 to the task, the bridge between industry and trade press to beat and company Automation technology with expertise and creativity in their press work to support. 2010, the experienced author team now celebrate the 30th birthday of the company, and successful press work in the service of the customers look back on three decades. In the last 16 years alone, about 20,000 publications speak for themselves. These include press releases and technical articles as well as application reports, reports and interviews, as well as its professional distribution. Among other things, the company provides success-oriented presswork, of only publishing a technical article costs. You can find more information about the topic and the long version of the text see: rbs/193 /.

Chinese Automotive Industry

In late April, the Beijing Automotive Exhibition 'AutoChina 2008', which introduced the world to their automobile novelties. In Chinese avtomprome revealed several trends: the cars were made to ride on flex-fuel cars become environmentally friendly and design of cars become safer. The biggest Chinese automotive Corporation byd introduced its development in the area of hybrid and electric power aggregates. E6 car became the main exhibit of the company byd Auto. High ground clearance provides a good cross-country crossover. This 5-door boasts a spacious interior and roomy trunk.

E6 car engine runs on batteries ET-Power's own development. Charging the battery from the usual network of 220V in just 20 minutes. Maximum speed that can develop this Chinese car – 160 km / h. Up to 100 km / h. E6 accelerates in just 10 seconds. Another exhibit of the company – full-size sedan byd F6DM – also belong to the category of environmentally friendly cars. The electric motor is able to develop torque to 400 Nm.

When fully charged, this sedan can travel 100 miles without recharging. The most affordable car from concern byd – F1. Its value does not exceed 4000 Euro This is a city car is equipped with a one-liter engine in the 68 horsepower. Consumption of gasoline is very efficient – only 4 liters per 100 kilometers. China's largest carmaker Great Wall also boasted its environmentally-friendly vehicles Kulla. Motor vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. This urban two-seater can travel 140 km at an average speed of 65 km / h without recharging. To refuel another electric vehicle from Great Wall – Peri – you will spend no more than 1 euro. The electric motor is charged by any outlet in just 15 minutes. Some of the exhibits in the Beijing auto show will soon be seen on Russian roads.