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Patricio Galiano Borja Intervention

In turn, levels of motivation and autonomy of work, especially favored by such techniques, interact extremely well in increasing the level of concentration of the specimen, which consequently exploit their olfactory receptors exceptionally effective, developing a successful operation search. – I can conclude This report expressing our opinion, that in speaking of Method Chest, we are talking about a technical and scientific training of canine teams and intervention not only for disasters but also in all areas of detection that may occur around the world , since for all of them are needed most effectively and efficiently as possible, constituting itself as an extraordinary tool to improve levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration are essential and indispensable for any type of work with detection dogs. Captain Patricio Galiano Borja Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police of Ecuador * Mayor Luis Alberto Marin Guerrero, Dog Behavior Expert in Search of the National Police of Colombia, Guides Canine Instructor at the National School of Carabineros and Principal Investigator Project "Dogs of Peace" for Humanitarian Demining, the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia. Method Instructor Chest. 1. It is a quick and effective solution for the canine units that we are committed to intervene to save lives in disasters that often occur in our countries.

2. Not only is saving lives in disasters, is also saved by detecting drugs and explosives, as has happened with seizures made by our canine potentialized and some have been formed under the methodology note. Clarified that it is expanding the training system and work within our units.

Obesity, Diabetes

The systematic study of central obesity and insulin resistance in the population shows in the near future but a constellation of highly harmful clinical events to our cardiovascular, without speaking, at increased risk and the inexorable trend for diabetes. Individuals with superior distribution fat (neck, shoulder and abdomen) are at increased risk for developing diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The association between hypertriglyceridemia, obesity, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, the glucose intolerance, hypertension and coronary disease has been studied since the early 60 (Reaven GM. J Clin Invest). Bernard Golden is full of insight into the issues. The combination of abdominal obesity and cardiovascular disease can be partly explained by the commitment of the glucose and insulin homeostasis and lipid and lipoprotein related (Bjoorntorp P. Ann Clin Res / Depres JP.

N Engl J Med). BJORNTORP et al, which entry reported the relationship between central obesity with increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CSD) in both sexes. The relationship between the degree of obesity and cardiovascular disease incidence was established in 1983 when they were published the results of the evaluation of 5209 men and women who participated in the Framingham study (Hubert HB. Circulation). This article comes from the support shown Although obesity is an independent risk factor for CSDs is important to note the existence of strong association between obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and left ventricular hypertrophy (Bjoorntorp P. Ann Clin Invest). Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. Finally, the association between obesity and the occurrence of cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) was also demonstrated in the Framingham study Hurbert et al (Hubert HB.Circulation).

Taking Control Of Life

And others were not resolved but had left. So, one way or another no longer had the same concerns. Now they had others. In contrast, the second group appeared unchanged. Years pass and they are telling exactly the same anxieties. Or more precisely, the same but now accompanied by new ones. For much of his life, perhaps all his life, still at the same stage of problems.

Can in no way reach the edge of the swamp. Well worth the phenomenon to deepen it. The first thing we see is the kind of problem facing the group stagnated. They are to issues such psychological most of the time. Are engaged in operating changes on his mind. They want to calm their anxiety, change its character, be happier, and so on. In contrast, the first group are determined to solve practical problems.

That is, issues that may be decided on a more objective way. At first sight it seems that we have found an explanation. The second group does not go simply because they faced the most difficult problems. Modifications have been raised about his mental functions. This, we know is quite complicated. Because personality in a general sense is difficult to change. But there are details that we should not overlook. People facing mental issues are not also faces several obstacles. Sometimes the test they become epic win. But unlike the other group, they clearly recognize the nature of the problem. They make plans and take concrete decisions. Lead to the realization their ideas, act in a tangible and practical. They receive help from others. For, ultimately, highly visible results that can be classified as successes or failures. So the causes of the differences we should not seek to the problems. Rather, they are in people. And is that the human mind is prepared to act on the environment. Ready to change the world. However, it is almost completely incompetent to control itself. And when you try, you get counterproductive results. Let’s say the man is not designed to focus on himself. Is rather directed to act on practical issues. And it is on them which gets the most recognized and relevant results. It is in the productive and useful life activity where there is true fulfillment and happiness. It takes out his greatest hits and major personal growth. Each person takes a decision on why his role on Earth. Decided to invest his life in trying to control itself or is released and chooses to control the world.

Folic Acid And Pregnancy

In this regard, stresses the need for pregnant women to take during early pregnancy folic acid supplementation. What other factors should be consider for preventing cardiovascular disease? It is important to control for other indicators such as the following: 1. Levels of C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation and is more important than cholesterol levels. Sometimes, cholesterol levels are associated with elevated C-reactive protein. How to reduce the levels of this protein reactive? According to the sources I consulted an effective antidote to this dangerous indicator of cardiovascular disease is the cod liver oil, which has among others the following benefits: 1. It helps to improve the desired balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 2. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A 3.

It also contains Vitamin D, whose benefits I have outlined above 4. Vitamin E, known cardiovascular benefits as well as known preventive effects in some types of cancers, including prostate cancer. 5. It contains the following fatty acids: a The cod liver oil was an essential part of the diet Viking and was used as a medicine in the past. Today, this oil can be found in nutritional supplement stores and, of course, is free of taste and odor, which repels both people who had to take it in his childhood nutritional reasons. Another factor to consider for preventing cardiovascular disease.

The cardiovascular benefits of this co-enzyme are supported by a large number of investigations, to prevent cardiovascular disease. Another factor that strongly influences the prevention of cardiovascular disease is one that has to do with insulin levels in the blood.

Flora Agreement

In parallel to these delays in talks with the accused and SEREMI Conaf National Property in order to reach compensation agreements. The professional investigation originated in the complaint that the Aysen branch director of the Committee for the Defence of Flora and Fauna (Codeff), Peter Hartmann, held on July 3, 2008 and was intended that the crime of illegal cutting native forest by the company is not solved only at the local police court of Puerto Aysen, as only days before the presentation so much as Southern Energy and National Assets Conaf had reached a settlement in view of the environmental organization was illegal, questionable property and injury indemnified the company had led to the Treasury. In this original agreement only required them to reforest the same amount of land, only two native species, with a low density of plants per hectare and even plots of the company. These works were included in an agreement signed in November 2006 between Southern Energy, Transportation and Public Works SEREMI addressed to date by the outgoing mayor and president of COREMA,

Selim Lobo Carrasco, who now heads the assessment process environmental impact study that the company entered the System of Environmental Impact Assessment in August 2009. PY compensation agreements The agreement reparative which was formalized on Monday leaves the transaction effect forcing the company to submit a management plan of correction that will consider, among other things, that reforestation will take place in 22.24 hectares of land (and not just over 10 original ), which cover the ground should have a density of 3000 plants per hectare (the original agreement was 1666 plants per hectare), species of the same type for evergreen forest intervened as cinnamon, coigue, peanuts and tepa, among others also cypress The Guaitecas (in the original agreement was only meant coigue cypress) and shall be conducted in public land with similar characteristics to corrupt.

Bach Flowers

People’s aspirations and dislikes are their compasses. It depends which you use to push your limits or denies that interrupting their progress. The cultures must progress to socially unacceptable emotions such as fear, insecurity, pride, envy, arrogance, selfishness, rebellion, impatience, stubbornness, the yearning to brave death or old age. The awkwardness and sense of failure of the men have served as indicators to perform to what they want and what they wanted to avoid. Heartfelt thanks to these energies, the man moves your mind your body consumes and adopts, develops and refines (information, artifacts, lifestyles). The chair where you sit right now, is the product of an emotion felt by someone, the result of frustration and a dream come true. Tracking we propose in enthusiastically check that detects emotions in you. Finding them is a matter of celebration.

Be sure, pride, envy, jealousy, shame, fear, and not denied, no bother, do not be angry. Check them and move deeper into this investigation. Consider both your emotions as this investigation and bringing visitors to appropriate valuable signals observed thoroughly deserve and seriously: they arise from actions that lack of energy or closed-mindedness, have not been taken yet but they are essential. You may see yourself implementing some behavior not yet frequented by you and that naturally arise as a result of having realized as it was responding. You will notice that this reference material is highly revealing. That is not a standard questionnaire Bach Flowers, but the result of years of experience working with combined techniques relating to behavior and emotions.

When you come across with more hard feelings, remember that they are the flipside of all its hidden potential: the blackness of his own light and you are posing a challenge and an opportunity. Not to treat them with wisdom, a part of his life undoubtedly darkened. When you feel some of this is a sign that it feels incomplete, that there is a kind of bump inside the stumbling again and again. This lack comes over everyone with a view to improvement. The task of the essence is to fill that hole and smooth way. Therefore, the recommendation is worth trying openly emotional weaknesses. Taking fresh impetus with adequate energy, get through the toughest emotions and look beyond them and that imposed mental curtain. Remember, only allowing light to enter in consciousness is possible to start this wonderful show, in this new scenario that all men and it appears wonderful, exciting, worth living but from an emotional current weakness is not even possible imagine. There is a bright destiny for all people, there are changes that everyone can do but they do not become visible to the minds that are clouded by emotions unnecessarily conflict. Liberate your emotions with this method and see what counts in a short period of time. All humanity owes much of his personal dreams to men like this that sincere feeling envious of the birds, he invented a special vehicle marking a before and after in the time people and expanding the dreams of all people. “Every symptom, every disease is the last stage of a much deeper cause which lies in the mind” Such is the philosophy of Bach.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The complaint was made on July 3, 2008 by Aysen branch director of Committee for the Defence of Flora and Fauna (Codeff), Peter Hartmann Samhaber, after verifying that in that sector had been felling and cutting – that date, “of 10 to 12 hectares of native forest, including protected cypress The Guaitecas, even in areas of water channel, all without the existence of the Forest Management Plan of Civil Works” legislation requiring the , as noted in the original writing, being the lands affected mostly state-owned. Once entered the order, the Crime Investigation Brigade of the Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Police Department sought the records that led to the formalization that has instructed the chief prosecutor of Puerto Aysen, Luis Contreras Alfaro, and in which Quinones Amenabar and quality have charged.

The works in question were part of an agreement signed in November 2006 between Southern Energy, Transportation and SEREMI of Public Works, then led by current mayor and president of COREMA, Selim Lobo Carrasco, who now heads the evaluation of environmental impact study that the company entered the System of Environmental Impact Assessment in August this year. When they met the background of the complaint, the Superintendent of Community Relations for Southern Energy, Alejandro Borquez (SEREMI Aysen Transport during the governments of Frei and Lagos), said that “due to a reporting error, cut trees for formation of the bridge (pedestrian) without the necessary permits from the authorities, so we make a fault, (discussed yesterday) is already solved Conaf and has established a fine payment, the obligation to reforest the least equal to the cut surface with species such as cypress coihue and the rate of ten individuals for each one of those who were cut..

Visual Stimulation

Babies learn about the environment around them through five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Of the five senses, sight is the least developed sense a baby has at birth. Therefore, it is important that parents help their children to "perfect vision" during its first months of your baby's life. Babies who do not receive adequate visual stimulation may never get a good view. Or they may develop slowly. In contrast, babies who are encouraged to develop good vision faster.

Have a good early view is important because this will make the baby into a competitive advantage. Why? Because vision provides the baseline from another area of development. Increases the curiosity, attention, concentration and more importantly, cements bond between parent and baby. So what can a parent do to help your baby's perfect vision? Parents can accelerate and optimize the development of their babies' vision by providing a variety of visual stimuli. When a baby receives a visual stimulus, the vision of connected nerve cells, which initially are not well connected, they begin to make a lot of connection to other nerve cells. Ultimately, this will the eyes of the baby to thrive, allowing the baby to see better. Newborn baby. First, let's see what the research says. The investigation has found that the eyes of the newborn registration of color contrast white, black and red, the better. So the best way to stimulate your baby's eyes is to expose your baby to the darker and more light as possible.

Another World Is Possible Because

The crisis is spreading like an oil slick. The rulers rescue the financial system, but “bail out the banks is just the beginning: the real economy, not financial, it also has a desperate need for help and to provide that help we will have to set aside some prejudice.” He says the latest laureate in economics, Paul Krugman, and that’s leaving aside certain prejudices ‘, including the disastrous dismantling neo-liberalism responsible, collective delusion that’ everything is market ‘and’ self-correcting market. ” We have already seen! A diagnosis of the crisis ends another Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, “Some food prices through the roof and a financial system in ruins are the result of bad policy.” He adds that “there is a choice between growth and inequality” because “it is to achieve growth that benefits the majority of citizens.” But in addition, Stiglitz explains that “growth based on environmental degradation in indigestion of debt-financed consumption, or exploitation of scarce natural resources, without any reinvestment of profits, can not bear, “because” growth is not a simple increase in gross domestic product. ” For its part, Krugman, attacks undoubtedly against two pillars of neo-liberalism: the tax cut and to avoid the deficit of the State budget. “We need to eliminate the low taxes imposed by Bush because they are useless,” she says. There is not a rational argument for lower taxes. There is scope to increase the tax burden on the wealthy, not to penalize, but to make them pay their share of funding for public policies that the rest of the population needs. .