Environmental Impact Assessment

The complaint was made on July 3, 2008 by Aysen branch director of Committee for the Defence of Flora and Fauna (Codeff), Peter Hartmann Samhaber, after verifying that in that sector had been felling and cutting – that date, “of 10 to 12 hectares of native forest, including protected cypress The Guaitecas, even in areas of water channel, all without the existence of the Forest Management Plan of Civil Works” legislation requiring the , as noted in the original writing, being the lands affected mostly state-owned. Once entered the order, the Crime Investigation Brigade of the Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Police Department sought the records that led to the formalization that has instructed the chief prosecutor of Puerto Aysen, Luis Contreras Alfaro, and in which Quinones Amenabar and quality have charged.

The works in question were part of an agreement signed in November 2006 between Southern Energy, Transportation and SEREMI of Public Works, then led by current mayor and president of COREMA, Selim Lobo Carrasco, who now heads the evaluation of environmental impact study that the company entered the System of Environmental Impact Assessment in August this year. When they met the background of the complaint, the Superintendent of Community Relations for Southern Energy, Alejandro Borquez (SEREMI Aysen Transport during the governments of Frei and Lagos), said that “due to a reporting error, cut trees for formation of the bridge (pedestrian) without the necessary permits from the authorities, so we make a fault, (discussed yesterday) is already solved Conaf and has established a fine payment, the obligation to reforest the least equal to the cut surface with species such as cypress coihue and the rate of ten individuals for each one of those who were cut..

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