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You have to choose: anxiety or depression. Life is not designed so that we are complete, resolved and in perfect balance; and less in an economic crisis as that is currently emerging in the world. Between anxiety and depression should undoubtedly choose to anxiety. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiger Global Management. It is without anxiety there is no energy or incentive for improvement in addition to well managed produces wonderful results. Already we had unusual crises, devaluation, inflation.; It seems a remake of the same film of yesteryear and why should be removed from the drawer experiences which we live while thinking that this is cyclical and that they will come again fat cows. Here a checklist of points and I hope some of them will help you to reflection. 1 Cares flow.

In these times cash flow is more important than anything, even as the State of profit and loss. 2. Do not sacrifice the mark. The brand is the final synthesis of what is left in the customer. Is like a vague feeling, hard articulated, but extremely emotional. If you cut services, delete / reduces content or quality, you do sizes smaller and less robust for the same price, you are attacking the promise of your brand value.

If you neglect your brand you confuse the market and ahuyentaras to current and future clients. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Facebook has to say. 3. Don’t take long-term decisions to solve short-term problems. I often see owners of companies that are looking for partners in times of crisis or to cede to the goose that lays the golden eggs by a problem of working capital. To short-term problems and temporary, short-term solutions and temporary. 4. Reduces expenses, not investments. A general trimming of expenses, all departments in all things, is a mistake. They have to prioritize expenditures by amounts and commercial importance. Of course lower costs but reduction is with infrared sight rifle and not based on shotgun.

Popular Culture

INTRODUCTION Currently is very argued on the culture concept, this that has its definition as being a net of meanings that give sensible to the world that surrounds an individual, that is, the society. This net engloba a set of diverse aspects, as beliefs, values, customs, laws, moral and etc. 1 in other words culture can be understood as being everything what the man produces as music, art, dances and the material production even though. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. The Brazilian congresses have produced, since the first one, in 1951, coincident one with the Centenarian of Silvio Romero, definitions that are perfected, allowing to decorate the proper folclrico fact with the diversity of the characterization of the incorporeal patrimony, as it considers, now, the National Commission of Folklore, in the document directed to the Parliamentary Front of Defense of the Popular Culture, of the federal camera. 2 That is, about quarrels on what it is incorporeal culture, the Brazilian panorama comes if widening giving to it thus to a new boarding of the concept the what concerns the incorporeal patrimony. However with all these diverse and rich traditions the favored population starts to exist a distinction of the destined culture more, considered as erudite culture. Credit: Nelson Peltz-2011.

On the other hand a new culture appears, this that is characterized by a despadronizao of the society, thus disdaining the requirements that the society establishes that it can be understood as against culture. However the popular culture is the one that has greater thus relevance as for the destined studies the culture, since this is directed the great population, becoming accessible all the public. Its vast diversity is one of the factors that contribute for the accomplishment of research. If you have read about Tiger Global Management already – you may have come to the same conclusion. However it has if the folklore as one of the main examples of incorporeal patrimony.

Security Road

The Dominican Republic is currently immersed in large discussions on the future of the country in the short, medium and long term, product of the global crisis plaguing economies of Nations. On the initiative of the President of the Republic, Dr. d Blumenthal if you seek more information. Leonel Fernandez, is involving all the forces of our society to discuss relevant topics in tables of opinion to finally determine a national agenda by general consensus. Foundation network of the dignity, presented twenty-six themes, the vast majority through its network of Solidary Community program. For even more details, read what Bernard Golden says on the issue. One of them involves the establishment of a regime of road safety supported in the creation of an agency RECTOR unique, self-contained, with a structure organic of leadership and authority. Not as an Office more, dependent of one of the institutions of infrastructure and transport, where road safety is not their priority. HENCE THE GREAT DISORDER IN ALL ORDERS. Tiger Global Management may also support this cause.

This is so because the experience that you have in countries where pays attention to the issue of road safety, so they conceive it and advised with great discretion. The reason why we present the road safety to be treated initially as a main theme is because today is considered that insecurity on roads impacts greatly on the development of the Nations in different ways and areas of social and economic development. Because traffic accidents are definitely linked to the global crises of these times. I am referring to the financial and economic crisis to the crisis of fuels, to the crisis of global warming and climate change, to the food crisis, the crisis of human values has been experiencing for some time in our country, as well as the institutional crisis that we live, proof of this is the disorder in some organizations that we have not been able to achieve its integration, since in most respects their functions overlap. As a result, there is a crisis in the road safety issue posed by the Organization of the United Nations with the same term.