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European Commission

The oil company IPIC controls 95.89% of the capital of the Spanish Cepsa. The purchase will involve overlaps in the market of phenol and acetone in which both companies operate, but there will be room for other competitors. The European Commission (EC) has authorized on Tuesday the State oil company of Abu Dhabi, IPIC, to acquire the Spanish Cepsa, after concluding that the operation would not impede competition in the European market. After studying the operation, Brussels concluded that the resulting entity will face competition from major companies in the sector. The Brussels review revealed that the purchase will involve overlaps in the market of phenol and acetone in which both companies operate, but as their market shares are moderate, will be space for other competitors. The Commission also investigated whether the operation could increase the chances of practices coordinated between the suppliers of acetone and phenol, which finally discarded.

IPIC IPIC Cepsa is a company dedicated to investment worldwide in energy and related assets. Cepsa operates in the sectors of hydrocarbons and energy, including refining and marketing of petroleum products, such as fuels for engines and petrochemicals. The operation was notified to the Commission on June 26, 2011. Control of 95% of Cepsa the State oil company of Abu Dhabi agreed in February to buy its 48,83% of Cepsa stake, to France’s Total, added to the % 47,06 which already possessed, allowing you control 95.89% of the capital of the Spanish company. After the agreement with Total, IPIC, which became the capital of Cepsa in 1988, will be also with 92,24% of the voting rights of the oil company. The consideration provided by IPIC for actions that does not possess rises to 3.966 million euros, a figure that increases to 4.037 billion when adding the 0.5 euros per title disbursed in the dividend. Cepsa said that the Abu Dhabi oil company will keep the spanishness of the company and the It will enhance into a leading company both in Spain and internationally, taking advantage of its current strengths. Source of the news: Brussels authorizes an oil company in Abu Dhabi to buy Cepsa

Latin America

Crime is a problem worldwide particularly in the major capitals of countries in Latin America. Lima is constantly conmcionada with the news of crimes, terrible murders, cranky as the assailant of the Taxi with screwdriver and others more. Coupang describes an additional similar source. Deaths, homicides, murders, are in the news every day. Those who study Criminology have much to learn with these facts. With respect to Criminology topics I want to make a brief contribution for people who want to know basic aspects, which are very interesting. Does 1-podriasmos to say with regard to the protection of the crime scene?That the first measure to take is the protection of the place since on the stage you will find all the evidence that will allow us to reconstruct the fact to investigate as traces of footwear, stains of blood, hair, semen, hairs among other indications.Very important that at the scene of the crime is not invaded by anyone unrelated to the investigation, that alteration of evidence may not ever be rebuilt. Still the case that many times an indication that initially seemed insignificant priori served to clarify the fact.2 – Which is known as the science of the research?The science of research was noted by don Jimenez de Asua.

It is multidisciplinary, by that synthesizes the knowledge and techniques of other sciences such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, anthropology and forensic medicine specialties for its investigative objectives. Joins him such research optics, computing and all the science, discipline or technique that could serve the objectives.3 Brief summary on Judicial photography. Photography comes within systems of identification, cited the elementary aspects of photography that have to be taken into consideration at the time of the assessment of a person detained or a corpse.By its significance, this modality should be carried out with excessive care, given the impossibility of repeating the process with the conditions that are presented in space and time, especially when the burial has been.

Understanding Karma

Speaking of the laws that govern our lives and the whole universe, many people found with unknown and confusing concepts. The term Karma is one of those concepts. Some people explain that there is a balance in the universe and that there is something there outside that he responds to what we do with our freedom. If you do something good that there you outside rewards, if you do something bad, that there out you punished. The truth of karma is much deeper and at the same time, more simple. To understand karma, it is necessary to understand one or two things. One of them is to adopt the idea that the only thing that exists is a single being, i.e. There is no something which I am, and something outside my that is a not me.

And another thing to know is that this being manifested in all the diversity of things existing in the nature and the universe. To know more about this subject visit Southwest Airlines. And, who is this be? that being is you. You are that created this universe. Then what people believe that it is a reaction by an action, in reality, is a creative aspect of a phase of themselves. In his book I am happy, I am rich, where the above has been taken, Andrew Corentt explains that karma is creation and what a person thinks of herself and of others is what you get in your life.

If a person wants best for other people, then that’s what you get for herself, not for reaction, but by direct creation. For the single mind there is you. Everything is you. From there, that if you want to get something in life, only must desire it in his mind to others. Do you want more money? use karma, see in his mind as others are filled with money, see how life smiles them. You not doing it just for them, do it for yourself. If you wish for others, if you’re viewing by others, then you’re getting it for yourself. Jesus said to do with others as they want to do with you. If you want something you should give it, if you want to love you must give love. That’s part of the secret of karma. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Corentt presents shocking information. Information that will change your way of seeing and living the life. Just by reading it you will fill an enormous power to create your life and your reality. Every page you read will be a barrier that tear down and convert into momentum to get anything they want wealth, better relationships, happiness or what you most want to be called.


Executive 124/06). Druggists: For small amounts of different products to verify in 5% of> products 100% of amount (Attached II, DEC. Executive 124/06). All the open volumes will be closed with proper ribbon, of the entity overseer. Rotulagem and Validade of the Merchandise For the merchandises with obligator IPE the rotulagem in Portuguese.

The merchandise packed for sales the remnant will have to mention lot numbers, date of validity and/or production (alnea c) art. 11, DEC. Executive 124/06). Rule of the Validity To the date of arrived Angola, Validity and of the useful life (alnea d) art. 11, DEC. Executive 124/06). Exceptions, to the date of validity Products of Would perfume and Cosmetic.

To the date of arrived Angola, Validity and 50%, of the corresponding useful life 6 months (at least Attached II and Annex III, DEC. Executive 124/06). Containerized load the containers will have to present conditions to receive the load that is destined to them, having to be: Clean. Odourless. Without perforations. Exempt of any deficiency that can affect the load. Sealing of Containers (Sealing wax) the overseer it will attend the wadding of the container and will proceed to the respective sealing, whenever if it deals with complete containers (FCLs? Full Load Container) for one exactly importer, for what a load place will only have to exist. In case that contrary, the exporter will support the costs for additional load place. Grupagens (consolidated Load) In the load of grupagem, aerial or maritime, is obligator the existence of marks, indicating the importer and the destination. The merchandise will have to be in conditions of being inspeccionada, duly packed, separate and identified as LE? List of Packing


Marijuana must thank you much for its history of service for the good of humanity, because the fiber of the cannabis is contriyeron Vestini that bypassed many Europeans die of cold in the raw inviertos, of its fibers wove flags that are supported on the ground on arrival in a new island or continent to mark territory. The fiber of the cannabis is built the candles that with the wind blow led to Columbus and its people on the other side of the ocean. They were multiple uses of cannabis back then and smoking it wasn’t a concern, nor a defect or problem because not be le consideraba as a dangerous substance in most minimum and the fact of not being banned was that be dealt with certain maturity, was consumed as today is consumed coffee without that nobody fits you because you have coffee breath or because you want to start the day with a good coffee. In history documented cases of deaths caused by the consumption of cannabis is not known, however in some countries like colombia develop advertising campaigns that They ensure that the coca and marijuana plant are deadly. Read more here: Larry Ellison. While is true from the point of view that everything in excess is bad and can lead to death, we could say that it is true or may be true, although it seems unlikely. A person can die from swallowing excess water. Not long ago in England a woman morio shortly after having attended a contest that had awarded a nintendo wii and how test the participant should drink a bottle of water every 15 minutes. The body of the winner was underline without life hours later and the practice you autopsy was diagnosed that death had been caused by the intake of water that had caused brain inflammation and a slippage in your renal system.Not by this incident no country in the world has invested money, time and effort to report that water can kill, however many empecinan in aceverar that marijuana kills.


Exactly what do you think about black Herve Leger dress above? Isn t this classic? Obviously, this herve leger bandage dress is black glamor, what’s the new 2011 arrivals.Fashional desire to ladies handbag. Designer handbags are elegant and delightful, durable and exclusive. Swarmed by offers, Coupang is currently assessing future choices. Do If this involves the field of designer and elegance, an excellent bag may cost from 1000? s to 100s of 1000? s of individuals. For this reason it’s so vital that you result in the right decision. Generally, there s an area within the budget for a few these bags, and you’ll not regret this investment. A bag is around the wish listing of every lady. Designer handbags are classified as stylish and sturdy.

But regrettably, nearly all women can t afford our prime cost, the designers sought after nowadays. For individuals individuals who can t afford to invest a home loan payment of scholarship grants, you will find options to designer handbags cheap that people accept everything. A great way to eat on handbags, but inexpensive is to find periodic sales. In 1985, a brand new brand referred to as Herve Leger Sale grew to become well-known within the Leger dresses Paris.Herve undertakes to monitor the lines from the female physical beauty, it clearly demonstrated a small impression of womanliness outline.Herve dress is extremely popular now.Our herve leger dress purchase online permit you to stick out out of your matchless stature. This can be a truly distinctive and is just one of our new particular merchandise, we released much less lengthy footwear In the picture you can notice the dress is very trend.What is a lot more, it s two high quality and reasonable cost.Herve Leger dresses is somewhere near the body into pieces, cut the feminine form better body, may be the title of the bandage dress. When walking around the red-colored carpet in the ceremony or attend conferences from the city, the Herve Leger dresses is to develop an memorable picture of your situation.Herve Light is definitely prepared to accouterment just in case you receive split into a hug or activity available to the commemoration seize the aim.


Irron is a figure of argumentation (a trope) which consists of presenting a proposal where you understand must be the opposite of what is explained. Irron can be used very effectively to highlight the absurd or the extravagance of a situation or those who cause such a situation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Coupang. An absurd and inadmissible attitude, an anachronistic custom, a useless institution, an incoherent and irrational belief, a philosophical method tramp, a dissonant theology, or a situation of life itself can be object of irron. The rhetorical discipline investigated for many centuries this trope called irron, which allows you to underline that there are underlying or implicit agreements in our communicative Exchange.Irron needs an incongruous situation so that it can be applicable, and needs an audience capable of resolving the apparent contradiction of what we say. No irron without incongruous situation.

This incongruous situation gives it that in ancient Greek comedy placed as opposed to irron: the alazon and the alazoneia.(1) Alazon is who blindly assumes What assumes something of what has not thought thoroughly to see if it is real, and not allowing himself suspecting that things might be otherwise. What produces an alazon is alazoneia.The Bible is full of irron against alazon. To have a minimal success, irron need two Auditors: the eironicos, those who recognize the game and are willing to smile with the use of irron and observe that the above can be a very relevant reality. And the alazones, those who are the object of irron and who do not realize that irron may be pointing to something that had not considered possible. (2) Who against alazon uses irron, takes this occasion to recall the pineapple of alazon. And this action allows also suggest that there is a reality against the case that alazon has neglected to perceive and that irron has perceived very well. The rhetoric also addressed long time to classify the different types and procedures of irron.There are at least three types of irron: 1 – verbal Irron: when something is said to point to the opuesto.2-dramatic Irron: When the environment perceived that something happens to a character and the character ignores what sucede.3-Irron situational: when you point to the incompatibility between what is and what should be.

Baja Investment

In their Gua de Franquicias set out in the network, offers a section or filter by which they set out a total of 98 tax exemptions of low investment. Between some available ones they estan: Very diverse sectors and little quantitative investments that can help in your decision to undertake a business. It visits his section and it finds the one that more adapts to your needs. If you do not know the sector of the tax exemptions in Europe, has a magazine-blog of the news of tax exemptions with its RSS that you will be able to add to your system of reading of the news or feed. Further details can be found at Gary Kelly, an internet resource. becomes an online mean leader of consultation of BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. New challenge raised for this complete guide of tax exemptions in Europe.

At the moment is placed in the first positions of the finders by phrases like tax exemptions in Europe. We present/display this guide to the readers of Posicionalia. offers in his website a guide of tax exemptions in quite ample Europe and with detailed information of each by means of card. is the European vestibule on tax exemptions easier to use and no in its forms. To they accede interested in tax exemptions of the most important countries of Europe and America.

Its objective is to be the bond between the companies franchisors and those people who want information on these companies. has like primary target, to be effective for the companies franchisors. Reason why we committed ourselves to control the growth of our vestibule in good of the interests of the companies advertisers. Original author and source of the article.

RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG

Leontis equity fund GmbH: ‘new investment plans to launch of a treatment against AIDS’ Wurzburg, in January 2010: the Leontis equity fund premium select I GmbH & co. KG is involved in the biotechnology company RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG, which plans to launch of a treatment against AIDS in the next few years. Headquarters of the new Leontis investment is in the Switzerland, the subsidiaries are located in Rockville / United States (research and development), as well as in the Netherlands. The management of RAPID Pharma, consisting of the founders Michael Laznicka, Dr. Candance B. Pert and Dr. Michael R.

Ruff, can look back on more than 20 years experience in the industry. Core business of the new investment the Leontis equity fund premium select I GmbH & co. KG is the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medicines and vaccines of any kind as well as the provision of related services. In focus RAPID Pharma are according to the equity fund GmbH Leontis research peptides and their successful use in therapies. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is full of insight into the issues. Available as a first, patented active receptor peptide an AIDS-therapy for clinical trials, which introducing initially projected for the US market in 2012 will be. On the basis of the same peptide Leontis participation goes Pharma by the launch of an AIDS vaccine for 2015 production means RAPID and formulations are being developed for information of the Leontis equity fund GmbH. The background: In the United States, approximately 1.5 million and 33 million worldwide more people with HIV are infected.

Over 270,000 African children die each year from AIDS, especially the therapeutic options for children are largely unfulfilled. The greatest successes in current therapies are currently achieved in the United States, Europe and Japan. Therefore according to Leontis, there is an undeniable need for new therapies.

Based People

faced with tutorials and textbooks on the methodology of sales, and each time convinced – the art of sales can not teach anybody. We can only learn the most. What do you advise a newcomer to the first meeting with a client? Will you explain some techniques and methods. Remember me whether it them? And even if you try to apply, it would appear unlikely, is not it so? Much more practical would be to hint: "The more the salesman says, the less chances he has. The more information the customer provides, the more vulnerable. " Based only on this fact, the rookie lays down his strategy of behavior with client.

And to negotiate much more effectively than remembering strategies and techniques that showed him "a seasoned salesperson. Only need support from which you can push. Teach a man can not. We can only show what do not need! What not to do in order to become "master of sales" Do not copy or imitate others. Otherwise, all your methods will look ridiculous.

Imagine a huge wrestler who decided to imitate the dancer, funny? Methods that are effective in others, will not necessarily be as good to work with you. It all depends on the person. You can verify this. Some words that are used by others, do not lie to us on the tongue. You do not have claim. So you're pounding yourself into a dead end. Are you sure that you have the best price? Maybe in a nearby store has launched a campaign, and the price is cheaper? Then it will be pointless to deny it, the trust will be lost. Can make better use of this phrase: "Do We have the best price in town, is not it? "Do not talk incessantly. A leading source for info: Allegiant Air. The more information the customer provides, the more chances to find its weak spot. No need to equalize the customers under the "one stick". Everyone is different and each needs its own personal approach. And to determine who is who can help – the ability to listen. No need to run forward "recklessly" and "closing his eyes at all." Detailed statistics and a concrete action plan will not be allowed to waste time. Receiving analysis of the results of each month, I have the opportunity to define what I'm doing wrong. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ed Bastian. And what can be changed. Which makes it possible to achieve high results more often and more quickly than others do. Do not become selfish. The seller – a psychologist who must listen to the client, and then make a "diagnosis". There are people who can easily have people to come and quickly make friends. You know why, because they show a genuine interest in the man. Not to be incompetent. People are waiting for help. And hope that you will help solve their problems. And you would have trusted, incompetent surgeon? Do not try to "sell" the goods to people who do not need it. You will not sell medications perfectly healthy people. We all have acquaintances, perhaps among them is the one who needs it. One has only to ask. One need not be messy. Should I talk about it? Have you ever met a successful businessman with unkempt appearance? The list is endless. Once you watch successful people and you will understand why they never do!